Fallout 76: Bethesda Finally Delivers Canvas Bags… After 7 Months

Our long nightmare is over, as the Fallout 76 canvas bags have finally arrived.

Fallout 76’s release was not a smooth ride for Bethesda. In fact, it may be the single biggest blunder of a game release in recent history (although Anthem is a pretty close runner up). It seemed like you couldn’t go five seconds without hearing about another incredible mishap happening with Fallout 76.

Of all the various screw-ups Bethesda made in regards to their multiplayer live service disaster, the most unbelievable one was probably the controversy surrounding the pre-order bonus canvas bags. It should have been a no-brainer: you advertise a special bag for pre-ordering a game, you deliver it, and no one gets angry. Yet, Bethesda apparently couldn’t grasp that concept, and players received an inferior nylon bag instead.

Well, it looks like the situation has finally been resolved, and it only took seven months.

The individuals who pre-ordered Fallout 76’s Power Armor Edition have been rewarded with the canvas bags they expected to receive after all this time. Gamers are reporting that the bags were shipped to their homes, and the quality is much improved over the flimsy bags they originally were given.

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It was an unbelievably dumb controversy to begin with, as the bags should have arrived with the original pre-order of Fallout 76. From the customer service person who set everyone off by announcing that Bethesda wasn't "planning on doing anything" about the bags, to the fact that influencers from YouTube and Twitch received the bags over people who had actually paid money for them, it was one stupid mistake after the next. It’s hard to say whether this was all a result of incompetence, or if it was a scummy attempt on Bethesda’s part to save money, but either way, at least people have finally gotten what they paid for.

It’s also a bit of good press for Todd Howard and company, which they likely need as Fallout 76 prepares to launch its season of new content. That new content includes the innovative addition of NPCs into a Fallout game (which really should have been in there all along), as well as a battle royale mode, which seems like a desperate ploy on Bethesda’s part to try to pull in some of the Fortnite, and Apex Legends crowd.

Regardless, Fallout 76 is at least in much better shape at this stage then it was when it originally came out. Whether or not it’ll ever be a game worth playing is a tough question, but at least it looks like Bethesda will continue to support the game well into the future; unlike EA, who are likely digging a hole out back for Anthem, and possibly Bioware, as we speak.

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