Fan-Made Untitled Goose Game Character Creator Makes Everything Even More Chaotic

Untitled Goose Game is the indie hit of the year, but it’s not exactly an RPG. Or rather, it’s an RPG with only one option: you roleplay as a goose, who is a nuisance. What if you want more poultry-based options? Indie game developer Alex Massé has an answer to that question, with an unofficial Untitled Goose Game character creator.

The character creator has a wide variety of features. Wider than one would expect in a goose creator, at least. It offers options other than the standard white goose – specifically, a Canadian goose and a male mallard duck. It also has a variety of sliders that let you customize the body type of your bird. If that’s not enough, the creator also includes a Sherlock Holmes hat, knit wool beanie, and royal crown that you can choose to give your goose, and outfits to match. Just because a goose is spending its time stealing from innocent villagers doesn’t mean it doesn’t care about fashion.

Alex Massé built the character creator using the editing tools from his own game Paralives. The characters from the game aren’t ready to be shown to the world, so he used the goose from House House’s Untitled Goose Game to test and show off the game’s character creation tools, which will have many more non-goose-related options in Paralives.

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Unfortunately, since this was just a test, it seems unlikely that this character creator will ever appear in Untitled Goose Game, even as a mod. Considering that this character creator is based off of the editing tools for another game, it will probably remain as a fun testing video.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that someone else couldn’t make a mod for Untitled Goose Game that adds in a character creation mechanic. The game needs to give players the ability to make a goose wearing a full Sherlock Holmes outfit and solve goose crimes in a small English village. After all, there are reports of a wild goose stealing all of the villagers’ valuables, and to catch a goose you need to be able to think like a goose.

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