25 False Facts About The Sims That Everyone Believed

Have you ever wondered if there was something a bit off about The Sims? Did you ever think that there were conspiracy theories about the game that really just didn't add up? We’re here to help prove that those things are completely wrong. Everything from the truth being stretched to flat out lies that were spread in the gaming community. You won’t have to worry about any fake rumors spreading around anymore and you might even learn something about the game at the end of the day.

This list will be focusing on a number of points that many people believed about the Sims. Many of these facts are a bit obscure, but they all seem to be ways of thinking and playing the game that people thought really existed! Whether people believed that this game would take over your life or that it actually represents how we live today, we’re here to tell you that not only do we all have control over our lives but also that this game isn’t some creation from aliens trying to take over our life here on earth. At least we hope so (kidding!). Strap in, because this is a long one and you’ll want to get through it all, so let’s get started.

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23 How We Really Want To Live

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There are so many ways to actually play The Sims. But unlike many who believe you can play this game in any way you want, there are some responsibilities you need to know about that sometimes people can forget, especially if they’re just starting out.

You can’t live exactly how you want, it’s not all perfect like you might expect!

While you can do just about anything in the game, there are goals and aspirations you should be reaching for if you want your character to be successful. To have a successful bloodline by having children, as well as the pressure of furthering your career... It’s all on your shoulders even in a game. While not everyone wants to deal with this stress, there’s just no way to escape it, no matter how hard we try to find solace in a game.

22 Everything Is Perfect

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Like we mentioned above, not everything in the games is fun. There are glitches and mods that turn this game into something much crazier and even sinister if you aren’t careful. While the base of the games might seem lovely and simple, there are so many dark corners to this game that you might not even believe. EA has worked hard to make this game seem perfect, but you can make this game anything but perfect, with just a click of a button. This could be one of the biggest lies in this series. Not everything in these games is perfect. Not only are there problems your Sims will face, but you will also find that you have chores that most would consider boring. If only we could all jump in the game and escape reality! If only it would be that easy.

21 So Many Different Choices

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Many people believe that you’re limited in the games, but that’s absolutely not the truth. You have so many choices to choose from, whether you want to play a different game in the series or if you want to live out the life of your favorite Hollywood star, you can do all of that and more if you just think outside of the box. You can make any kind of character you want and you can encourage them to be anyone they want to be when it comes to their family, their career, and even their hobbies.

Whether you want one of your Sims to be a relationship guru, a teacher, or a famous person, you can do all of that and more, especially when you download professional and amazing mods that only help to enhance the lives of your Sims and the gameplay. With so many choices presented to you, it can almost be overwhelming, but whatever you do, never believe that you can’t do anything you want in this game or that you’re limited, because it’s just a flat-out lie!

20 Immune To Scandals?

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Many people believe that the games are just perfect. You can live out your perfect life with your perfect house and perfect family, but even in the games, you can’t escape a bad mood or even a naughty scandal! You could even get publicly disgraced in the past launches of the game. This would often make your mood drop and change how people interact with you for the long term until you build up your friendships again!

Scandals, just like in real life, can even follow your characters in the game.

Whether you become a public enemy or you like to steal things from your neighbors, you can make your reputation with people in your game go to the red. While these scandals won’t ruin the game, at the end of the day it’s always more fun to help your Sims grow and flourish.

19 Sin Is Real In Sims

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While it might not exactly be in the actual game, there is such a taboo that occurred when talking about the games. The sin that was caused by the developers because of the Origin launcher being used to sell the games rather than the games being individually bought. While this might not be a sin to some, it was to many hardcore fans who absolutely despised this change. But in reality, it wasn’t all that bad, by being able to buy the games online it made everything run much smoother.

Yes, sin is real! The devs have seemingly "forsaken us," was a common thing heard by players in the community who absolutely hated the change in platforms. But nowadays it does happen to be the preferred way of playing the game because of the added community tabs.

18 You Don’t Have To Run The Show

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Sometimes letting the lives of your Sim characters develop naturally is such a fun process to be involved in. Many people have believed falsely that you need to run every single aspect of your character’s life, but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes it can just be nice to enjoy the view and watch life unfold as it should in the game.

While the games do give you many amazing controls that will allow you to completely control every single aspect of your character, you don’t always have to be that extreme. You can take a step back and just enjoy how life unfolds for your Sims. You might even find that you get a bit emotional when they reach certain goals or milestones all on their own. It makes you wonder if they’re actually more than just a video game (just kidding).

17 It’s Okay To Be In Charge

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But for those who believe falsely that you need to play the game in such a way where everything runs naturally, you don’t! You can experiment and play a god without having to feel bad, it’s just a game. No matter what way you play, this kind of game is meant for you to do whatever you want. But on the other end of the spectrum, you can completely control every single aspect of your character’s life so you can make the outcome bend easily in your hands. While there might be something a bit more sinister about this option, it does satisfy your need for control in a very easy way! What other video game can you play that allows you to control someone else’s life!? Now that we type that, it does seem a bit creepy to want to play a game like that.

