Fallout 76 Getting NPCs, New Map And Raid This September

At QuakeCon 2019, Bethesda teased fans with details about the upcoming Wastelanders update for Fallout 76 and announced new content. Apparently, players can look forward to a new map for the Nuclear Winter battle royale game mode and a new type of raid quest.

The Nuclear Winter game mode is a battle royale type game that has players battle for the position of overseer of Vault 51 following the whims of a mad supercomputer. The players fight in a map that's present in the main game’s starting area, the main difference being that this map is surrounded by a quickly shrinking nuclear firestorm. At the center of the map is Flatwoods, the rural tutorial town that players emerge into after exiting Vault 76. It features mostly rolling hills, with a few cliffs and assorted farms for variety.

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The new Nuclear Winter map, which is due to be released in September, will be set in Morgantown, one of the largest settlements in the game. Morgantown is much more urban than Flatwoods, and that means lots of vertical play and cover that don’t exist in the current map.

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If you can’t wait until September for new Fallout 76 content, there is a new set of Vault raid quests being released on August 20th. Players can join groups of four and raid Vault 94, the mysterious Vault on the edge of the Mire region in the game. Three different raid quests will rotate weekly, giving players chances to get new armor plans and social rewards as they discover the secrets of the once-peaceful Vault.

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Bethesda also teased more details on Wastelanders, the major DLC that was announced at E3 this year. Wastelanders will add human NPCs to Fallout 76, joining the few friendly robots and other creatures that live in Appalachia. However, unlike the robot NPCs currently in the game who only have one button that allows players to interact with them, Wastelanders NPCs will have full dialog trees. According to Bethesda, the dialog trees are more like Fallout 3 than Fallout 4. As seen in the E3 trailer, they will have dialog checks based on different in-game stats. Seems like there’s a lot to look forward to on the road ahead for Fallout 76.

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