Fallout: The 7 Best Companions Of All Time And 8 Of The Worst

Fallout is a RPG shotter that takes place after a great nuclear war, where most life has been extinguished. Giant, radiation infused animals roam free, mindless and dangerous Raiders, and warring factions fight to control the wastelands. Each Fallout game takes place in a different part of the now war-torn United States. Fallout 3 takes place in the Capital Wasteland of Washington D.C, Fallout: New Vegas in the Mojave of California, and in the glimmering hope of New Vegas, Nevada. The most recent installment, Fallout 4, takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, with a starting flashback Pre-War and the exploration of the irradiated Commonwealth occurring Post-War.

Each game has it's own protagonist - The Lone Survivor (Fallout 3), The Courier (Fallout: New Vegas) , and The Sole Survivor (Fallout 4.) While many of them start their journey alone, rarely do they end it alone. Companions help the various protagonists survive the harsh realities of the Wasteland, providing fire-support, being a pseudo-pack mule for loot, and being a friendly face in an otherwise desolate apocalypse. While some of them are the difference between life and death, some of them will cause you more trouble than they are worth. Here's the 7 Best and 8 Worst Companions in the Fallout series. Hopefully you'll know who can watch your back and who can watch paint dry at your settlement by the end of this article.

17 Worst: Rose Of Sharon Cassidy [Cass] (Fallout: New Vegas)

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The Whiskey Rose perk allows The Courier to drink without the Negative effects of alcohol. Pair that near useless ability with her weak two shot shotgun, and you have someone who you'll spend more time wondering where she is in combat, or healing her with stimpacks. She's of much better use to be lured to Jean-Baptiste Cutting at the Silver Rush to get some favor with the weapons dealers, over having a lady who hammers the drunk southern belle stereotype into the ground. Bethesda eventually released a patch, making Cass less vocal, as her constant random comments and having some two cents to put in on every location she visits made the Fallout community want to take over for Jean-Baptiste and put a bullet in the Caravan Merchant.

16 Best: Dogmeat (Fallout 4)

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Man's best friend is also The Lone Survivor's best friend in Fallout 4. This peppy, badass German Shepherd is the first companion you meet in the Commonwealth. The stray pup will walk upon you in at the Red Rocket Truck Stop. Dogmeat will originally be called Dog, until you talk to Mama Murphy in Concord and learn his true name. He is not only a good boy (no heckin' bamboozle), but one of the most valuable companions in Fallout. Not only can he use his snoot to track down Kellogg, or anyone for that matter, but his bite is better than his bark. You can unlock a perk for him that allows him to latch on to an enemies' arm and hold them in place long enough to get a clean headshot on your target. Dogmeat can fetch supplies or weapons when commanded, and will bark and growl to alert you of nearby hostiles. While the dog with the same name in Fallout 3 is another companion, that dog just doesn't compare to the best dog in the Commonwealth.

15 Worst: Preston Garvey (Fallout 4)

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Preston Garvey is by far one of the worst companions to choose in Fallout 4. Not only is his Laser Musket one of the lease effective weapons to have as fire support, but the de-facto leader of the Minutemen is one of the more annoying companions. Not only will he pester you with the never ending "another settlement needs your help," but he is one of the more judgmental characters. Throughout the Fallout games, companions will chime in with a "___ liked that", or "___ disliked that," which can positively or negatively affect the relationship with that companion, but they all have different things that they approve or disapprove of.  Preston loves peaceful and generous acts, which is nothing more than a detriment in a society when Raiders shoot first and ask questions to your corpse. He also hates violent acts and chem addiction. While I understand not wanting to hang with a murdering drug addict, drugs are a huge advantage in combat and making the choice to shoot first is sometimes the difference between survival and death. Sadly, we all can't have Preston's childlike morality or delicate sensibilities in a war-torn world.

14 Best: Boone (Fallout: New Vegas)

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The ex- New California Republic 1st Recon is by far the biggest badass in Fallout history, as his sniper rifle is one of the best weapons to have covering you in combat. Boone lost his wife to slavers, and has a distinct and undying hatred for Ceaser's Legion. While most companions wait for your call to engage in combat, Boone is one of the only that will just start popping off shots at Legionnaires, with his sunglasses shining in the light. Boone is a man of few words and his "Spotter" perk is any sniper's dream for a companion perk. The better your relationship gets with Boone, the more you learn of his tragic story of having to mercy kill his wife to prevent her from suffering at the hands of Legion. Then, when you find out who sold her in Novac, and get to watch Boone turn their head into mush, you know he's the man you want at your back in the Mojave.

