Fallout 76's Wild Appalachia Update: How To Make The Most Of The Fasnacht Parade Event

Bethesda has released the long-awaited Wild Appalachia update for Fallout 76, and with it is coming the creepily festive Fasnacht event. This event is a repeatable, time-limited event that will run from March 19 - 26, and will allow players to win new loot, including some nightmare-inducing Fasnacht masks.

Although an event based around scary masks would seem more appropriate for Halloween to most American players, Fasnacht is actually based on a Swiss tradition that is still practiced in Europe today. In fact, the town where the event takes place in Fallout 76, Helvetia, is based on a real town that was founded by Swiss settlers. The real Helvetia also continues to practice the Fasnacht tradition, so this event is Bethesda's way of bringing the real Appalachia into the world of Fallout 76.

A Fasnacht reveler in Ebikon, Switzerland. via zentralschweizertafelrunde.ch

According to Bethesda's event page, the bots of Helvetia continued celebrating Fasnacht after the townsfolk left, and they are more than welcoming to helpful vault hunters. By participating in their festivities, players can win new loot, including rare, trade-able Fasnacht masks.

To participate in the event, players should head to Helvetia and speak to the Master of Ceremonies. Once they've joined the event, vault hunters will be asked to find and help a variety of robotic shopkeepers with their festival preparations. These preparations will include different tasks such as playing party music, decorating the town for the parade, exterminating pests that may interfere with celebrations, and much more.

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Players should be prepared to assist shopkeepers with a wide variety of activities, and familiarize themselves with Helvetia's layout to make sure they can find shopkeepers quickly. If players can't find and help the shopkeepers quickly enough, they won't be able to participate in the parade and win Fasnacht masks, so speed is essential.

If parade preparations are completed quickly enough, players will be able to march in the parade. However, the vault hunters' duties are not over yet. The noise of the parade will draw party crashers in the form of local monsters, which players must fight off in order to protect the participants.

The more parade marchers survive, the more likely players will be to win Fasnacht masks.

Not much is known yet about which monsters players should look out for during the parade, but Bethesda's official Wild Appalachia gameplay trailer shows the parade being attacked by a Mega Sloth. Before setting out, players should make sure they are stocked up on ammo and healing items to make sure they can make it to the end of the parade route.

Bethesda's event page doesn't mention whether players can complete the Fasnacht quest with other people, but the gameplay trailer shows several vault hunters working together to defend the parade, so it's likely the same quest can be shared by multiple people. Working together will help players complete party preparation tasks more quickly, and keep more parade participants alive.

After the parade is over, the robotic citizens of Helvetia burn an effigy of Old Man Winter to signify the coming of spring. With the burning, players can claim their loot, including Fasnacht masks and Fasnacht-themed C.A.M.P. plans.

The entire questline can be repeated ad nauseum, so players should try to help out as much as they can between the 19th and the 26th for a better chance to win the rare masks.

There are ten possible Fasnacht masks that players can win from the event, and not all of them have been revealed yet. An image from Bethesda's event page reveals four masks: a skull, Old Man Winter, a jester, and what could possibly be a sun. The Wild Appalachia gameplay trailer also reveals an owl mask and what might be a pirate mask.

via fallout.bethesda.net

In addition to the masks that can be gained from the parade event, there's also a Fasnacht mask already available in the wider game world. To gain the Fasnacht Man Mask, players can head to Fort Defiance, defeat the Scorched outside (watch out for a nasty Scorchbeast that appears mid-battle), and search the building for the unique cosmetic item.

The Fasnacht event doesn't seem to be making a comeback after the 26th, so players should act quickly if they want to grab some of that creepy-festive aesthetic for themselves.

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