Fallout 76 Players Find Secret Vaults By - You Guessed It - Glitching Into Them

A Reddit user has unintentionally gained access to a previously unrevealed new area of Fallout 76.

Fallout Vault 63

Press "F" to pay respects, everyone. Bethesda’s grand new multiplayer take on the traditional Fallout formula has done nothing but go downhill since it’s November 14th launch, and that trend isn't likely to be reversed any time soon… if at all. The latest in a long string of strange glitches and exploits discovered in Fallout 76, a Reddit user has unintentionally gained access to a previously unrevealed new area of the game.

Vault 63 Fallout
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Vault Tec's various post-apocalyptic shelters serve as some of the most important locations in the entirety of the series, but it seems that this particular locale may not have made the cut for Fallout 76. According to a post on the game’s subreddit, a user managed to fast travel to this otherwise inaccessible area by starting a Rad-rat Horde event and believed himself to have been stuck until he managed to fast travel back out. He took a few screenshots of the unplanned expedition, which have the community buzzing about this mysterious new bit of Fallout lore.

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Whatever quest was associated with this unused vault seems to have been centered around a giant nuclear reactor discovered within the off-limits area. There are signs of near Chernobyl-level radioactive leakage, and some have theorized that players adventuring into the vault would have been tasked with containing the disaster before it forced the vault’s population to abandon the shelter entirely.

Fallout 76 Vault 63 Reactor
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The Vault 63 entry on Fallout’s Fandom page seems to imply that this whole saga may have been removed from the game as a result of the controversial decision to cut NPCs from the experience. Though not a definite explanation, this seems like a difficult narrative to convey through the game’s cliched series of notes and audio diaries. As it stands, Vault 63 is little more than a neat footnote for fans of the series to speculate over.

While such out-of-bounds discoveries are often goldmines for inquisitive players, the Reddit user who blew the whistle on this weird circumstance was forthright in his concerns about getting banned for traveling out of bounds. Bethesda threw the book at players who forced their way into a restricted developer room last month, and the original poster was entirely in the right to have been worried. Thankfully, the account is most likely in the clear as the developer actually responded to the post without bringing down the ban-hammer.

Fallout 76 Vault 63 Screenshot
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The major difference between this instance and that of a month prior is that, aside from a few potential-spoiler screenshots, no real harm was done, whereas gamers who made their way to the secret dev room could duplicate items and engage in all sorts of unintended havoc. It’s still hard to say exactly what this means for the future of Fallout 76, but, be this a glimpse at some future DLC or a small peek at what might have been, don’t let this distract from the fact that Bethesda’s new title remains a bug-addled mess.

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