30 Family Guy Redesigns That Are Better Than The Show

Family Guy has been dominating primetime television and ruffling feathers for 17 seasons with no signs of stopping. The show first aired in 1998 with the incomparable Seth MacFarlane at the helm and has remained strong with an unwavering fanbase for years. It follows the lives of the Griffin Family: Peter and Lois are the Patriarch and Matriarch of the family, respectively. Then they have their children, Meg, Chris, and Stewie. There's also their family dog, Brian, and the other people in their community who make regular appearances on the show.

The sarcastic and witty nature of the show has taken on several topics that most shows wouldn't dare touch, and they have owned this comedic approach with pride. As hilarious as the show has always been and continues to be, it is interesting to see that many fans of the show who are artists have taken on the task of creating redesigns of what they would have drawn the animated characters as.

With their creativity and imaginations, they have done everything from making the Griffin family into superheroes or characters in an iconic video game to completely reimagining the way the characters were drawn in the first place. Because of these many creations, we have compiled a list of the very best fanarts that have entirely recreated the image of the Griffin family and even other characters from the show (as well as rival shows).

So prepare yourself for these incredible recreations of the Griffins & co. with 30 Family Guy Redesigns That Are Better Than The Show.

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30 Family Guy: Brotherhood

via DeviantArt (satanic-soldier)

Art by: satanic-soldier

If you ever wondered what a Family Guy/Assassin's Creed crossover would look like, then look no further. Peter has taken on the role of Ezio Auditore de Firenze who is the legendary assassin hailing from Italy. Any fan of the video game series will no that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is about the war between Assassins and Templars.

It looks like the Griffins, and a few other guests, are ready to bring the true Renaissance to Rome.

I have to admit that I would have never imagined this ambitious crossover, but this fanart brings the Griffins as Assassins into reality.

29 Peter And Sailor Moon’s Snafu

via DeviantArt (Fighter4luv)

Art by: Fighter4luv

This artist took inspiration from the classic Y2K episode of Family Guy for this next fanart. In the episode, Peter and Lois are wearing the same dress and Peter remarks that one of them is going to have to change.

Now, we see a similar scene playing out between Peter and none other than Sailor Moon. Of course, this is the "Family Guy version" of Sailor Moon but they both are still wearing her well-known ensemble. It's honestly really hilarious and witty and I love the end result of the image.

28 Meg And The Girls

via DeviantArt (jbwarner86)

Art by: jbwarner86

Three hilarious characters from Seth Macfarlane's animated universe have come together in this artist's fanart. They not only are the main teenage girl in each of their respective shows, but they are also three of the most underused characters to appear in each of their shows.

First, there's Hayley, and then Roberta from The Cleveland Show, and finally, there's Meg from our beloved Family Guy who is leading the posse, it seems. Maybe this trio should have a shot at starring in their own show.

27 PG Family Guy

via DeviantArt (Boramy)

Art by: Boramy

This version of Family Guy looks as though it has reimagined the Griffins in a much more family-friendly universe. While Stewie may look just as rambunctious as normal, Peter, Lois, and Meg, in particular, look like a family who could be featured on any PG-rated television show.

Chris doesn't look all that different, and Brian just looks a little more realistically like the dog he is, but altogether this is a really amazing redesign of such a classic show with very well-known characters.

26 Family Pony

via DeviantArt (SpaceBoy969)

Art by: SpaceBoy969

Never in my wildest dreams could I have thought that someone would create a new version of Family Guy - the My Little Pony version, that is.

But here we have the entire Griffin clan as - you guessed it - little ponies.

The artist kept a lot of their original characteristics from the show while still transporting them into this Little Pony world. From their costumes from the show still covering their top halves to the little tattoos they each have that represent their characters, the artist sure knew how to keep the characters true to themselves while transporting them to a different universe.

25 A New Version Of Family Guy

via DeviantArt (TheArtrix)

Art by: TheArtrix

As the artist behind this next fanart described, this image is meant to "glorify these, otherwise self-ridiculing, characters to heaven." They went on to say that it is inspired by anime shows that have "intros where the characters are shown in pretty poses that make them seem more important than they really are."

