Fallout 76: Everything You Need To Know About Vault 94's Raids

New raids are finally being added to Fallout 76, and, thankfully, we're summing up everything you need to know about them.

New vaults have been added to Fallout 76 since it launched, but players were previously unable to access anything past the giant vault doors. So far, players have only been able to enter Vault 51, which was opened up when Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter battle royale mode was released. Now, Vault 94 is opening up for new Vault Raid missions, which are high-level team raids.

Vault 94 is a vault that appears on the edge of the Savage Divide and the Mire. According to the security terminal that appears in a security station just outside of the vault next to a makeshift garden, it was formed from a religious congregation led by a Pastor Salavar, which was told to enter the vault just after the bombs fell. The vault opened just a year after the apocalypse, on October 23, 2078, and the people in it tried to rejoin whatever was left of society, sending out ambassadors and starting a community garden just outside the vault doors. However, the fate of those in the vault is unknown. The bodies of Vault 94's ambassadors can be found scattered around the wasteland, and the door of the vault is covered with the mutated plants of the Mire.

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Next week, players will be able to enter Vault 94 during a series of Vault raids and will finally find out what happened to the residents of the vault. There will be three rotating raid missions: Dead in the Water, Meltdown and Washout. Players will be able to choose the difficulty of the raid, with harder difficulties getting better rewards.

A lot of the loot has to do with the plants that overrun the vault. According to Bethesda, it is similar to the overgrown killer plants of Vault 22 in Fallout: New Vegas. The vault is “completely overrun by nature” and something inside is “threaten its destruction." The raid will give players plans to create Vault Armor sets, including the plant-covered Strangler Heart set. It also provides players with a new resource, Vault Steel, which is required to build the armor.

It won’t be easy to get this armor, though. Not only does Bethesda recommend playing with a full team of level 50+ players, but you won't be able to get the armor if you complete the raid on novice difficulty. You can’t buy the armor from other players either, and it can’t be sold or dropped.

The raid is Fallout 76’s first instanced event, which means that the only other players will be the ones on your team. Bethesda says to be prepared if the new code doesn’t work the first time, and that more issues might become apparent upon release that weren’t found in playtesting.

Fallout 76's new Vault Raids will be added to the game with patch 12.

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