Fallout 76: 15 New Things We’ve Learned (And 10 Rumors We Hope Aren’t True)

With Fallout 76 on the horizon, theories keep popping up. Here are some things we know for sure, and some we hope aren't true.

Fallout 76 is the upcoming installment in the Fallout series. The developer and publisher teased the game days before E3 2018 before showcasing it in their presentation. Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard revealed more information about the game that was initially been teased. Not only did he clarify rumors, but he also announced new information. Since June, there has been more content teased about the game.

Some of the new information revealed in the teaser trailer was only confirmed at E3. We know that Fallout 76 is not the 76th sequel to the franchise, but is named after the Vault showcased in the game. Fallout 76 is a prequel to the entire series, taking place a mere 25 years after the Great War. Similar to Fallout 3 and 4, Fallout 76 focuses on rebuilding the East Coast. The Bethesda Presentation only confirmed the importance of base building.

Many players were shocked to learn that Fallout 76 would focus on multiplayer elements. Though it will not be a traditional MMORPG like Bethesda’s other series, The Elder Scrolls Online, it will always be online. This aspect of the game was a significant deterrent for many gamers. They are used to the single-player experience Fallout has provided from the start and may not want to play with others.

We have compiled the new information we’ve learned since the original teaser video. Most of the content may excite you, but others may make you hesitant to pre-order the game. Either way, the release date of November 14th seems like years away.

25 Forced Social Interaction

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Fallout 76 is shaping up to be a game where multiplayer is not only encouraged, but also enforced.

Bethesda announced that when you begin the game, you will be placed on a public server.

Your Vault Dweller will either be added to a party of friends or with strangers. Being added to a party of strangers may not seem appealing to some players. The strangers have a chance of booting you from their team or not being friendly. On the other hand, being thrown into a group of strangers may lead to a lifetime friendship.

24 Bad: You Can't Unhear That

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Bethesda has announced that there will be some solo content, but it will be hard to avoid other players. Voice chat is included in the game. You’ll be able to speak to other players and teammates. One benefit may be hearing enemies discussing plans to take over your base. Another issue is the amount of negative language that can occur over voice chat. Bethesda has not released information on if voice chat will be monitored, if at all. If you opt-in to the feature, be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of using your voice in the game.

23 Home Is Safe When You’re Away

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During E3, Bethesda showcased different ways that players can customize their bases. It can take time and effort to have your home just the way you want it. Unfortunately, these bases can be destroyed, especially if you spend more time on decorating than defense.

Luckily, your base will only appear when you are online. Other players cannot ruin your base when you’re offline. You can have peace of mind that your base is safe when you’re not playing Fallout 76.

22 Bad: Watch Out For Missile Strikes

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After the announcement of Fallout 76, fans were shocked to learn that gamers could control nukes. Most assumed that nukes would be used to create havoc for others.

Bethesda released information that nuclear codes were not accessible to everyone from the start.

The codes would have to be found within the world by one player or by a team. Once the codes have been gathered, players have to find one of four nuclear missile bases on the map. Though these issues are scarce, they have the possibility of annoying other players.

21 Think Before You Leap Into Battle

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When new players first start to play Fallout 76, they begin at level one. They will need to take time to learn how to play the game and how to survive. The last thing on their mind should be taking on other players in combat. Newcomers need to know how to fight mutated monsters controlled by code before they take on a real person. Player versus player combat is limited to characters who are level five and over. Bethesda wants newcomers to learn the basics behind the game before entering PvP.

20 Bad: Character Creation Doesn't Expand

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Bethesda informed fans that Fallout 76 will still feature a storyline. Fans expected it to be similar to Elder Scrolls Online, where different storylines are featuring all of the game’s fantasy races. Fallout 76’s only humans will be real-life players. The quest givers are all robots or other non-playable creatures. This is unfortunate because it tells us that we cannot play any other race except for humans. Gamers won’t get to play a Ghoul, Synth, or Super Mutant this time.

19 For Less Photogenic Gamers

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Gamers love sharing screenshots of their favorite moments on social media or with friends. Not every player takes the best screenshots. Bethesda recently announced that they include a “Photo Mode” in Fallout 76. Gamers can take screenshots and share them online.