With that description of the fanart, I can't help but say that the inspiration for this artist's take on Family Guy was very spot on with what they were going for. They definitely look incredibly important compared to the reality of the character's lives.

24 Star Wars: Homer And Peter Edition

via DeviantArt (foice)

Art by: foice

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.  Kylo Ren and Rey. These are some of the greatest rivals in the Star Wars universe. And now we have...Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin.

The two are wielding lightsabers and are engaged in what appears to be an epic battle to end all battles. At least, that is what we are led to believe thanks to this fan artist's incredible work.

Even though they are battling it out - galactic style - they are still donning their everyday clothes while sparring.

It's a truly great take on what a lightsaber fight would actually be like between the two.

23 Capcom Meets Family Guy

via DeviantArt (SephirothWolf)

Art by: SephirothWolf

In yet another interesting turn of events, an artist has decided to take on the task of transforming Family Guy characters into ones from the residents of Raccoon City. It is a pretty amazing take on these characters who are known for being hilariously dysfunctional who are now in a horror world.

Stewie is Wesker with Quagmire as Nemesis. The rest of the characters are represented too with Peter as Carlos, Lois as Jill, Meg as Claire, Brian as Leon, and of course, Chris is...well, Chris.

This crossover is so crazy, it works.

22 Swapping Lives

via DeviantArt (adsta)

Art by: adsta

Two of the animated comedy kings have swapped looks in this interesting artwork of Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson. Homer now has Peter's body type and facial features while still keeping his signature clothing. Meanwhile, Peter has taken on Homer's facial features and shape of his head while keeping his own clothing as well as his skin tone.

It's really cool to think of what their shows would be like if their roles were literally reversed. This artwork gives a bit of a glimpse into those worlds.

21 Adventure Guy

via DeviantArt (mlvnsnmgl)

Art by: mlvnsnmgl

If the worlds of Adventure Time and Family Guy collided this is what the end result would be. And it is honestly hilariously fantastic.

Lois is seen here as Princess Bubblegum with Peter as Finn the Human. Chris is sporting the Ice King look with Meg as the Lumpy Space Princess, of course. Stewie is rocking the Peppermint Butler look and finally, there is Brian as, you guessed it, Jake the Dog.

It's almost as if the Griffin clan dressed up for Halloween and did a seriously great job at their cosplays.

20 Stewie Takes On Disney

via DeviantArt (Do0dlebugdebz)

Art by: Do0dlebugdebz

It is difficult to see Stewie Griffin as anything other than the flamboyant 1-year old known for his evil scheming and eccentric personality on Family Guy. But in this next fanart, we see a completely different side to Stewie - the Disney side.

Yes, both Stewie and his teddy bear, Rupert, have gotten the Disney treatment and look as though they could star in a Disney film tomorrow if they were needed. Stewie's eyes are brighter than we're used to while his expression has him looking far more innocent and infantile than he typically does. It's a truly astounding fanart.

19 Freaky Friday With Lois And Marge

via DeviantArt (adsta)

Art by: adsta

Apparently, Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson have pulled off their own version of "Freaky Friday" and swapped looks/lives, at least that's what this fanart leads us to believe.

Yes, the matriarchs of their respective families have completely swapped looks.

Much like in the fanart of Peter and Homer, the two women have exchanged skin tones as well as facial features to look more like the other. They still have retained their hairstyles and clothing, but otherwise, they look like the spitting image of each other.

18 Stewie As The Joker

via DeviantArt (OrbitalWings)

Art by: OrbitalWings

With the way Stewie Griffin has always been planning nefarious schemes, even going so far as to plot his mother's demise, it's no wonder that an artist would be inspired to transform Stewie into The Joker from The Dark Knight.

Of course, Heath Ledger's depiction of The Joker is unparalleled, but Stewie would be a great runner-up. The artist not only created a miniature costume for Stewie but perfectly completed the iconic clown-like makeup that The Joker is known for.

The finished product is just incredible.

17 Realistic Griffins

via DeviantArt (TheDayIsSaved)

Art by: TheDayIsSaved

A lot of times when watching an animated show such as Family Guy, you can't help but wonder what the characters would look like in a more realistic fashion. And that is exactly what this next artist delivers in this piece of fanart.

