10 Hidden Secrets You Never Knew About In Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is one of the greatest video games of all time and was a huge hit amongst fans of the open-world franchise. Because there is so much to see and do within the game, a lot of people simply focus on the main quest and do not go and search to find everything that is in the title, meaning a lot of things end up being missed.

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There are tons of cool hidden secrets packed within the New Vegas world, and within this article, we will reveal 10 that you may not have found or known about when playing the first time around.

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10 Fate Of The Courier

We kick start this list with the fact that The Courier was left to suffer outside of Goodsprings in a grave. Although, thanks to the help of strangers, the Courier is able to live another day and help people... or do the opposite. During your journey, you will meet Arcade Gannon, a medical researcher who can assist you both as a doctor and as a fighter.

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Depending on the decisions made, if you became close to the Legion's leader, Caesar, you will want to save him from a tumor he develops in his brain. One way to do that is by forcing Arcade to the Legion, which is a decision some people never need to make depending on how they play.

9 Indiana Jones Reference

This is a secret that many people may have missed, as taking a good look at an empty refrigerator might not be at the top of many players' priority list. It's certainly worth doing in this game, though.

Inside this fridge (which can be found early in the game) you will notice a skeleton that has a very familiar hat. Yep, it's Indiana Jones'. This hilarious little secret is a reference to the frustrating moment where Indy survives a nuclear blast by simply hiding inside a fridge, with Fallout: New Vegas proving how impossible that would really be.

8 Seven Dwarfs

Another hidden movie reference can be found in the Wild Wasteland. This time, it's a nod to Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs that can be found, with small garden gnomes being positioned as though they're mining away at the diamonds.

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This isn't a happy-go-lucky Disney moment, though, as the gnomes are actually in the middle of a grave. It's a dark, Fallout-tinged take on the singing dwarfs people are used to. These dwarfs don't sing or move, but they are a fun nod to pop culture for those who are in the know and are willing to go and find them.

7 Improving A Good Boy

One of the highlights of every Fallout game is the canine companion that you will gain. The Fallout: New Vegas dog is Rex, who is actually a cybernetic dog whose old body and brain were starting to struggle.

While that can become an issue for the dog's ability, don't worry! Should you become very attached to Rex, there is a chance to go on the hunt for a younger brain for him, with three different options being available.One of those brains comes from Violetta's guard dog, Fiends. It is very difficult to get (an entire fort needs to be destroyed in order to do so), but it does make Rex far quicker in battles if you can.

6 Gremlin Deathclaw

It should be clear by now that the creators of Fallout: New Vegas absolutely stacked the game with movie and television references. This Deathclaw is another perfect example of that, and it can be found in the Old World Blues DLC.

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In one of the backyards, there is a Deathclaw that you may want to avoid: it's living in a doghouse, seemingly as a pet. This beast is named Stripe, after the leader of the creatures in the Gremlins franchise. Stripe is incredibly difficult to defeat, boasting as many hit points as a Legendary Deathclaw. Although, he will only chase you out until the end of the yard. It's like a true dog being protective over its territory.

5 A Teddy Bear Hunt

You may think that the idea of going on a hunt for a stolen teddy bear toy is a ridiculous storyline, but the search for Sergeant Teddy can be a very fun one.

Melody is a captive in Caesar's Legion. If you find her she will tell you about her stolen toy, Sergeant Teddy. This will set you off on a hunt for the bear, which can be found at The Fort (Antony has it). Of course, you need to fight to get the bear back, so if it's something you're willing to lose bullets for, go ahead: It'll certainly make Melody's day. Or, if you're that way inclined, you can also tear the bear apart in front of her once you have it.

4 Elder Scrolls Reference

As we have mentioned, Fallout: New Vegas is jam-packed with easter eggs, and another one that was implemented in the game was a reference to Elder Scrolls. Just as Fallout 4 featured a plant only found in Skyrim, New Vegas includes a nod to Elder Scrolls in the Freeside area.

The utility poles hold this message. On many of the poles, there's a small plaque that simply reads, "TES-O4." It's a simple thing that's easy to overlook, but it is a nod to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. 

3 Gravedigging

At the start of the game, there is a graveyard that can be found in Goodsprings. In the middle of three graves, there is something that is worth digging for that many people will never even think of.

If you are able to find a shovel and head over, it is certainly an area worth digging up. There is a real reward to doing so, in the form of some solid loot that will help kickstart you. It is a perfect place to find a variety of items early on in the game.

2 The Deathclaw Promontory

This one isn't for the fainthearted. The Deathclaw promontory is an area absolutely full of --you guessed it-- Deathclaws.

This unmarked area is located on the East Bank of the Colorado River and is jam-packed with some of the toughest enemies in the entire game. There are Mothers and Alpha Males all over the area, so if you want a huge challenge that will bring the best out of you, this is a hidden area you should check out. Top tip: take lots of Stimpaks!

1 A Weapon With A Tune

Something that a lot of people do not know about is the magical weapon Mysterious Magnum. It is a gun that will certainly provide plenty of entertainment when you use it.

First of all, you need to locate the character who goes by the name of the Lonesome Drifter (pictured above). When you see him, you will need to take him down in order to take the weapon from him. The gun is a lot of fun to use as every time you pull it out of the holster it will play its own special music (the Mysterious Stranger's Theme), making this a very memorable weapon.

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