16 Can Explore So Much More In The World

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With so much to see in the game, many players don’t even realize the possibilities and believe that the latest game is all about just living in your house and living out your character’s lives just like in the old game. But this is anything but the truth.

With so many mods or even additions added to the game that make you have to choose between so many amazing things to do, why stop exploring?

You don’t have to just live out your Sim’s life in the house you build for them, with so many new worlds to explore in the game, you can never stop experiencing new events and meeting new Sims! You can completely fill up your world with your creations and live out the life you’ve always wanted to experience. Don’t let people make you believe there’s nothing to do or that it’s easy to become bored.

15 Taking Over

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This is so far from the truth, a game simply can’t take over your life, it’s just a game. While it can be something somewhat addicting, you have the choice to choose how you want to play and when you want to play. No one else makes that choice for you, so don’t let a game just take control of you and dictate your life! While the games might be fun to play with, the great thing about The Sims is the fact that it’s not something you have to check every day to keep up with your progress, you can just pick up where you left off! It’s a complete lie that a game can control your life because you’re the only one who controls your choices and the life you live. Don’t be that person that doesn’t take responsibility.

14 So Many Hidden Themes

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Many people see this game series as something that’s okay for all ages, when that might not exactly be true. Not only are there some crazy mods out there, but there are also many suggestive themes in the base game.

From having children, to the flirt options, there are many ways where this game could be a bad influence on kids.

While the majority of the game is perfectly fine, there are a ton of elements that could at least fall into the questionable category. While there aren’t any crazy inappropriate things in the game, with the addition of all the mods on the internet for this game series, this game can be turned into a living nightmare. But for so many to believe that this game is family-friendly is a bit naive.

13 Actual Crime Stoppers

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In all of the games in the series, did you know there is a criminal aspect to the game? Many believe you can just do whatever you want in the game, but that’s actually not the case! There are many moments in the game where law enforcement of some kind will actually take part! Whether you don’t treat your child right and take care of them or even if your children are out too late, the game will not stand by and let you get away with this kind of behavior.

In a game where you can choose your own destiny, that destiny does come with rules and regulations! Which brings us to the question, what would you change in the game to make it less focused on responsibilities?

12 Constantly Restarting The Game

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Many times, this game series is marketed in a way that makes you feel like you’ll stick with your creations, you’ll help them live their lives and achieve their goals, when in reality you’re just going to constantly restart the game over and over again to remake your house and your whole world within the game.

Most people dedicate nonstop playing time to this game for about a few days then as soon as they stop playing the game, they wait for about a month before getting back on and they completely start from scratch. This kind of back and forth has almost become normal in the gaming community when it comes to this series. This has become a joke in the community because the creation part of the game is almost always the best part.

11 Raising A Baby Is Hard

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Just like the theme for this article, the game series makes everything seem like most tasks are easy, but in reality, this game is quite hard, especially when it comes to raising a child in the game. If you don’t know how to balance everything correctly, you’ll find quite quickly just how impossible it is to actually successfully raise a happy baby.

Not only is raising a baby in real life actually beyond difficult, but can you imagine choosing to do so in a virtual world?

Not only is it difficult to raise a child in the game, but they can be super demanding and have even caused some players to become stressed out because of the intense responsibility. It’s not something to be taken lightly just because it’s a game.

10 Glitches Are The Best

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Some people want a game that runs smoothly, some people want a game where you can laugh for hours at weird glitches that seem to come out of nowhere and make zero sense. Would you believe us if we told you that The Sims covers both of those? While the game is a fantastic feat, it does have some serious glitches people might not expect or even believe exist in the game. Whether there happen to be absurd clipping issues with the graphics or even a Sim's legs being backward, this game will make you laugh with every second of these glitches.

While many believe this game is perfect, it wouldn’t be perfect without SOME flaws! Sometimes even the glitches will make you want more and more, not only because they’re rare but because they’ll get you laughing no matter what.

9 The Way You Take Them Out

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Many people have come to believe that there aren’t any new ways to take out a Sim now that the game has made so many changes, but that’s not actually the case. Everything from starvation, loneliness, or even laughing too hard can cause a quick end to a Sim you don’t like very much. While this is considerably limited because of all the changes they’ve made, don’t let someone tell you that you can’t be super controlling in the games anymore, because you can if you get a little bit creative.

Whether you’re taking the Sims out on a date or trying to take out their life, no matter what you mean from that term, it all can be very difficult in the game, challenging even. With so many different things to explore, your options for taking out your Sims are simply endless.

8 So Many Secrets

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Fans have come to the conclusion that these games have just gotten watered down because they want to make the games more marketed towards children, but that’s anything but the case!

There are so many secrets behind the series (even in the latest games) that we couldn’t even fit them all on this list if we tried!

But just as a few examples, everything from the tragic clown to inside jokes that can be found all over the world from past series, they’re all there, the devs have just gotten a bit more cheeky when it comes to how obvious they are! With so many worlds to find and NPCs, you’ll never find them all, that’s how intense the references are and how many there are.