The Photo Mode will assist gamers with less than stellar photographic skills, or those who want to edit within the game and not graphics software.

They choose from a variety of fun poses for their character. Players can even add filters to create amazing screenshots. Hopefully, Photo Mode won't distract players from enjoying the gameplay as well.

18 Bad: Basic Human Needs

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In Fallout 4’s Survival Mode, players not only have to worry about mutants and weapon repairs, but also their bodies. If their Sole Survivor doesn’t eat or drink enough water, there’s a chance they will slowly deteriorate. Not every meal item restores the same amount of health points, which means more scavenging.

Survival has also been added to Fallout 76. Players will have to worry about these basic needs as they explore the East Coast. If they don’t take care of their basic needs, their character may not survive long in the harsh West Virginian forests.

17 Privacy, Please!

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Many gamers were concerned when they heard Fallout 76 would always be online. Many would rather play alone, or at least with friends. Bethesda has great news for players who prefer the company of their closest friends. They will be implementing private servers in the future. Unfortunately, there is no set date on when they will roll out this feature. Bethesda is more concerned with stabilizing the public servers before they begin giving options to players. While this may sound bad, when Bethesda does announce private servers, it means they will be more stable.

16 Bad: Radiation Is Even Worse

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Radiation has always been part of the Fallout series. Take in too much, and your character will become sick with radiation poisoning. Using Rad-X before being exposed to radiation will lessen the amount of poisoning, but there is a chance of being poisoned.

In Fallout 76, getting radiation poisoning may mean your body may develop an unusual mutation.

These traits can either help or harm the character. As the player's level increases, there's a chance this mutation may become permanent.

15 Much More To Explore

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Fallout 4’s map size disappointed many gamers. Most of the content was in the center around Diamond City. For some, the Glowing Sea wasn’t as big as they hoped. Bethesda has informed fans that Fallout 76’s map will be twice the size of the previous game. Some of the regions include Camden Park, Charleston, Morgantown, Woodburn Circle, New River Gorge Bridge, The Greenbrier, and more. With these regions will also mean that local creatures, only known in West Virginian folklore, may also be making an appearance.

14 Don’t Go Into The Wilderness Alone

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After the announcement that Fallout 76 is always online, some gamers were angry. Other players were thrilled at the possibility of enjoying their favorite franchise with their friends. They may only buy games where multiplayer is an option. Anyone can join the public servers, but players can choose who they want to join their squad. Gamers will be able to play with three of their friends. They can have fun exploring the East Coast together, instead of taking on the quests alone or with strangers.

13 Bad: Keep An Eye On Your Possessions

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In many MMORPGs, once your character is defeated, there's a chance they will lose precious experience points or loot. It can take time to save up these valuable items.

In Fallout 76, your character can put away their useful items for later.

If you just acquired a vital item and lose to a swarm of Feral Ghouls, you will lose that item. You'll only have a small amount of time to regain your loot before it's open for others. They may grab your valuable loot before you can.

12 Modders Won't Be Disappointed

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Since Bethesda has obtained the Fallout IP, fans have enjoyed modding their games. Fans have created new hairstyles, weapons, and quests. When Fallout 76 was announced, fans were concerned if they could add mods.

According to Todd Howard, fans can mod the game within their “own private world.” Unfortunately, mod support will be added in future updates and will not be active upon release. Gamers will have to enjoy the game as-is before they can mod in their favorite features.

11 Bad: Everyone Has To Agree

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The Fallout series was primarily on PC until Bethesda obtained the IP. Fallout was then available to console players as well. Fallout 76 was announced for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch release is unlikely, but not impossible, since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released on the handheld.

What is unlikely is cross-play between all consoles and PC. Sony is the only company currently standing in the way of cross-play, but stated it was “confident we’ll get to a solution which will be understood and accepted by our gaming community.”

10 No Danger Of Mistaking Them For Enemies

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The Fallout series has a wide variety of characters. Players can encounter Docile Ghouls, Super Mutants, Synths, and more during their journeys across post-apocalyptic America. In Fallout 76, all of the human characters you meet will be real-life humans.

