Fan Creates Portal Gun Inside Overwatch Workshop

The new Overwatch Workshop offers players a way add new features and play conditions to the game. Adding these rules can modify a hero’s abilities, change the way weapons work and even adjust how the games levels function. The tool goes far beyond the ability to just change the settings of the game, instead allowing you to change the core functionality.

The feature is currently still in PTR mode but already the Overwatch community has shown incredibly levels of creativity. Alongside mini games and crazy hero mechanics, Reddit user andygmb has shown off a fully functioning Portal gun.

The Portal gun appears to work exactly like the one from Valve’s original puzzle game. It even manages to sustain the momentum of players using the portals. Andy posted a video over on Reddit to showing the gun working in game.

via youtube.com

With the way Workshop mechanics work, it looks likely that players could now go on to make fully functioning and complex Portal style levels in Overwatch.

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The Overwatch Workshop is a scripting tool which gives players the ability to change the rules of the game by adjusting the parameters of environments, weapons and characters to create entirely new ways to play. Blizzard launched the tool by showing players how to make a “Molten Floor” level, inspired by the classic childhood game, the floor is lava. Players have taken the idea and run with it, producing a vast array of weird and wonderful new game modes.

After applying the rules in the Workshop, players can save and share their creations with others, using workshop codes. This means all these different game modes are playable, editable and ready to be enjoyed, so long as the creators are happy to share.

Codes and creations are being shared in the Overwatch community over on Reddit, where players are building on the creativity of others, combining ideas to create amazing new ways to play.

If you’ve ever wanted to play a game of Overwatch where emotes are deadly or the entire purpose of the game is to race in your hamster ball then the Overwatch community has you covered.

You can find out more about the Overwatch Workshop and how to use it on the Overwatch website.

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