20 Of Your Favorite Dragon Ball Characters Reimagined As Girls

The Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama primarily focuses on the battles between superhuman men. Only recently in Dragon Ball Super did we witness our first Super Saiyan female. We can’t be too angry at Toriyama for not including Super Saiyan females sooner. He knew that Bulma and Pan were capable of transforming but just didn’t know how to draw a female Super Saiyan. He was only limited by his drawing abilities.

Toriyama was still able to create some of the most memorable female characters in anime. Most fans can instantly recognize Bulma or Android 18. Still, many wish for more females in the series. They don’t want the series to change to meet their needs, but these artists also want to have fun with the world Toriyama has created.

Some Dragon Ball fans have gone so far as to create mods, write stories, or draw their renditions of the male cast as females. There are many more mind-blowing variants of the Dragon Ball fighters as women and not just the racy illustrations you stumbled on by accident. Artists have gone above and beyond, developing different fighting abilities, outfits, and even renaming the characters,

If you’ve ever wondered what some of the male cast of the Dragon Ball series would look like as females, we’ve got you covered. Our list includes some of the most popular fighters of the long-running series as women. Don’t be fooled-- they’re still lethal, no matter what gender they are.

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20 Showcases Her Fabulous Strength

via: aminoapps.com

Captain Ginyu is captain of the fearsome Ginyu Force. If you didn't see his photo before his debut, you could have assumed he was a female in the first place. He was the primary villain of the Ginyu Saga, where he faced off against Goku, Gohan, and Krillin.

This artist was able to make the Captain look both dangerous and alluring.

Captain Ginyu is bald, with only several angry veins popping out of his head. The female version of Ginyu retains those throbbing veins. It brings a unique look to this alien fighter, instead of just being a flawless doll. The artist has added long, flowing purple hair. It not only makes the Captain appear beautiful but also covers up some of those veins. It's a unique take on the alien Captain.

19 You Don't Want To See Her Get Serious

via: gokuyvegetasequieren.blogspot.com

Tien Shinhan is a descendant of the race of Three-Eyed People. Though he's no Saiyan, he fights alongside the Z-Fighters to protect Earth. When the planet isn't under an alien threat, he spends time training with his best friend Chiaotzu or spending time with his wife, Launch. Tien wasn't always so kind and friendly. When he originally debuted, he was cold and fought ruthlessly.

This artist has focused on bringing out Tien's serious demeanor. No matter what Tien's gender may be, she still comes off as a tough martial artist. This rendition of Tien has even kept her male counterpart's shaved head that only brings out her third eye. We hope this female Tien is more friend than foe.

18 Reformed Bandit And New Heroine

via: cozymochi.tumblr.com

Yamcha is one of the main protagonists in the first Dragon Ball series. At first, he was an annoying bandit who kept trying to hurt Goku. He would eventually reform his evil ways. Yamcha traveled alongside Goku and Bulma in their search for the seven Dragon Balls, then retired from battling in Dragon Ball Z. He fell hard for Bulma, even though she eventually ended up with Vegeta.

Yamcha persevered and devoted himself to helping the Z-Fighters, even if it meant his ultimate defeat.

This artist has transformed Yamcha into a female warrior. Her outfit is similar to her male counterpart, right down to her flowing locks. This version of the reformed bandit still retains his boastful attitude. We're positive that any version of Yamcha will give Goku a rough time.

17 Always Gets Singled Out For Being So Tough

via: deviantart.com (Kreativejonkie)

Broly is a Legendary Super Saiyan who makes a striking debut every one thousand years. He has a royal appearance, which translates well to a female counterpart. You might recognize Broly from how much he hates Goku. His hatred for the main protagonist of Dragon Ball began when Goku was a crying baby. This artist has transformed Broly into a celestial form. She still retains Broly's golden locks from his Super Saiyan form, which is only activated once he takes off his crown. Female Broly also retains his golden jewelry with glowing stones. We can't help but wonder if female Broly still has a strong hatred towards female Goku, or if she follows in male Broly's footsteps to Earth, demanding to fight the Saiyan.

