Fallout 76's Summer Roadmap Highlights Quality Of Life System Improvements

Bethesda recently announced its "Summer Roadmap" for Fallout 76, highlighting quality of life improvements along with a host of new content.

It's been an arduous journey for Fallout 76 since launching last November. Early on in its life cycle the game was plagued with users exploiting bugs, such as duplicating weapons. People familiar with Bethesda understand that bugs are nothing new to its games, but since the title is not a single player affair, opponents were using these glitches to gain the upper hand. Bethesda tried to step in and fix the issues through a patch, but the player-base thought that the patch just caused more issues.

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However, things seem to be going a drastically different route this year, with gamers actually excited about the title's future. Not long ago, Bethesda announced that NPC's would be added to post apocalyptic world. Even better, they would be fleshed out with full dialogue trees, offering players a more traditional Fallout experience.

Now, Bethesda has revealed more of the "Summer Roadmap" through its Twitter account.

The first addition mentioned is the beta release of the "Nuclear Winter" mode. In essence, this is "Battle Royale Fallout." Players (up to 52) fight to be the last one standing, as a ring of fire closes in on the battlefield. It's a mode that is sure to appeal to a wide audience, as Battle Royale titles are currently a hot commodity.

Bethesda is also releasing a four-player raid on August 20th, allowing players to explore Vault 94. Loot includes, "...unique social rewards and armor recipes, with a legendary set bonus." There will be three missions that rotate out at the end of the week, giving us an incentive to check back in and see the new content.

Other additions will come in the form of a new Nuclear Winter map in September, a Seasonal Meat Week event starting August 1st, Legendary Vendor Sales, and quality of life improvements. Many of these improvements have been pulled directly from community requests, such as free fast travel to event locations, and classifying some multiplayer events as Public Events.

If you've been looking for a reason to return to the Wasteland, now might be the time.

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