Fan Creates Incredible Brazil Team Concepts For The Overwatch League

A fan of the Overwatch League designed team concepts for an league team located in Brazil.

When it began in 2018, the Overwatch League had 12 teams representing various cities, states and countries around the world including Shanghai, New York, Seoul, London, Los Angeles and others. In the 2019 season, the league expanded to 20 teams and included even more locations such as Toronto, Atlanta, Paris, Guangzhou and a few others.

The location-based model is effective in drawing in viewers from all over the world with easily accessible teams to root for. While the 2020 season won't see any more expansion teams announced - with the league focusing on the home/away format it originally had intended to always do - 2021 and beyond could possibly add to the number of teams. 28-30 teams seems like the sweet spot for the league meaning anywhere from 8-10 more cities and/or countries have the chance to be represented in the league.

There are a lot of untapped markets available for the league to expand going forward. One particular fan of the Overwatch League (with the handle of @brardoso) shared on Twitter her concepts for a team based in the Brazil market. An aspiring graphic designer, she used her skills to design eight possible teams based in Brazil for the Overwatch League and they are incredible.

The concepts are all extremely well thought out with explanations given for each of the team names that represent a particular culture that is associated with each of the cities. This adds significance to the names rather than just being "cool" team names. She even includes logos and color schemes for every team, really tying everything together and making it seem as if these teams could actually be realized within the league. Some of them include the São Paulo Speed, Salvador Sailors and the Fortaleza Vibrance just to name a few. Check all of the teams out here.

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Whenever the Overwatch League does decide to expand its number of teams, Brazil could be a good choice for one of the locations as the esports market there is continuously expanding every year and is already one of the largest markets in the world. Like the team concepts have shown, Brazil has a rich culture that can help to create wonderful branding for a Brazilian Overwatch League team. With Overwatch 2 in development and the story-mode highlighting Lúcio meeting some of the team in Rio de Janeiro, the opportunity is there. It could very well be not a matter of if but rather a matter of when.

You can check out the rest of Brenda's design portfolio here.

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