7 Hashtag Meta Life

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This was all a theory until much later after the latest game came out in the series, but there are many ways to break down the barrier between real life and your game. From sending your Sims off to school to learn about how they’re being run in a simulation to even letting your Sims play The Sims! These meta moments, common or rare, are all scattered throughout the game. They’ve even made these meta moments a part of their other games as well in the sim universe.

Not many games can pull off making references that are totally meta, but The Sims does it with ease. Probably because the game replicates our own lives almost flawlessly. How many references to the real world have you noticed when playing the game?

6 Mood Changes

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The game isn’t perfect. No matter how well you try to build up your Sim, you have the ability to introduce sadness to your Sim in the sense of feeling forlorn or sad. While many treat this game as a way to escape problems, it can have real-life aspects we want to ignore. Sometimes we, unfortunately, find ourselves feeling a bit down in the real world, sometimes we just want to log onto our accounts and escape our own realities for a moment or two while we play a game we have fun with. But what would you do if we told you that that same game can actually make your characters sad too! While this is no joke and deserves help no matter what, sometimes it can just be the cherry on top to see that sadness exists here too.

Buying Into It

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While The Sims might make us feel like we’re making all the choices in the game, the company that runs this game series seems to keep convincing the players we need to play every single installment of this series, even if they aren’t that great. Time and time again, game after game, it’s been obvious that we will all just stand in line while we wait for more stuff packs and DLC. Even if we have been playing the latest installment for four years, while there isn’t nearly enough content for the game compared to the past games, we just have to take a deep breath and admit that we seriously just have a problem. We’re not making our own choices, we’re just going along with the trends.

5 Many Paths To Take

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Some say that it’s easy to become bored in The Sims, but that happens to be a complete lie. If you’re just a bit creative and think outside of the box, you’ll find that you’ll never be able to become bored because of this game. There are so many different things to do! You could make a cheater or even an alien.

The possibilities are all right there at your fingertips, you just have to take a moment to plan it all out and have some fun.

Whether you want to live out your college dream or even take your life to the city, you can seriously do it all. You don’t even have to ask anyone’s permission, you don’t even have to be limited in any way if you’re creative about how you play the game.

4 Sims Can Help In Real Life

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There are so many people out there who are so quick to shut down the idea of any kind of video game being practical in everyday use, but that’s not true whatsoever. It’s a lie! You can use a game like The Sims to actually plan out how you want to decorate your room or house. It’s a fantastic way to easily plan out everything, especially if you have a ton of detailed mods to make it more true to your actual space. This simple tool can be used not only by gamers who want to redecorate their homes, but also for designers who just want to express their creativity a bit more than they can on paper. It’s something fun to mess with, even if you don’t end up playing the game and just using the building and customization modes

3 Where Are The Tissues

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The series can provide endless fun, but it’s not all fun and games if you actually play the game as it’s meant to be. There are many emotional and sad moments within the game, such as seeing your child graduate and grow up to even your Sim’s parents passing away. This game series imitates real life and real life is filled with ups and downs that you never really expect. All the goals your Sims reach will make you wonder where the tissues are because you’re going to shed a tear or two! Watching your virtual family raise children and help their kids reach their goals and dreams, it would be heartless not to shed a tear. There are so many different paths you can take in the Sims universe.

Making Friends Is Just As Hard

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In The Sims, you can literally do anything you want, which is quite appealing, but there are some realities that people tend to ignore when talking about how great the game is. Such as making friends and creating real relationships, it’s often quite hard to do in the game and it can often lead to you having a very heartbroken Sim. Of course, it’s not a total lie that you can create a big happy family, it is something that’s hard to get exactly right, especially when you’re new to the game. Friends can be difficult to have and keep around, but one thing is for sure, it takes practice even in the Sims to get your social skills just right and to find the people that mesh with your character’s personality perfectly, just like it is in real life.

2 Many Just Write The Sims Off

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One of the biggest false “facts” about this game happens to be the fact that because it didn’t start off as a video game, people think it shouldn't mean it’s a video game now. But we’re pretty sure all the real gamers out there will completely agree that this video game is an actual video game. This game is a real game and it’s not just something for kids, just because some people disagree and get all mad when people consider themselves gamers for playing the series, doesn’t mean that they’re right.

The Sims is a game where you’re in charge, you don’t have to listen to anyone! It can be easy to not exactly understand the universe of this game or even the purpose behind it, but at this game has been so important to many people in the community.

1 Sims Live In Their Own Unique World

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Like we mentioned before, there are very many ways the game will mimic our real world today, but at the end of the day, one of the biggest lies about the series is the fact that it’s a perfect wonderland. While you can do anything in the game, unfortunately, real life responsibilities will follow you even on screen. You’ll have bills, school, jobs, and evil people even in the game trying to ruin your fun. But if you just shift your perspective a bit, you will be able to see all of these things as a challenge just like in the world we live in today. You can’t just let these things win, you can be the boss and be in charge, without these annoyances getting in the way of your fun, just like you would do in real life.

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