13 Worst: Piper Wright (Fallout 4)

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First things first, Piper, my name isn't Blue. Piper is an obnoxious reporter found in Diamond City who is first seen arguing with the Mayor about spreading lies. Now the Mayor isn't exactly a stand-up guy, but Piper's obsession with having a News publication in a post-apocalyptic society is completely delusional, which is a great description of Piper. She has a completely fantasized view of truth and justice, which doesn't coincide well with surviving in the Wasteland. Her 10mm Pistol isn't much help in the Damage Per Second category and doesn't have the stopping power of other companions. Her perk "Gift of Gab" gives double experience for conversation persuasion successes and finding new locations, which is not helpful compared to the other companions. Not to mention the fact that she dislikes intimidation, and picking owned locks, makes for some annoying comments while The Sole Survivor is trying to help them survive.

12 Best: Fawkes (Fallout 3)

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When coming across the highly educated Super Mutant in Vault 87, when searching for the G.E.C.K, he is necessary to complete your mission. Fawkes can grab the Garden of Eden Creation Kit from the radioactive zone in the Vault. Once the mission is complete, and the Super Mutant is freed, he's willing to come with you if you have played through most of the game with good morality. This behemoth is packing a Gatling Laser, and a Super Sledge, making him a hard hitter and great backup in combat. After saving The Lone Survivor from a gang of Enclave Power-Armored Soliders, he shows his prowess and wins the trust of the Lone Survivor. His tank-like health-bar and major DPS makes for one of the better choices for companions in Fallout history, and a must have for Fallout 3 survival.

11 Worst: Butch DeLoria (Fallout 3)

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Butch tortures The Lone Survivor in his childhood, as leader of the Tunnel Snakes, a greaser gang in Vault 101. Assuming the player doesn't bash his brains into the floor like I did during the Escape mission, he is an available companion when you return to Vault 101 as an adult. Eventually, you can meet him at the Muddy Rudder in Rivet City, with neutral morality. Butch packs a weak-sauce 10mm pistol and a switchblade (Butch's Toothpick), making him one of the worst choices for fire support in Fallout 3. That switchblade isn't going to do much against Enclave Soldiers with Power Armor and Plasma Weapons, while you charge them in a leather jacket. Plus, when exploring the Capital Wasteland, do you really want the guy who abandoned his mom, because he's afraid of rad-roaches, to have your back out there?

10 Best: Codsworth (Fallout 4)

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The faithful robot butler from the Sole Surivior's Pre-War home is one of your last connections to the past, and to your son and wife. This Mister Handy brand robot not only has some of the best commentary, calling Raiders "bloody psychotic gits...pardon my language," but becomes one of the most badass companions with the Automaton DLC. Originally rocking the Buzzsaw and Flamer, Cogsworth can be modified at the Robot Workbench with the DLC. While he isn't the best damage dealer in the vanilla game, the ability to turn Cogsworth into a war machine with weaponry for days, makes him one of the best choices as a companion in any Fallout game. Not to mention, he did keep dinner ready for you the two centuries you were on ice.

9 Worst: Nick Valentine (Fallout 4)

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The Synth Detective is one of the more useless companions in Fallout 4. The Pipe Revolver does not offer much in terms of defensive or offensive ability. His Close to Metal perk is relatively useless, and he seems to mirror Piper and Preston's childlike sense of justice and right and wrong, making him a poor choice who will constantly berate you for stealing or shooting someone for supplies. That is a valid response to murder and theft in our society, but when survival in the Commonwealth relies on the difference between a handful and bullets, or a new weapon, a robot moral compass isn't always the go to tool for survival. Nick also cannot wear any armor other than his originally equipped trench-coat, making him a poor choice late game where a heavily armored companion will be more useful than a wise cracking synth.

