Fallout 76: 10 Easiest Power Armor Locations, Ranked

If you're going to survive in the world of Fallout 76, you need Power Armor. Luckily, we ranked the easiest locations to find suits in Vault 76.

Fallout 76 is the only installment of the franchise that is fully online and as a result feature over 80 confirmed Power Armour pieces and sets. However, just because the play-style has changed doesn’t mean our good friends at Vault-Tec, or Bethesda, have made life any easier outside the comfort of the Vaults, which includes finding the Power Armor and getting past the many adversaries that stand between you and that beautiful T-Series or Raider armor.

Since it is an online game, many of the sets and pieces actually respawn in certain areas or will randomly generate, however these can be difficult to get unless you are in the right place at the right time, but don’t worry there are armor sets you can find without much heartache, here are 10 of them.

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10 Morgantown Train Yard


This is one of the first sets of Power Armor you will come across in the whole game and is by far the easiest to get because it’s right at the beginning of the game. Upon venturing out of Vault 76 and into the wide wasteland, head east and you will discover the lovely Morgantown, located just across the road of highway 59.

While heading towards the town you will come across an abandoned train station, inside the white, rusted train car marked USA there is an incomplete set of T-45 Power Armor that respawns as part of a main quest.

9 Nuka Cola Plant

The Nuka Cola Plant is unmissable, it is literally a giant Nuka Cola Bottle shaped building sticking out of the skyline. It is also relatively close to the Vault, in the direction of south/southwest, near a fork in the river.

Make sure you don’t head over without any type of weapon because both entrances are surrounded by relatively low-level ghouls. Locate the basement and inside a large room and in the corner there is some Power Armor waiting for you.

8 Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant is a small town near the vault with an exciting history. In the days before the wasteland, Point Pleasant was home to a museum dedicated to the great Mothman.

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The day before the Great War the Cult of the Mothman summoned him and he warned them of an impending doom, more recently however raiders destroyed a dam and flooded the place ruining the town. More notably, located on the rooftop of the hardware store, across from the western bridge, you will find a Power Armor exoskeleton with random pieces attached.

7 Unmarked Cave

After leaving the cozy life of Vault 76 head directly north until you are above the Vault. Look around and you should see a conspicuous cave that has no name and won’t show up when you discover it.

It doesn’t look like much, but if you head inside you will find yourself some free Raider Power Armor. This actually might be one of the easiest to pieces of armor to collect in the game because all you have to do is find the cave.

6 Morgantown Warehouse

After you have collected your goodies from the train yard head over to the Warehouse area and you will find a building called Mama Dolce’s Food Processing Plant, it's pretty hard to miss as it has two candy-cane colored chimney stacks sticking out into the sky.

Beside processing America’s favorite insta-foods, the company also served as a front for Chinese intelligence and contains all sorts of pre-war secrets. Just southwest of the building there is a smaller warehouse with a stairway to the roof, inside this building is a Power Armor chases with T-series pieces waiting to be taken, although the place is booby-trapped so be careful.

5 Silo Shed

If you have gotten to the Nuka Cola plant then you are already almost there. Continue directly north of the building until you come upon the Billing Homestead, a quaint little pre-war house with two floors.

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The homestead itself produces random loot, but heading to the northern part of the area you will see a small shed and some grain silos. Head over to the shed and inside you will find some Power Armor waiting to be permanently borrowed.

4 Camp Venture

Camp Venture was a pre-War survival skills training facility that is located in the south-east of the map. After the Great War the camp was inhabited by the Brotherhood of Steel who turned it into a forward operating base, receiving government aid drops via the helipad.

The camp retained its pre-War purpose by training new recruits into the Brotherhood, however the camp was soon attacked by ghouls and eventually abandoned by the Brotherhood, leaving their Power Armor behind. You may run into a few ghouls but the Power Armour is just sitting out in the yard in front of the bunkhouse.

3 The Silva Homestead

The Silva Homestead is located almost directly east of the Nuka-Cola Plant and isn’t actually a farm. The Homestead was actually controlled by Arktos Pharma during the pre-War days and the grounds to test their Pharmabots, however after some kids vandalized a bot and were sprayed with chemicals, eventually leading to their deaths. The company paid settlements to the families and left.

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There is a round barn with a red tractor where you will find a Power Armor frame with some T-series pieces on it.

2 Black Bear Lodge

Black Bear Lodge is located in the Southwestern region of the map known as Toxic Valley. The name derives from its pre-War days as a region known for factories and industrial sites, however after the bombs fell all of their chemicals discharged polluting the area around them.

You can find Black Bear Lodge between Wavy Willard’s Water Park and the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery. There should be a small red shed with a fallen tree in front of it, inside the shed is a set of Power Armor waiting just past the door.

1 Clarksburg

While you are in the Toxic Valley, you should make a stop in the charming town of Clarksburg. The town features many cool things including a gun store with an armory that can be unlocked at level 2, a fusion core in the basement of a warehouse, and Raider Power Armour.

You won’t have to worry about any ghouls, because the only inhabitants are the survivors of the war, who are all robots. To the east of the town, there is a brick building and on the fourth floor you will find the Power Armor. After you go through the gun shop, up the stairs, and through the fire escape of course.

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