Fallout 76 Makes Monster Factory's 'The Final Pam' Canon

Fallout 76, the online multiplayer post-apocalypse survival game, maybe have just made the franchise's best-known fan creation canon. The Final Pam, created/released by Griffin and Justin McElroy for their Polygon video series Monster Factory, is clearly being referenced in the Fallout 76 beta.

For those completely unaware of what's going on:

Monster Factory is a Youtube series wherein brothers Justin and Griffin McElroy play with the character creation options in a number of games - Mass Effect 2, The Sims, Second Life, and perhaps most notoriously, Fallout 4. Most of their creations are horrifying/beautiful perversions of the game worlds they inhabit, but Fallout 4's Final Pam seems to have transcended such petty concerns.

Twitter user @Adam_Exo_ was the first to make the discovery Monster Factory was being referenced in Fallout 76, finding a house on the way to Camden Park. You can see screenshots below, but the evidence is clear: the name "PAM" is spelled out in toy blocks; there is a wedding-ready radroach in a tophat; a coffee can in a child's crib; and a discarded metal husband/Mister Handy Robot.

What does this say about the world of Fallout 76 that The Final Pam, a being so powerful even Todd Howard couldn't contain her, may actually exist in-game? Did she somehow keep the West Virginia locale a little bit safer from bombs than other parts of the world? Is she part of the cosmology of the Appalachia region? Has she left this world behind for good, leaving only material possessions behind - or is she coming back to reclaim them, and woe betide any who dare move her things around?

Fallout 76 is currently in beta, with the full release expected for November 18th, 2018.

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