Fallout Shelter Online Has Multiplayer PvP… But Will Only Be Available In China

A sequel to the hit-game Fallout Shelter being released in the near future, Fallout Shelter Online. The game features numerous upgrades from the original game along with world exploration and player-vs-player combat. Unfortunately, the game is currently only receiving an exclusive launch in China, leaving the rest of the world surprised and wondering about the decision.

YouTube creator Juicehead made a handy summary of exactly what the game will feature from the closed beta, and also discusses how Bethesda is creating this product for a Chinese market. While most of the gameplay looks standard to both the Fallout series and the first mobile version of the game, the addition of raiding other vaults looks especially tantalizing, more so because this is a feature that players asked for and expected to see in the first game at some point. Sadly, it seems like this will not be the case in any future update.

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Currently, Bethesda’s Pete Hines seems to be firm on the plan that this game will only be available in China. The company has not offered any explanation as to why they are choosing to limit their market to one geographic area. Considering how large the fanbase is for the Fallout series all over the world, and that this sequel offers the exact features requested in the first game, limiting the release of the game to only the Chinese market makes little financial sense.

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While the tweet by Hines is unambiguous, there is always the possibility of a release to the rest of the world later. In fact, this might already be in the works, but is simply not something they can discuss openly during some predetermined period of geographical exclusivity. The biggest hint to this is that the game trailer targeted towards the Chinese market is voiced by English actors with subtitles for the content.

Region-specific releases of games, much like console exclusive games, are not always permanent. The reasons for a China-only release could be to test the game in that market first before releasing it elsewhere.

Hopefully, the game will eventually be slotted in for a release to the rest of the world shortly after launching in China. Technically, this game will be the next in the series following the disastrous release of Fallout 76, so it would be nice to have a game without game-breaking bugs and disappointed fans.

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