15 Fallout Series Logic Memes That Prove The Games Make No Sense

Memes. May-mays. Dank, the dankest of memes. It doesn't matter who you are, what your race is, religious preference, where you live... memes are life blood for nerds. Whether they make fun of a game, expose something great about it, or raise awareness to a flaw in the game, gaming and memes go together like Mario and Luigi. What's inspiring about memes (which is a statement I honestly thought I'd never say),  is that game guys and game girls have taken a game, or an idea from it, and expressed themselves creatively using that game as a tool. For example, all these dank Fallout memes. All this content, jokes, and commentary is from gamers who are using Fallout memes to express their feels about about a game. Much like cosplay, I find this stuff inspiring.

Now, we have to remember that games aren't perfect. There's gonna be a lot of stuff where the logic just doesn't make sense, and where things don't add up. Fallout is absolutely one of those series. There's so many things in these games that don't make any lick of sense no matter how you spin it. These hilarious memes take a nice jab at them and expose the Fallout games for the logically unsound things we know they are.

You'll probably relate to more than a few of these. Enjoy!

15 Blue Screen Of Death

via: Reddit (u/CorpralChipmunk)

Fallout runs amazing on console. You PC master racers wanna know why? My PS4 isn't flooded with mods that make the Sole Survivor sound like John Wick. You guys are as elitist as Atari owners. Yeah, I said it, fight me. You hate that blue screen of death like console owners hate limited FPS. Everyone has an opinion on controller vs. mouse and keyboard. Which, if you're curious, I'm pro-controller. If you wanna know why, I'm born and raised console trash. I was born in the low-FPS, molded by it, and didn't see smooth motion blur until I was already a man. Get it? Bane? Dark Knight Rises? The sequel to one of the best movies of all time. Not Batman Begins. 

14 It Was One Drink!

via: reddit.com (u/VaultBoy99)

You owe me! I saved your worthless little survivor butts from something that I handled with about twenty caps and four bullets. And you know what? Those four sniper rounds cost more than the Nuka Cola. So me taking this little tiny refreshment, usually by accident while trying to pick up some ammo for the gun I just saved you with isn't exactly... crazy. Realism out the window here. Yeah, if someone saves my family, ya know what, you don't need to ask for the five cap soda on the shelf. Help yourself. Plus, let's be real: if it was me, I would have shot you before you touched the Nuka Cola. Why? Because I like your jacket.

13 Boom Goes The Mini-Nuke

via: dorkly.com

You know what kills me in this meme?  The Courier's smug face in that final panel. The calm, collected smile of "I told you so," as well as "I found new leather armor from the corpse of something I literally hit with a small nuclear weapon." You'd think Boone would know what he's talking about after being an NCR Ranger, but I guess he's used to the aftermath of this kind of weapon. No matter what, I will search the disembodied arm to hopefully find three extra mini-nukes to reduce someone else to a pulp.

12 SpongeBob, A Settlement Needs Your Help

via: reddit.com

The humble sponge. Whom I have heard lives in a pineapple under the sea. This single SpongeBob meme manages to take everything from Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Fallout 4. My personal favorite from this dank meme is the Minutemen. The scene where SpongeBob and Patrick argue about who is Dirty Dan, for no real reason, with no help to anyone but themselves... much like how Preston Garvey of the Minutemen works! Lots of complaining, lots of judging, and about as useful as a hand-grenade in the coral reef.  Which, I will explain: grenade... underwater... just takes up mass... no boom.

11 Me Taking My Sixth One At A Child's Birthday Party...

via: 9gag.com

By far the worst part of Fallout is dealing with making your favorite companion lose respect for you. Especially my man Boone in New Vegas. The NCR Sniper is just about as cool as cucumbers come, and seeing that emotionless, killing machine get upset with me for killing or stealing breaks my soulless little heart. Giving the companions morality is great for adding depth to the characters, but that being said, some of the companions have delicate sensibilities for an apocalyptic nightmare. None are more "moral" than the robo-jerk known as Codsworth. Accidentally knock over an empty bottle? Not on Codsworth's time. Dumb British C-3PO-wanna-be lookin' guy!

10 This Is A Problem In All Of These Games

via: reddit.com

This is 99.9% of every Fallout game for me. Me... crippled... and wandering past the same cactus for the last 30 minutes, pretending like I know what I'm doing out here in the Mojave, or the Commonwealth, or the Capitol Wasteland. But this is a feature I absolutely love of the Fallout games. The ability for a game to respect the player enough to allow them to get lost. To wander, like the Lone Wanderer, seeking adventure. And if you find yourself on Fallout 4's updated Survival Mode, then you'll be just like me: Wandering to find a place to save so I can finally go to sleep. Fallout in a nutshell is this: lost, fat, and alone, eating sugary snacks to survive out in the Wasteland.