16 You Never Know Which One You'll Face

via: knowyourmeme.com/epe-tohri.deviantart.com

Maijin Buu might have the most forms in the entire Dragon Ball series. The purest form is Kid Buu, while Evil Buu is the evilest form of the creature. There is only one female version of Buu named simply Miss Buu, who looks completely different than the other Buus. Few fans even know she exists. These artists have completely disregarded Miss Buu and devised their versions of Future Kid Buu.

Her eyes are still the striking black and red of the original version.

Yet, she has a playful side that made us adore Innocent Buu. Female Buu also appears more stylish than her male counterpart, wearing gold earrings, a white banded top, and a cropped black vest. No matter which Buu she decided to be, we hope she's more friend than foe.

15 One of the Most Arrogant Androids You’ll Face

via: aminoapps.com/deviantart.com (pinki100)

Android 17 is the younger twin of Android 18. Fans took a quick interest in her brother, but he was defeated while she went on to marry Krillin. Android 17 was more fierce and aggressive than 18. He decided to fight Goku and the Z-Fighters because there was nothing else to do. He was just a warrior looking for a challenge. His female counterpart also appears to be seeking a fight. Artists interpret her in different ways, such as revealing a little more skin or just looking the same with a few more feminine features. Most artists want to retain that fighting spirit that 17 had. Perhaps if 17 were a female, she would have gone on to have more adventures with the Z-Fighters instead of 18 having all the fun.

14 The Single Greatest Achievement Of Her Creator

via: deviantart.com (Lourdes10012)/youtube.com (Tokimonster)

The Z-Fighters were not prepared to face off with Dr. Gero's ultimate creation. He was designed as the "perfect warrior." He heads to Earth to fuel his transformation. With each new fighter he absorbs, he can morph into a more lethal creature.

It's no surprise that his female rendition would be any less than perfect.

Artists love to spin all-powerful aliens in different ways. One artist made Cell into a perfect anime girlfriend, complete with a blushing face. Another artist went a more traditional look. Their artwork gave Cell a more realistic female face but with alien proportions. Female Cell appears to be both beautiful and deadly. She seems like a villain who's determined to take on the toughest fighter, no matter what it takes.

13 The Undefeated Mistress Of Martial Arts

via: deviantart.com (lovethetrub)

Hercule appears to be the strongest human on earth. He oozes masculinity and never backs down from a fight. He's the winner of numerous World Championship Tournaments and even defeated his granddaughter Pan (which may or may not have been on purpose). He even inspired his daughter, Videl, to become a powerful fighter. Being a protector of justice just runs in the family. Though we soon discover that Hercule isn't the hero he appears to be, many fans still love him for his outgoing personality. His female counterpart shares his confident behavior. She isn't afraid to be herself. There's no doubt her beautiful appearance and wealth bring in countless suitors. Although we're sure she also has the same weaknesses as male Hercule, we know that she still has the same heart of gold.

12 Don’t Let Her Meek Appearance Fool You

via: deviantart.com (pinki100)

When you first see Krillin in Dragon Ball, he appears to be a short weakling. He's been bullied since he was a preschooler and even tried to become the bully. After befriending Goku, Krillin's strength only grew, along with the size of his heart. Krillin became the world's strongest human. His passing even caused Goku's very first Super Saiyan transformation.

Even if Krillin doesn't have his Saiyan form, he still inspires others with his kindness.

We believe that his female counterpart would have just as much heart as the original. This fan art of female Krillin depicts Krillin as a fighter who others quickly underestimate. She can prove them all wrong as one of the Z-Fighters who always finds himself on the front lines. Her adorable personality is also still capable of attracting a male Android 18.

