One Fan Is Drawing All The Pokémon Cut From Sword & Shield (But They're Crying)

One creative Redditor user is drawing all the Pokémon cut from Sword & Shield — but they are all crying.

By now, nearly every Pokémon Sword & Shield fan knows that not every Pokémon has made it into the latest games. Certain Pokémon that some of the players have had fond memories of, or always used them on their teams in past games, will not be able to share the same experience this time around. That is something that many people were not happy to find out, thus starting the entire Dexit campaign and voicing their disappointment towards the decision.

Now, it seems that one particular fan has taken the disappointment to a whole new (and rather artistic) level. Reddit user by the name of u/jamiedrummond is currently drawing every single removed Pokémon from Pokémon Sword & Shield, but instead of having normal expressions on their faces, they are graced with crying ones instead.

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via: Reddit

According to the title of each post, the point is to promote the missing Pokémon "until Dexit is reversed." The post then mentions the missing Pokémon family and a link to Imgur where everyone can look at the art. The art itself is rather impressive in a sense that it captures the missing Pokémon perfectly while adding that small bit of sadness and depression to them.

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If one was to take the entire Pokédex and subtract every missing Pokémon from it, then the result would be a little more than half (somewhere a bit more than 400). In other words, it would take the artist more than a year to draw all of the missing Pokémon and post them online. For those who would like to see all the missing, crying Pokémon (as well as future ones), click the link to be taken to the gallery.

via: Reddit

There may, however, be a silver lining regarding the entire situation. Recently, a modder has been able to add some of the missing Pokémon into Pokémon Sword & Shield, thus demonstrating that it is certainly possible to add every missing Pokémon into the games.

Now, the question remains if the developers will do anything about it in the future. Will fans be lucky enough to see some of their favorite Pokémon return down the road, or will they have to continue living with the decision for the rest of Pokémon Sword & Shield's lifespan (as well as future titles)?

Source: Reddit

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