27 Fan Photos Of Our Favorite Disney Princesses (That Change The Way We See Them)

Disney Princesses. We love them, we’ve had them as role models, idealize them, and see them in all kinds of other things in our life. They were pretty, they had their dreams come true, and they went through some pretty amazing adventures. Whether it be the intelligent Belle or the fierce Merida, there was at least one princess that we had a connection to when we were young.

In the world of fandom, the lovely ladies pretty much go through all kinds transformations. Ranging from highly beautiful beyond words to ones that are just plain awesome, fans get real creative with each character. Seriously, though, it’s sheer luck that the good outweighs the bad/weird fan art out there. You'd be surprised at what kind of stuff people make. Just, thank goodness there are more who want to see versions of the princesses that go around the spectrum of awe-inspiring and awesome.

On that note, there are all kinds of works that have the princesses make a jump from their usual look. Whether it be of them looking like they wouldn’t be afraid to charge into battle or them looking ready for a photoshoot, there's always something that pretty much has the lovely ladies of Disney look like they’re from another universe. Basically, here are some works from fans who just basically answered the question of “What would (insert princess here) look like as a (insert theme here).” Enjoy.

27 Let The Imagination Soar

via: thehappygirl.deviantart.com

There’s a story here, and it starts with that Tiana here looks like a sort of mysterious lady of the swamp. The title of this piece by thehappygirl is Lily Pad Princess, true, but the way that the outfit is working here, along with the way those eyes look, and all those fireflies around her, is making for some great fairytale-like aesthetics. Just the general style that the artist has is giving a more mature and possibly future look at what's in store for our princess. That might be a stretch, but the whole eye thing is throwing ideas around. But then again, what else is fan art for? Now time to imagine how Naveen would fit in this possible scenario. Assistant certainly comes to mind!

26 A Real-Life Twist

via: tottiewoodstock.deviantart.com

She’s the chief’s daughter, can hear messages from the wind, and talk to the spirit of a tree. Couldn’t we have seen her more in her natural element and interacting with more people? Oh, sure, the entire film was about her and John’s story. But look at this piece by TottieWoodstock! There's just something calming and a bit more natural than what we're used to going on here. This seems more like a legitimate Native American outfit than what was shown in the film, and Meeko looks more like a real raccoon than ever. Is this what the film would look like in a more realistic style? It would also be interesting to learn what the little details here could mean for her character. Because you know, the more you know. Yeah, that was a bad line. Please ignore it.

25 Looks Like She's Getting Ready For A Show

via: maverikanim.deviantart.com

We all knew that this kind of photo was gonna pop up at one point. Still, it sort of looks like the bottom half of her gown was just erased to make this image. And yet it works! Kudos, Maverikanim, kudos. Honestly, though, it’s the stockings that make this work, along with the way that her hips and thighs are toned and incredible. There’s just something about stockings that just make legs look like they could go on for miles. Heck, just the entire look here pretty much has her looking look like she could make it as a showgirl. A few feathers are missing, along with some accessories, but come on, don’t you see it as well? At the same time, though, there’s a soft touch going on here too. It'd be pretty interesting to see a movie with her like this.

24 Something New With Something Classic

via: artstation.com/kay11

Firstly, this is a highly stylish outfit that Jasmine is rocking here, and we have Karina Yordanova to thank for that. Honestly, seeing any of the princesses in modern clothing just makes them looks like they would be a part of some rather stylish cliques. It’s a nice play in design, seeing how her top here is a play on her original design. And there’s the flower she received from Aladdin integrated into her pants! Another nice little detail to place. Then there’s the hair. Jasmine needs to let her hair down more, don’t you think? Oh sure, it was for the wedding, but a style like this would have been nice to see on her. It’s really clever that the piece has hints of her original design, but is still its own thing.

23 Delicate With A Touch Of Spice

via: mihzu.deviantart.com

Is it possible to look demure yet suggestive at the same time? Mihzu certainly made that possible with this lovely piece of the golden-haired princess. She isn’t about to burst here, and there’s no real show of skin unless you count her arms. But there’s just something about this piece. It must be the stockings and the gloves! For such innocent pieces of clothing, they sure add a lot to the pin-up look. And can you just imagine her using her hair as a sort of veil to do a sort of tease for a certain thief? Yeah, there’s going to be a fun date for these two if that’s the scenario that’s gonna happen here. Yup. Delicate but with spice.

22 Dark Pink Would Have Worked Too

via: hija--turner.deviantart.com

We've seen all kinds of art that show the princesses looking like they're ready for either a painting or a magazine. But what a lot of people don't know is that there's actually a ton of photos that show these lovely ladies taking a step onto the other side of the tracks. An example of this is this piece by Hija-Turner. First, we have to give her kudos for making this so close to what the actual princess looks like. And it's fun because it shows us what she would look like as a punk/goth. The makeup and tattoos are awesome! Who knew that she'd rock black lipstick and purple eyeshadow so well? What’s more, can you just imagine Mushu being the sassy fashionista friend? Like, can you just imagine him saying, “Ooh girl, that color is not for you?” Hilarious.

21 We Should Have Gotten This

via: ataraxicare.deviantart.com

She risked her life and ended up saving China and restoring her family’s honor. Now, we all know that she pretty much became a knight for the Emperor, but who else thinks it would have been nice to have seen her fight against more people other than those bandits? Just look at this armor here; the detail that Ataraxicare placed into this is more than amazing. And is she riding a DRAGON?! Her family’s guardian is one so it’s no surprise, but just imagine her riding into battle on this bad boy. It’s a sure thing that she would have the nickname “Great Dragon.” The image of her rising from the horizon on the back of a dragon is beyond awesome. It would be one quick battle.