11 Goku’s Fearsome Older Sister

via: kanzenshuu.com/Zerochan.net

After living as an Earthling for years, Goku has established his home on the planet. He doesn't even yet realize that if he gets emotional, he can transform into a more powerful Super Saiyan form. Raditz, his big brother, wants to change that. By the initial appearance of his female counterpart, female Raditz also intends to show Goku who's in charge. She's a ruthless warrior who will mock her foes, yet, will cower if she's close to being eliminated. Whether she likes it or not, Raditz needs Goku's help. Their homeworld was destroyed, and they're two of four total Saiyans left, to their knowledge. No matter what Raditz' gender is, she wants to force Goku to conquer other planets to find a new homeworld.

10 Fights As If Each Day Is Her Last

via: deviantart.com (bloodsplach)

Android 16 isn't as attractive as his twin siblings 17 and 18. He has an orange mohawk and garish green armor. Though he appears more physically capable than his siblings, their creator, Dr. Gero, didn't feel the same.

The doctor deemed Android 16 unfit for activation.

Just like his female counterpart, she intends to prove her creator wrong. She knows her destiny is serving others, but she does not fight for fun like 17 and 18. Android 16 turns out to be much kinder and friendlier than her siblings. She will also do what it takes to protect her loved ones. From the design the artist has created, she has a wide range of emotions, even though she may seem stoic at first. Android 16 is a prime example of not judging others just by their appearance.

9 Believes In Her Son’s Strength

via: deviantart.com (Maniaxoi)/aminoapps.com

If you've watched Dragon Ball since it first aired, you may have wondered where everyone's parents were. All of the children and teenagers were wandering around the land alone, fighting enemies twice their size. Fans were shocked when Bardock, father of Raditz and Goku, appeared. He was a powerful soldier working under Frieza, only to be crushed by the news that his boss planned to annihilate his entire race. The artist who created Bardock's female interpretation seems to be both fighter and parent. Dragon Ball fans know that one of Bardock's biggest regrets was not having the opportunity to spend much time with his son before sending him to another planet for his safety. His female counterpart looks as if she's ready to protect her son at any cost while also providing him a healthy meal.

8 Is Determined To Be Powerful Enough To Fight Any Foe

via: deviantart.com (Calixanator)/aminoapps.com

Throughout Universe 10, multiple rulers are serving the North, East, West, and South. Zamasu is an apprentice serving Gowasu. He is not only handsome but mighty. He has to be strong if he plans on being Supreme Kai one day. Zamasu balances his training with a sense of calm and a strategic mind. This fighter isn't going to jump into any battle thrown at him. At the same time, he does not believe that mortals are as physically or mentally capable of handling a battle between the gods.

Zamasu's female adaptations also portray him as a powerful fighter while also being beautiful.

She wears a similar outfit, with white spiky hair and green earrings. Female Zamasu seems ready to take on any fight after carefully calculating the movements of her opponent.

7 Prepared To Protect Her Mother After Goku’s Defeat

via: pinterest.com/aminoapps.com

It's not easy being the child of the legendary Saiyan Goku. Every human and alien creature wants to take Goku on one-on-one, and Goku has the most defeats in the series, second to his best friend, Krillin. Goten is forced to watch as his older brother, Gohan, and father, Goku, take on intergalactic fights. He learned how to fight quickly, thanks to being raised in a family of martial artists. As seen in these female versions of Goten, she just wants to have fun, especially with her best friend Trunks. Goten is a bit more laid back than her big sister but is also more willing to fight. When Goku had to face a battle no one thought he'd survive, he gave Goten the task of protecting her mother. Female or male, Goku knows that Goten is a powerful fighter that would protect her loved ones.

6 Laughs In The Face Of Her Fears

via: aminoapps.com

Piccolo was once a threat to the Z-Fighters before becoming one of their most loyal friends. While Goku is off with his one true love, fighting, Piccolo is there to help raise Gohan before Goten's birth. They share a close bond that has led some fans to believe he is Gohan's adoptive father.

Piccolo's female rendition still retains that gentle, yet tough exterior.