Lois and Peter look like they're facing off, for whatever reason, and they look the most hyper-realistic that they have ever looked. But Stewie and Brian are what really steals the show. Stewie looks just as evil but with a much more life-like quality to his features. And Brian looks like your standard family dog.

Altogether, it's a very well done fanart.

16 The Gorgeous Griffins

via DeviantArt (ClarissaHenson)

Art by: ClarissaHenson

In this next Family Guy redesign, we see the Griffins like we have never seen them before. Yes, this time, they look....gorgeous.

The Griffin family is not typically known for their extremely good looks but in this artist's take on the family, the entire brood looks like a cross between anime and supermodels.

They still are rocking their normal clothing and Stewie even has his signature laser gun in hand, but they look far more put together. Even Brian looks fancy.

15 The Stewie And Brian Show

via DeviantArt (mikmix)

Art by: mikmix

In this next iteration of Family Guy characters totally redesigned, we have Stewie and Brian front and center. This artist decided to not only give them summer looks but also made their characters look like they just came out of a Disney movie.

To top it all off, Stewie and Brian are now getting a shot at starring in their own television show instead of being "supporting characters". The duo would surely draw a large audience in, especially if they look like adorable Disney characters.

14 Once Upon A Family Guy

via DeviantArt (mikmix)

Art by: mikmix

Disney Family Guy has struck again with this next fanart. The artist was inspired by the Family Guy episode titled, "Road To The Multiverse". In the episode, there is a point where Stewie and Brian find themselves in a Disney-like universe.

So this artist decided to take that scene and create a new redesign featuring the Disney Family Guy characters.

It features Peter and Lois, who look as if they are about to break out into song. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie look cute as a button in their Disney personas. It's really quite amazing.

13 Quahog Assemble

via DeviantArt (KwongBee-Arts)

Art by: KwongBee-Arts

It is the Family Guy and Avengers crossover we have all been waiting for. This artist decided it would be fun to reimagine the Avengers in Age of Ultron as Family Guy characters instead. And the results are equal parts hilarious and incredible.

In the lineup of heroes, we have Chris as Thor, Meg as Scarlet Witch, Joe as Vision, Lois as Black Widow, Peter as The Hulk, Stewie as Hulkbuster Ironman, Brian as the Cap, and lastly, Quagmire as Hawkeye.

This fanart shows just how ready the residents of Quahog are to save the day.

12 Bart Griffin Meets Chris Simpson

via DeviantArt (adsta)

Art by: adsta

In one of the most hilarious swapping of lives, we have Chris Griffin and Bart Simpson taking on the role of the other. Chris Simpson has to be the most comical transformation of a Family Guy character on this list.

Of course, seeing Bart Griffin in the same get-up and general look of Chris is too good, as well. The two boys switching lives would make things seriously interesting in the respective shows they are on, that is for sure.

11 The Griffins Are Disney-fied

via DeviantArt (rebenke)

Art by: rebenke

It seems that the multiverse episode of Family Guy inspired many artists to create their own version of what the characters would be like as Disney characters. It also happens to be one of the most incredibly detailed versions of the Disney-fied Family Guy characters.

Lois, in particular, looks like she is the fairest of them all.

And Meg's depiction of her Ursula-esque character is possibly the funniest redesign on this list. I commend the artist for making such classic characters like the ones in Family Guy into a family-friendly Disney ensemble.

10 Family Hearts

via DeviantArt (MysteriousMrGlenn)

Art by: MysteriousMrGlenn

While this next fanart is still technically Disney related, it is also the most unique crossover on the list, in my opinion. We have Brian as a key blade wielder from Kingdom Hearts. And not only that, he is surrounded by the Heartless....who all look an awful lot like Stewie.

The detailing of both the Heartless Stewie characters as well as the key blades that Brian is seen wielding is really amazing. It feels as though you are now immersed into this new version of Kingdom Hearts starring the one and only Brian.

9 The Saga Of The Griffin Dogs

via DeviantArt (DecaTilde)

Art by: DecaTilde

Ah, the Griffin dogs. First, there was the original Brian who has been on the show since day one. And then there's New Brian who Peter got when he thought Brian was slowing down and getting older and could no longer keep up with him. And finally, there's Vinny who briefly "replaced" Brian for a bit.

