War Never Changes: Latest Fallout 76 Patch Reintroduced Bugs Fixed By Earlier Update

Fallout 76's latest patch fixed some bugs, but brought back others, including a "heavy bobby pins."

Fallout 76 New Patch Old Bugs Header

Oh, Fallout 76, everything was going so well for you. Well, no, not it wasn’t, it was a darn mess, but that doesn’t make it okay to throw a whole new dumpster fire on top.

You thought those old bugs were squashed? Think again.

Now, we gamers tend to be pretty darn defensive about our favorite franchises. It’s not just a pastime, after all, it’s a way of life. If you grew up with the Resident Evil games, say, you probably have mixed feelings about the state of the franchise now. Do you stay blindly loyal? Do you try to appreciate the newer games for what they are? Do you bitterly howl and whine on internet forums about it all? It’s your call, friends.

Fallout fans are in a similar spot right about now. The much-beloved Fallout 4 took the series to bold, ambitious new heights, and brought reams of new fans into the fold to boot. As such, many of us were keen to see where the franchise was going next. Sadly, prequel Fallout 76 was where it went next.

The concept, a multiplayer wasteland-em-up, is something that most Fallout fans could probably get behind. Sadly, the game launched in November last year in true Grand Theft Auto Online/Pokémon GO fashion: it was technical issues-amundo.

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Fallout 76 New Patch Old Bugs
Via: Bethesda

Committed fans continue to enjoy Fallout 76, but holy heckola is it a hard one to love. As we reported earlier this month, the item-duping problem –and Bethesda’s unsatisfactory response—had gotten so bad that players had taken to roaming the wasteland in vigilante mobs, ruthlessly ‘hunting’ players who were taking advantage of these exploits.

While Bethesda is attempting to manage some of these issues, they seem to have hit a bit of a snag. As the ever-watchful gamers of Reddit report, the latest patch has actually reintroduced old bugs to the game.

We seem to be back to the bad old days. The days of broken fusion core spawn rates and bulked items, not to mention the much-hated duping. As gX-kiD puts it,

“The way it's looking right now everything points to them having based this patch on an older build, hence the old squashed bugs coming back to life and even duping working again - check eBay and you will see how much the duping exploits are really "fixed."”

Bethesda may have promised to be more open and honest about their updates and such, but clearly, they’re back to their old ways here. In more ways than one. What’s to become of Fallout 76? The ball’s in their court.

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