Many artists love to change the tough Z-Fighters into softer, beautiful female adaptations. While female Piccolo is a bit more alluring than her male counterpart, but she looks just as capable of taking on any foe. Looks are often deceiving in the Dragon Ball series, and female Piccolo seems ready to fight to protect Gohan at any cost.

5 Villains, Beware Of The Great Saiyawoman!

via: deviantart.com (ArtIzMe)

Gohan had it tough being the son of the legendary fighter, Goku. He was the first hybrid with both human and Saiyan blood and raised in a family of fighters. Gohan was more interested in intellectual endeavors but was forced to become a warrior. He doesn't share the same passion for fighting as his father. Female Gohan appears more enthusiastic about her familial duties. She seems to enjoy using her ki to land some powerful attacks at any foe who dares challenge the Z-Fighters. We can't help but wonder if she also fights as Great Saiyawoman in between training and attending school. It does appear that she takes on the Tournament of Power, thanks to the color of her purple gi. If female Gohan is anything like her male counterpart, she likely succeeded in surpassing her father's power level.

4 Is Going To Ensure A Safe Future For Humanity

via: bloatedcrayon.tumblr.com/Animexx.com

Future Trunks appeared from an alternate timeline, which shocked fans. Trunk's loved ones, along with several innocent people, had been eliminated, and she wanted to ensure present-day Earth didn't suffer the same fate.

Female Future Trunks looks just as tough as her male version.

The fan artists make it clear that she knows how to wield a sword to take down her enemies. In the right illustration, she also feels the heavy burden on her shoulders. She only knows a life of suffering, while the people on Earth are happy and carefree. Though she knows the task of fighting them will not be easy, she is prepared to take on any challenge. We're she that she'll create a safe future for her younger self.

3 The Fallen Princess Of The Saiyan Race

via: redbubble.com (Duvete)/wattpad.com

Vegeta is one of the top contenders for the favorite character of the Dragon Ball series. He appeared with a vengeance and tormented Goku for several series. He started out as an ego-maniac who was willing to prove his worth to anyone who dared challenge him in battle. Fan artists have also brought out Vegeta's tough personality in their female renditions of the character. One artist has portrayed the fallen princess as a cuter, yet tough fighter who is eager for a fight with her nemesis, Kakarot. The artwork on the right depicts a more serious, annoyed Vegeta. This personality is what most fans are familiar with, so seeing his female version act so cold isn't surprising. Either way, we're glad we're not in male or female Goku's boots when Vegeta wants to fight.

2 Fighter With The Purest Heart

via: aminoapps.com/omkarpatole.deviantart.com

The Dragon Ball series follows Goku from childhood to family man. He's portrayed as a powerful fighter with a pure heart. He is so innocent that he can ride a Nimbus cloud with no trouble, unlike Master Roshi or Bulma. Goku's female counterpart has an appearance of being just as innocent.

She seems as though she's still childlike, but ready to take on a challenge.

The illustration on the right shows just how serious any form of Goku can be when battling her foes. When Goku is so angry that she transforms into her Super Saiyan mode, you know you're in trouble. Goku will always be willing to risk her life to protect the ones she loves. With how powerful male Goku is, we know we don't want to get on her bad side.

1 This Villain Needs No Introduction

via: deviantart.com (beppodragon)/deviantart.com (benevolencer)

Frieza is one of the most frightening characters of the Dragon Ball series. His scary appearance makes sense: according to fans, he was what Toriyama believed that monsters looked like in real life. Frieza had a variety of forms that he used to terrorize Earthlings. The Z-Fighters had to defeat the emperor of Universe 7 throughout several series, including the Namek, Trunks, and Gods of the Universe Saga.

These artists have transformed Frieza from male to female. One artist imagined the scary alien into a girl who's only pretending not to have a crush on her opponent. Another artist transformed her into an Alien lifeform that is both creepy and intriguing. Either way, Frieza is one creature we don't want to confront, no matter what her gender is.

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