Watch The Fan-Made Trailer For An Overwatch Netflix Show

A fan on Youtube cut a trailer for Overwatch, as if the game was becoming a Netflix TV show.

It may be more wishful thinking than anything else, but we think this fan-made Overwatch trailer is pretty darned cool.

And you can be forgiven for being fooled, but Overwatch the TV Series is not coming to Netflix anytime soon, despite professional editing and the use of their logo and splash screen.

This fan-made trailer is so well done that it may even fool Blizzard themselves. Created by Brazil-based Lion Montages, it cuts together many of the previous Overwatch animated shorts that give a fantastic slice of what the game’s backstory is all about. New players to the series should definitely check it out. Hell, it really should be used as the official promotional material for the game.

There’s definitely a lot of love and attention to detail that went into making this trailer. It even used the standard trailer music of today: Human, by Rag’n’Bone Man, which was also used in promotional material for Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s a great song, and arguably fits the theme of Overwatch a little better. Although, Winston is a gorilla, so maybe he’d have a small issue with it.

Seriously, if this trailer is any indication, maybe Blizzard should just give up this whole video game thing and focus more on an animated TV series? They’ve already got the following online, so the leap to Netflix wouldn’t be that far. And if Netflix won’t take them, I’m sure Amazon will.

via Lion Montages on YouTube

This isn’t the first time Lion Montages has made an Overwatch trailer. About 9 months ago they made another short video, this time as a movie trailer for a fictional film release. It doesn’t have all the same footage or the iconic song, so it suffers a bit in the pacing department. With 1.5 million views it’s easily their most popular video, although the Netflix trailer is catching up fast with 285 thousand views and growing.

The only problem here is that the Doomfist trailer seems to have indicated a different direction in animation style for future Overwatch trailers. While an anime would be even more awesome, it does mean that we might miss out on future fake trailers of this style.

How much would you love to have an Overwatch TV series? Let us know in the comments below!

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