Fallout Fan Creates Incredibly Detailed Series Timeline - All It's Missing Is Tactics

A Redditor with the hobby of making lists has constructed what is, possibly, the largest and most detailed timeline of canon Fallout events.

The creator of the list, Connor Rawlings, used both the Fallout wiki and his own gaming experience playing Fallout 3, 4, 76, and New Vegas. Rawlings chose to rely on the wiki for events in Fallout 1 and 2 because he does not currently have the ability to play those games, although he looks forward to playing them in the future.

In a post made to r/Fallout last week, Rawlings said that he has tried to be thorough, but he hasn't read through all the notes so there may be some lore that's still missing. He also mentioned that it was difficult to find dated events from Fallout: New Vegas, so many of the events from that game do not have specific dates. Finally, some of the events on the timeline reflect his choices in the games, so they will probably be different from those who made different choices.

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Eurogamer conducted an interview with Rawlings over Reddit and asked him about his process. Rawlings described the process as "simple," and even said he didn't deserve to get credit for creating the timeline. Apparently, he created the list of events by reading terminal entries, notes, and holotapes on the Fallout wiki, then cross-referenced events with in-game content and the common wiki timeline.

Rawlings was frustrated with the lack of dates in Fallout: New Vegas

After Rawlings used the games and wiki entries to gather information, he entered the events and short descriptions into an Excel spreadsheet. He tried to get exact dates whenever possible, but if he couldn't find an exact date Rawlings used the month or year of an event.

Eurogamer also reported that Rawlings has been working on the project since Bethesda announced Fallout 76 last June. However, he wasn't seriously compelled to finish the timeline until Bethesda also released the Fallout 76 roadmap.

This isn't the first time Rawlings has worked on cataloguing a video game. His previous project was making a list of everything (yes, everything) in Grand Theft Auto Online. Unfortunately, this list remains incomplete.

Rawlings said the only major omission from his timeline is Fallout Tactics, which he may add at a later date.

Although Rawlings is humble about his work, the timeline is definitely impressive. With over 1,000 entries, this project is a great example of what fans can accomplish when they get excited about their favorite games.

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