Fan-Made Remake Of P.T. Is Available For PC - Grab It Before It's Gone!

The short-lived internet sensation P.T. is back...sort of. While the Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro collaboration game will probably never happen, a stunningly accurate fan version is available to download now. The person responsible for this P.T. remake hopes that it will fill the hole left in fans' hearts by the sudden and seemingly-permanent de-listing of the original.

Despite the original being released as a demo on the PlayStation Store, the P.T. remake is only available as a PC download. Its creator, Kotaku reports, is Artur Łączkowski. One look at his website shows that Łączkowski is an avid horror game fan. He particularly seems to like the Silent Hill series. So perhaps it was his love of Silent Hill, of which P.T. was going to be a part, or his desire to build his Patreon following, that caused him to dedicate his time to remaking P.T.

via: arturlaczkowski.itch.io

As for what to expect from the actual demo, the Kotaku writer seems to believe that it accurately captures the terror of the original. The "iconic looping hallway" is competently recreated. They do point out that the remake had to create a new ghost rather than copy the model for Lisa, the infamous P.T. spook. Even so, this newcomer seems to be appropriately fearful.

via: arturlaczkowski.itch.io

P.T., short for "playable teaser" took the internet by storm when it released back in 2014. Doubly so when people discovered it was the first of what would be a Silent Hill game called Silent Hills. A Silent Hill game designed by Hideo Kojima with input from Guillermo Del Toro? Who wouldn't love that? Konami, apparently, as the publisher had a falling out with Kojima that caused the parties to cut ties. With no Kojima, Konami had no one to see Silent Hills through to completion.

Since then, Konami has done all it can to erase P.T. from existence. It was quickly taken off the PlayStation Store, and those who owned it during its release can't even re-download it. Other attempts to remake it have been hit with takedown requests. So Łączkowski is certain that his will end up on the chopping block soon. He urged P.T. fans to download his remake on Twitter, saying "Do it ASAP before Konami shut it down!”

At the time of me writing this, you can still download the demo on PC. Just follow this link.

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