The Ultimate Fallout Gift Guide

Fallout is one of Bethesda’s most iconic franchises, spanning years and miles of land across the United States. The familiar sights of Vault Boy, the armor tech helmet, and even the Vault-Tec suits themselves are recognizable to any game fan.

But in this sprawling universe, how do you know which Fallout-themed gifts will make the best gifts? We’re here to answer that same question through our own carefully-compiled list of the ultimate gifts for any Fallout fan, ranging across the franchise. Feel free to dig in and see if any of these gifts would work great for the Fallout fanatic in your life!

10 Assaultron 5 Star Figure


Who else would you rather put on your desk than the robotic form of an Assaultron? Found in Fallout 4, these robots are a truly deadly enemy due to their quick maneuverability and devastatingly-damaging laser.

This little figure won’t do you any harm, though! It sports the look and shape of the Assaultrons from Fallout 4, albeit shrunk down slightly to be much cuter and friendlier. The best part is that this figure appears to be a Gunner invader Assaultron, due to its glowing hands that quite literally glow in the dark! Make sure to keep an eye out for this one at night.

9 Vault Girl Modern Icon Statue


Everyone knows the familiar, friendly face of Vault Boy, but now it’s time for a new icon to take the stage: Vault Girl! Based on the gal found on the cover of the Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, this woman is ready to build her own underground vault, if that Super Sledge in her hands is anything to go by.

Standing on a 4” platform at 9” tall, Vault Girl sports the familiar Vault-Tec suit and wears her Pip-Boy on her arm, giving a thumbs-up to anyone who passes her by. Her positivity is a welcome sight on anyone’s shelf, desk, or home space, and she’s sure to put a smile on any Fallout fan’s face.

8 T-51 Nuka Cola Action Figure


This little guy may be small, but he still packs a punch! This 4” tall T-51 suit of armor matches the Nuka Cola-themed one that can be found in Fallout 76. It features all the wear and tear of a typical suit, combined with the iconic mask and the familiar Nuka Cola logo.

The figure also comes with its own weapon in his right hand and, for his left, a curled fist ready to throw down if need be! The moveable joints make it a great action figure, but the detailed look and feel make it a great collector’s item as well. Feel free to show this little dude off on your desk or in action!

7 Nuka Cola Checkers


Any board game fan would be pleased to receive this Fallout-themed checkers set! This set is specifically tailored to the in-game brand Nuka Cola, featuring the soda bottle caps in place of the usual pieces. One side has the classic red of the original brand, while the other sports the sleek silver of Nuka Cola Quantum.

The board is even themed to the Nuka Cola advertisements, featuring a woman in a classy spacesuit outfit. Anyone could liven up their checkers games with this spunky board!

6 Holotape Minikit


The perfect gift for those who like to build and assemble, the Holotape Minikit allows you to create a tiny replica of the familiar holotape from Fallout. Used in-game to store information, they can be loaded into computer terminals or Pip-Boys to read the info contained on them.

This kit includes all of the pieces you’d need to assemble your own holotape, including two Vault-Tec screwdrivers to give it that authentic flair. You could add your own label to the holotape when you’re done building it for the more personal touch. The kit also comes with one of 10 different Pip-Boy game cards.

5 Mothman Pop! Figure


With the release of Fallout 76 came the reveal of some new faces—and even some familiar ones, like sweet Mothman’s. Though originally not part of the Fallout universe, Mothman is still a pretty recognizable figure due to its cult status. It all started when it was supposedly spotted in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia from 1966 to 1967 by multiple different sources. It has since become an icon for West Virginia and for many cryptid enthusiasts.

Mothman’s familiar red eyes and tucked-in wingspan can be found here in this cute little figure that’ll look good on anyone’s shelf!

4 Fallout 76 Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI Self-Assembly Construction Kit


What’s better than having a Pip-Boy? Making your own Pip-Boy, of course! This authentic, build-it-yourself kit has everything you need to display or create your very own Pip-Boy 2000, based on the same one found in Fallout 76.

Using the over 100 parts in the vintage case, you can easily build a fully-working Pip-Boy, complete with a holotape ejection mechanism and spring-loaded buttons. There are no extra tools needed, though—everything you need is right there in the case. Once you’re done, step back and admire your work and the high level of detail in each piece of the Pip-Boy, from the buttons to the meters.

3 Xbox One X 1TB Fallout 76 Bundle


Definitely one of the coolest gifts in the bunch, this Xbox bundle comes with the latest in the Fallout franchise, complete with the matching black console to play it on. Finally, you can play out in the Fallout world online with friends and explore the wide-reaching land of West Virginia, including each of its six regions.

The bundle also comes with one-month subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. With the Xbox Game Pass, you can access a huge catalog of games to play for an unlimited amount of time each month. Xbox Live Gold allows you to play online with friends and get the sweetest deals on games.

2 Fallout Collector’s Box


The ultimate fan deserves the ultimate collection—and this box of collectibles is a great way to grant them just that. Filled with nine limited edition items, this Fallout Collector’s Box is sure to make anyone’s day. It comes with a hat, gloves, and a jacket so that you can show off your fandom in almost any weather. It also includes a coaster set and bottle jacket for any of your drinks!

The rest of the items include a bandana; a collector pin, maybe to put on your matching jacket; a poster to adorn your wall; a towel; and a mystery vinyl figure! That last one is a secret, so you’ll have to check out the box yourself to find out what hides inside.

1 Plasma Rifle Replica


The only thing cooler than modifying your own weapon in any of the Fallout games is actually having a true-to-life replica of that weapon! This model of the Plasma Rifle is 1:1, meaning that it matches the exact dimensions of the matching weapon in-game. It stands at 15” long, 6” wide, and 11” tall.

Not only is the rifle-sized correctly, but it also has all of the details of the in-game model, right down to the inclusion of LED lights on the side that turn on with a flick of the trigger. The Plasma Rifle would look great on any Fallout fan’s desk or held in their arms as part of a cool cosplay!

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