If you see a human Vault Dweller running across the map, you can be sure that's a fellow player and not an NPC.

Although this makes it easy to tell who is a dangerous mutated creature, West Virginia will lack a variety of characters to control.

9 Shares The Same Engine

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If you've watched the teaser trailers for Fallout 76, you'll notice it shares many similarities with Fallout 4. Todd Howard revealed with the same Creation Engine. This version has been slightly upgraded since 2015. Fallout 76 reportedly has new lighting technology and can render details at a much higher quality. Howard stated that Fallout 76 would have 16 times the details of the previous game. The game should look much more realistic than Fallout 4 but hopefully run just as smoothly.

8 Bad: A (Paid) Unfair Advantage

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The Fallout series has a fairly active modding community. Bethesda also wanted to take part when they announced the Creation Club. They added this storefront to Fallout 4, which is updated weekly to add more cosmetic content to the game.

Bethesda announced that micro-transactions would also be part of Fallout 76. These would primarily be cosmetic items that would make your character look more impressive than your fellow players. Gamers are still worried about Fallout 76 selling powerful items that would give others an unfair advantage.

7 Real-Time Targeting

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Even though the Fallout series has changed hands from Interplay to Bethesda, some core mechanics have remained over the years. V.A.T.S. will again make an appearance in Fallout 76. Gamers were concerned how this would work, as in previous games, time stopped as players decided what to attack.

In Fallout 76, VATS will work in real time to target enemies, including hostile players.

Players must quickly aim at specific body parts or else lose their opportunity to attack.

6 Not Everyone Wants To Battle

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When Fallout 76 was announced, gamers were concerned about hostile players. They didn't want to spend hours building a base, only for it to be the target of a nuclear missile launch.

Thankfully, PvP must be activated before another player can attack. Two mutually aggressive players can fight to their hearts' content while others can remain exclusively player versus environment gamers. If a player does attack a PvE person, they will face the consequences. They will be labeled in red on the map as "Wanted" with a bounty.

5 Bad: A Random Assortment Of Perks

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Perks are returning to Fallout 76, but not as we remembered them. They are now cards that one can unlock as they rank up SPECIAL points. Additional perk cards can be obtained through Perk Card Packs. Four cards are available in these random packs. Since there are hundreds of perks, it will be difficult to unlock the perks your character's build requires. If Bethesda plans on selling Perk Cards, this has the potential to cost players a hefty sum to create a perfect character.

4 But, You’re Still SPECIAL

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The SPECIAL system, which is an acronym for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck, makes its return in Fallout 76. The first SPECIAL point will be available when your character emerges from Vault 76.

Every time the player levels up, they can assign one point to one of these SPECIAL attributes.

Each Special category has several associated perks that can make your character even stronger. Players will have to learn how to use their SPECIAL points carefully since we do not yet know if they can be reassigned.

3 A New Settlement Platform

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Fallout 4 first released a settlement building system. Players could clean up settlements and make them more comfortable places to live. Base building is returning in Fallout 76 with the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform (CAMP). These platforms can be placed anywhere in the world. From there, players can design their homes from scratch, from the foundation, furniture, and decorations. Since this is a mobile platform, players can take their base with them and re-place it anywhere on the map. If they decide they no longer want it, it can be destroyed.

2 Bad: Hope You Have A Stable Connection

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Fallout 76 is the first game in the series that requires gamers always to be online. When the game is launched, gamers will enter a public server. They'll be forced to see other players running around them, even if they are a solo player.

Todd Howard stated the game will have dedicated servers "now and for years to come." Though Bethesda has made this promise, many gamers find it hard to believe. They worry that Bethesda will eventually pull the plug on the game in a few years, which would make it almost impossible to play afterward.

1 Not Available Everywhere

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Although Fallout 76 will be released on PS4 and Xbox One, many gamers prefer to play the series on their PCs. Steam is one of the biggest game platforms.

Unfortunately, Bethesda has announced that Fallout 76 won't be available to gamers on Steam.

According to PC Gamer "The PC version of Fallout 76, for both the B.E.T.A. and the launch, will be available only via Bethesda.net, not on Steam." If gamers want to play the newest Fallout game, they'll have to download the Bethesda Launcher.

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