Fallout 76 Producer Admits Release Was Difficult, But Says "Cool Content" Is Coming

Fallout 76 Cool Content Coming

What’s that, Fallout 76? Your launch was a bit troubled? Can’t say we noticed… this cool new content had better be cooler than Alfonso Ribeiro doing the Carlton Dance.

Of course, the run-up to the launch of a game, and the launch itself, is a crucial period for any title. This is the time when you want the hype train firing on all cylinders, the pre-orders to be numerous, the product to be what was actually promised when we finally get to start playing.

Needless to say, that’s not always an easy thing to deliver. Take Grand Theft Auto Online and Pokémon GO, for instance. The anticipation for both was sky high, and every sentient being in the universe tried to log on simultaneously on launch. The result? Crashes and glitches galore, as the system just could not take the strain. The more hype there was, the more disappointment there’s guaranteed to be when the launch goes awry.

Just ask Anthem, a game that’s been beset by disaster after disaster since it arrived in late February. Yes, BioWare have admitted, there have been all kinds of issues, but they’re working super hard to resolve them and just need us to be patient. Some great stuff is on the way to Anthem. This is the PR line, anyway, and whether it ultimately pans out remains to be seen.

It’s not just BioWare having to make this kind of face-saving promise. Fallout 76 is another game that’s had… well, teething troubles is an understatement. Remember when the team accidentally banned the dedicated player who had logged over 900 hours, believing him to be a hacker? That’s the kind of blunder that Fallout 76 has been repeatedly inflicting on players, but according to the devs, there’s still hope for the game.

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At a recent panel at PAX East, executive producer Todd Howard acknowledged Fallout 76’s troubled launch.

“We knew that we were going to have a lot of bumps coming out with the game, and we definitely had some, some of them a lot harder than we anticipated,” he said. “To be honest, we had a lot of difficulties during development and sometimes those difficulties do show up on the screen. You never want them to… we’re four different studios now in North America… and this was a game that really took a ton of people across those four studios coming together to make work.”

Well, 'bumpy' is definitely one way to describe the situation. Still, as Game Rant’s report goes on, Howard has promised that the team remains dedicated to expanding and improving on everything Fallout 76 has to offer. “there’s a lot of cool content coming,” he cryptically stated.

If you’re one of the faithful who have been plodding on with the game, let’s hope you don’t have to wait too long to find out what this content might be. If nothing else, we can take heart in the fact that Bethesda have been listening to our criticisms and fixing some of the biggest issues (fixing the duping problem, raising maximum limits to help with the inventory thing, stability improvements). Let’s hope they put their money where their mouth is on this.

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