9 Hell Hath No Fury Like Mine

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Call it intimidation. Call it bargaining. Whatever you call it, when you're low on caps, you do what you gotta do to get by. Is using fear, power, and waving the claw of a defeated monster as a weapon illegal, and morally wrong? Eh, probably. But if it means that I get to have that one extra cap, the cap that could make the difference between life and death, then you bet your sweet brahmin that I will intimidate and threaten my way to a discount. Added bonus if you can make this trader give you a discount then fight his security and get yourself a brand-spankin' new boom stick, you road warrior.

8 Fifty Shades Of... Oh...

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Nope. I'm good. The only shades I want to see of Gary are the shades of his drying blood on the vault floor. For the uninitiated, Gary is a resident at one of the Vault-Tec vaults that were made to survive the nuclear holocaust that the scientists down at Vault-Tec predicted. Fun fact though: these vaults had sinister undertones, with trials and experiments being done to the residents, usually without their knowledge. Which brings us to Gary. Well... the multiple Gary clones, all with the same name, that inhabit the vault that I refer to as Gary's Vault. Why? Because it's filled with Gary, and the first play-through of Fallout for me was in middle school. I wasn't creative then, and I'm barely creative now.

7 Aw V.A.T.S!

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V.A.T.S. is the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, which is built in to your Pip-Boy and used to help you headshot a radroach with maximum efficiency. You get to headshot like a trained sniper. A tactical sniper with the ability to stop time, take a break, pick your shot, and absolutely ruin some raider's day. VATS was developed to mimic the Fallout 1/2 vibe of turn-based, choosing combat, and make a more cinematic, exciting way to to have the archaic system into one of the coolest combat systems in gaming history.


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Fear. Fear is in that tripwire snapping. The grenade pin popping out. Running to my momma like Patrick, with that same look on my face. Except I'm not sure what Patrick is yelling here, but I know with me, it's a string of expletives. I don't run from a fight in Fallout, but I promise you, you'll see me haul myself out of there like a dog chasing a squirrel when that grenade bouquet comes droppin' from the ceiling. Those raiders are tricky, and those traps tend to get me more often than they don't. Honestly, I'll see that stuff a mile away... Dogmeat, on the other hand, has a mind of his own when it comes to springing traps.

5 A Stimpack Will Fix That Right Up

via: dorkly.com

Drop a stimpack on those crippled legs from that Deathclaw match that you barely got out of alive, and it'll heal those legs and arm right up. You don't have to be part radioactive lizard to restore your limbs in this game. All you need is a good old fashioned Doctor's Bag, stim, or a good night's sleep to heal those broken bones. It works the same in real life, just so ya know. Legs blown off? PFFF, nap it off, ya pansy. Broken leg? Here's some age old surgical equipment that you have no business using. You can fix it yourself, homie! I'm an ex-medical professional, trust me... I know this junk. Trust the internet.

4 Does Anyone Really Play Caravan?

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I've played through each Fallout game multiple times. I know the Capitol Wasteland, Mojave, and Commonwealth like I know my hometown. I know every corner, every ammo dump, every piece of Power Armor. But, I have absolutely no idea how the heck to play Caravan. I've watched the videos, I've studied manuals. This game makes no sense. I finally think I got a hold of it, then I lose 15 hands in a row to Rose of Sharon Cassidy. That drink-loving girl knows a thing or two about over-under shotguns, and screwing me over in Caravan.

3 Me Eating Gas Station Sushi

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This game is full of meme material. Look again at the image above, take it in, and think of all the uses in the online community that you could use this with. "The Notes I Was Passed In Class," "How My Exes Feel About Me," or anything else... the options are limitless, and the game's naturally full of humor. Games that are well-written allow for the community to take over with the game's content to make it their own. Bethesda knows their audience, and knows any Fallout fan would enjoy this moment. Who doesn't love looting a corpse to see this note as a final screw you to their would-be killer?

2 Caesar's Doge?

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Ah, Caesar's Legion... the worst of the worst in Fallout history. Crucifying survivors. Killing innocent civilians. And... wearing Doge as a hat? When you first run up on this fool on your way to Novac, it's a haunting experience. The music changes. He approaches you with his cold and calculated voice. And unless you get the drop on him, you're gonna be in for one heck of a fight. But the good fight is always worth the ammo, and anyone who would wear a Doge, or a fox, or be a part of Caesar's Legion deserves no mercy!

1 Trust Me... Read The Comments

via: Reddit u/Molinaridude

I'm dead. This is the equivalent of Rick Rolling on a globally more hilarious scale. Preston is hated within the gaming community due to Fallout 4's never-ending quest to unite the entire Wasteland. Spoiler alert: the quests are literally designed to never end. While this sounds like fun, I promise you, defending the same four Settlements or helping two settlers kill one raider and a Robo-brain is far from fun. It becomes work. And just like real work, eventually you hate when your boss asks you to do anything. So go ahead, mark that settlement. I. Will. Watch. It. Burn.

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