You Can Now Set Up A Store In Fallout 76, But Bethesda Will Tax You For Each Sale

Bethesda is now letting you sell items through your own vending machines in Fallout 76, but doing so will also leave you liable to tax.

As part of the Wild Appalachia patch released on Wednesday, players have been treated to several new features, including backpacks and novel mini-quests. The most intriguing bit of content, though, are the new vending machines.

Players have been able to trade items among each other since the game launched. But Bethesda has taken it a step further, handing players the luxury of setting up automated stores at their campsites.

You simply have to stock the shelves up with items that you're looking to sell, set the prices, and leave them be. Every sale you make, however, incurs 10 percent tax.

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"Start a new business venture by building a Vending Machine in your C.A.M.P., which you can use to sell items to other Dwellers for Caps," the patch notes read.

"You will receive a notification whenever a player buys one of your items. 90% of the sale price will be added to your Cap balance. This 10% fee has been designed to help maintain the health of the game’s economy and mitigate inflation.

"Items can still be sold after you’ve reached the current maximum Cap balance of 25,000, but you will not receive any Caps beyond that limit.

"Alternatively, you can use the Map to seek out other traders who have set up shop when you’re looking to purchase new gear for your collection."

It's worth noting that caps aren't the game's official currency. Those are earned through killing monsters, selling items to robot vendors, and trading with fellow players. So, of course, they're not all that easy to come by, which is why some players aren't thrilled over having Bethesda collect tax from the sales of their hard-earned items.

Similar to all forms of business, though, there is a way to get what you actually want for your goods even with the threat of being taxed. As one player has suggested via Reddit, the stipulation will only force players to price their gear higher than the figure they really want.

Other players seem to be on board with the development, as it reduces the number of caps going around in the game and hands players an avenue for getting rid of them since it's possible to have too many.

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