In this artist's depiction of the Griffin dogs, they are in the Paper Mario format and look like they just jumped straight out of the video game series.

It is certainly a unique redesign.

8 Anime Family Guy

via DeviantArt (Kurumi-Lover)

Art by: Kurumi-Lover

In another universe, it would be seriously awesome to see the entire Family Guy cast of characters in anime form. And luckily for us, thanks to this next artist, we won't have to wonder what they would look like in that universe.

In this fanart, the artist imagined the characters in anime form and completely recreated the look of the original characters. It is entirely awesome and is very intriguing to think of what kind of storylines they would get in a universe like that.

The thought bubble above Brian with a martini is a nice touch, too.

7 A Happy Griffin Family

via DeviantArt (sooperdave)

Art by: sooperdave

There are clearly many different versions of our beloved Family Guy characters that have brought us to new and interesting worlds in the form of the Griffin family.

But this simple redesign of the entire Griffin clan is really cool.

They may have stick figure-like legs but they still have a lot of characteristics of their regular character's looks, with great detailing and vivid colors. The best part is what a happy little family they look like, even if we know the reality of their dysfunction.

6 A Doctor Who/Family Guy Mash-Up

via DeviantArt (Theta-Xi)

Art by: Theta-Xi

I must admit, this is yet another mash-up of two shows that I would have never put together, but it just...works.  The star of the show is, of course, Peter, with him taking on the role of David Tennant's Tenth Doctor.

Then, there's Lois as Donna Noble. Chris is portraying The Master while Meg is Rose Tyler. Finally, there's Brian as Captain Jack Harkness with Stewie as Davros. They make up quite the motley crew. It is honestly the crossover we never knew we needed, until now.

5 Family Guy: Superheroes

via DeviantArt (adsta)

Art by: adsta

It must be incredibly fun for these artists turning these hilarious and, at times, downright raunchy characters into heroic superheroes. I mean, seeing Quagmire here as the God of Thunder himself - Thor - is honestly amazing.

Plus, we get to see Peter as the Cap and Cleveland as Wolverine. And Joe is The Hulk because I guess we wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Really, this is one of the best redesigns on the list and has me wanting them to do an episode just about this.

4 The Creepy Stewie

via DeviantArt (pixeloo)

Art by: pixeloo

This artist made us all frightened with this scarily accurate depiction of what baby Stewie would look like in a more realistic manner rather than his cartoon portrayal.

If we're being honest, this version of Stewie looks slightly demonic.

He would give any child nightmares, and maybe even some fully grown adults. Regardless of the fact he is too creepy, it is a really awesome and detailed piece of fanart that shows a really interesting new version of Stewie we would have never thought of.

3 Dragon Ball Z Takes On Quahog

via DeviantArt (Kyle-Fast)

Art by: Kyle-Fast

This fanart is hands down one of my favorite ones on the list. This is mainly because it is so different and stands out from so many of the other redesigns of these iconic Family Guy characters.

The vivid colors and incredible details all throughout the artwork are what really makes it work. Plus, I'm sure we can all agree that combining two awesome shows like Dragon Ball Z and Family Guy is truly thinking outside the box and makes for a really cool fanart.

2 The Family Guy Gang

via DeviantArt (ZroFrost)

Art by: ZroFrost

Scooby Doo is one of those phenomenal and classic cartoons that we all grew up watching. So why not turn an amazing cartoon like that into one starring Family Guy characters?

That is precisely what this artist did when making Lois into Daphne and Meg into Velma, which is seriously spot-on role switching.

To top it all off, we have Brian in the role of Scooby Doo, who is seriously peeved that he is going to have to speak as the original Scooby did.

It is so comical and well-done.

1 DC Comics In The MacFarlane-Verse

via DeviantArt (ZroFrost)

Art by: ZroFrost

The two shows meet yet again in this crossover within a crossover. Yes, we have DC characters being portrayed by classic FOX characters to make the ultimate mash-up.

Francine is seen here in a Harley Quinn costume, while Lois is Poison Ivy. The really cool part of this artwork, though, has to be Klaus as The Joker and Brian as The Riddler.

I can definitely say I did not see that coming with the family pets, but I love the use of them in this fanart.

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