8 Best: Curie (Fallout 4)

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This adorable robot medic is one of the most useful choices in Fallout 4. Not only can she, once a day, heal the player at critical health almost back to full, but she can also be edited and made stronger with the Automaton DLC, as well as if you complete her side-quest and gain her a synth body. Curie's technical name is C.V.R.I.E, which stands for Contagions Vulnerabilities Robotic Infirmary Engineer. While her Buzzsaw and Laser Gun is good on their own, she can be given a range of weapons in her synth form, making her one of the more adaptable companions, by maintaining her Combat Medic ability with various armor and weaponry per situation. She may have some naive moral views for a survivalist, but she is hard to replace as combat assistance.

7 Worst: Strong (Fallout 4)

This Super Mutant makes me extremely uncomfortable. It's not his giant stature or green skin that gives me the heebie jeebies, but the fact that he will repeatedly mention his search to "drink the milk of human kindness." If that isn't a euphemism, then I'm not sure what is. Regardless, Strong is actually almost the opposite in combat. Strong gives out the Berserk Perk, giving the player 25% extra damage when hit-points are below 25%, which seems to only get you killed for trying to get a damage boost, rather than just healing and pop a Psycho. Strong is also more savage than Fawkes or Marcus (another Super Mutant), often stating how he feels superior as a Super Mutant and is hungry for "someone to eat." Having a companion that doesn't value human life doesn't seem like the best choice, given other options in Fallout 4. 


5 Best: Rex (Fallout: New Vegas)

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Rex is a Mk. III Cyberhound, Law Enforcement Officer Support Model, Serial no. B955883, who belonged to Freeside's The King (a gangster with a great Elvis impression.)  Rex has a similar ability to Dogmeat, the ability to detect enemy hostiles by growling or barking when they are nearby, allowing you to avoid being flanked or sneak attacked. The King offers some good advice when he gives you Rex, stating that "he doesn't like hats, or the people wearing them, maybe because it rhymes with rats." Rex is a great companion, that made many go back to their last save when he runs headfirst into a landmine and one of my top choices for companions that will actually save your life in Fallout. Maybe I'm biased about dogs, but I'll take Rex over Cass any day.

4 Worst: Veronica Santangelo (Fallout: New Vegas)

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This disillusioned Brotherhood Scribe can be found at the 188 Trading Post in Fallout: New Vegas. Finding any remnant of the Brotherhood of Steel in New Vegas is exciting, but after having Veronica as a companion, you may change your mind on the quality of the Brotherhood Scribes. Her Perk allows for her to craft items for you that can only be crafted at a workbench, which sounds useful, until you remember how abundant workbenches are. She is also home to one of the most useless quests in New Vegas. The Courier must find formal wear for Veronica, simply because it's a dream of hers. When finding all the pieces for her, she just says "aw you shouldn't have" and gives you a small amount of XP. For a member of the Brotherhood, she acts like a high school teenager and fights with the effectiveness of a Radroach. Stick with Boone or stick with Rex, she's not worth the effort.

3 Best: Paladin Danse (Fallout 4)

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The Paladin in Power Armor is one of the best companions in Fallout 4. His power armor offers him a role as a Bruiser/Tank, with a great ability to take shots and keep on going. His laser rifle is very effective in close, medium, and long range combat. The commander of Brotherhood of Steel Unit Recon Squad Gladius has seen his fair share of combat in the Commonwealth. Danse is effective on his own, and motivating in combat, but his perk helps send him into the best companions. "Know Your Enemy" gives 20% extra damage to synths, ghouls, and Super Mutants,  making Danse one of the best choices for overall combat in the Fallout series. His compelling backstory, and the big twist in his personal mission, make him someone you'd be glad to fight alongside with and a great representative for The Brotherhood Of Steel.

2 Worst: Raul Tejada (Fallout: New Vegas)

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"I'm an open book, boos. Granted, the book's in Spanish and some of the pages have fallen out, but I'm an open book." Raul will bombard you with half-assed dad jokes from the moment he's saved from the Black Mountain prison cell. Raul's ability slows the decay rate of equipment at such a low pace, that it's not even noticeable- making it one of the most useless perks in the game. The reason I refuse to drag this ghoul mechanic through the Mojave is his constant depressing comments. He comments negatively in multiple locations and exclaims "do I really have to carry this" every time you hand him something. The other worst part is that he's willing to repair weapons in his shack. But, wait! That sounds useful! Negative. Raul still charges you full price to repair your gear, which seems counter-intuitive seeing that the Courier is constantly saving him from the smallest Gecko in the Mojave that he can't seem to kill.


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