20 Can We Have This, Please?

via: pinterest.com

This is a true picture of regal royalty, and we have one Lydia B. to thank for sharing this lovely piece. We only got a hint of her in royal clothing in the films, so this piece here is a rather lovely work. She also looks like she's flowing through air here, and the little details such as the symbols and her hair brings a mature look to her. In fact, the entire piece pretty much looks like it could be concept art of a spin-off work that will never happen. Seriously though, it would have been nice to have seen her doing some royal duties rather than have her practically doing myth hunting. What’s more, we could have seen more of Atlantis.

19 This Is No Pretty Princess

via: crazynasia.tumblr.com

With the chaos that goes on the fandom of this series, outside of all the shipping, fans have come up with some pretty interesting versions of the characters. A dark Star, however? Well, that’s something you only find if you look deep enough. With this piece by CrazyNasia, we get the combination of solid idea and a concept from the show given those familiar marks on her arms. The broken hearts, the black outfit... heck, that smirk alone is bringing in some real antihero vibes to her here. Like something just drove her off the rails and now she’s going to take matter into her own hands. Rather than dipping down, she looks like she dipped too deep here.

18 Now She Can Be The Hero

via: pinterest.com

We’re so used to the delicate image of the fairest princess that it’s a nice touch to see her in some warrior looks. This piece, however, makes for a great balance between her delicate image. And the idea of how she would look as a hunter/fighter is just amazing, and we love it. The fact that this pretty piece, done by one Ami Williams and shared by Michelle Press, has a style that would make for an amazing Disney cartoon is just an added bonus. What’s more, Snow White here looks like she would be the one to defeat the Evil Queen, and not by chasing her to her literal fall. And rather than just finding her and whisking her away, Prince Charming may just have to do some work before getting his bride so easily.

17 She's Grown Into The Role

via: hannah-alexander.deviantart.com

Now this right here is a solid image of the chief’s daughter as an adult and as a chief. We did see a glimpse of her as a chief in the ending, but this one here is a legit image on how her outfit as a chief should have looked like and we have Hannah-Alexander to thank for it. From the flowers to the layers and the way little details like the leaves and accessories are incorporated here makes her look extra striking. And the way that her face is designed her just adds to things. Wait, if that’s an oar that’s she’s holding then there’s a touch of hilarity to this given how she pretty much uses it as a weapon. Can you just imagine her using it to assert her authority?

16 She'd Be Firm But Fair

via: saintprecious.deviantart.com

She’s a feisty girl who’s got a tiger as a friend/companion, would it be all that surprising if instead of complaining over her situation or even sneaking out, she decides to do something different? Like, say she decides to take matters into her own hands and basically fight for her freedom. This look done by SaintPrecious fits pretty well with that scenario. There are no clear weapons to be seen here, but hey, tiger. With Rajah to help her out, she could take a sword, Jafar’s staff, and basically become a sort of warrior Queen. Assuming that is she somehow secretly trained herself, though. Doesn’t change the fact that this an awesome image of a possible alternative to the story, though.

15 This Would Make A Solid Film

via: mikeazevedo.deviantart.com

Say hello to the epicness that is Pirate Merida, courtesy of MikeAzevedo. Can you just imagine her now? Sailing the seas and finding treasures where no one else is willing to go? Well, hopefully we can minus the whole pillaging part. But, and just think about it, what if this was what she decided to do instead winning her own hand, or even going to the witch? What would be her pirate name? Would she have a wanted bounty? Heck, what about the wisps? MikeAzevedo pretty much set up an epic adventure waiting to happen here, people. Especially with how much the piece looks like an actual painting. And hello, a female pirate who beats her enemies with just a bow and arrow? That’s a hook, line, and sinker concept right if I ever did see one.

14 Now She'll Be The One Making Dreams Come True

via: artcrawl.deviantart.com

The third film pretty much confirmed that anyone can use the wand, so why not have Cinderella have a go? She certainly looks like she would make for pretty magic user with ArtCrawl’s design here. Well, technically, she’s supposed to be a witch here, according to the artist. But just the general idea of her being able to use magic opens so many avenues for ideas. Just imagine: what if she’s summoned when young girls make a wish? Or maybe she’s a witch who just specializes in dreams and wishes. Heck, what if she ended up as a witch because something went wrong after the ball? Okay, there’s a whole lot of rough ideas going on, but come on people, the POSSIBILITIES.

13 She's Connecting Beyond The Winds

via: rossdraws.deviantart.com

The mystical levels going on in this photo are just going through the roof. Pocahontas pretty much looks like she’s gathering some spiritual energy here and that isn’t much of a surprise given that she pretty much hears messages in the wind and talk to a tree spirit. What’s more, she’s got some paint going on here, and if that’s war paint then the other side might as well surrender. Just look at how everything is glowing and flying around here; she’s got a fire going on in her eyes. Rossdraws did more than a solid job in creating a Pocahontas that looks like she wouldn’t be afraid to enter into battle. Well, she is the chief’s daughter, she would know things.

12 Here's A Real Adversary

via: zagreondy.deviantart.com

It’s pretty scary how some artists are able to make lovely princesses like Aurora look like someone who could level a whole area, like ZagreoNDY did here. With that staff and outfit, she pretty much looks like a more sensual and thorn themed version of Maleficent. And then we get that familiar looking skull on top of her staff and… yeah, this version of the princess just got a lot more scarier. Seriously, what if she actually did away with her and now reigns supreme as the top fairy? It may seem like a stretch of an idea, but you and try think different when you’re looking at this design, especially when there’s that green background going on here. All that’s missing is the raven and… are those feathers making up part of her collar? Oh boy.

11 Now Imagine Her With A Fun Voice

via: eglem.deviantart.com

We get all kinds of fan art of her being either looking like something from a dream or meant for a painting, and this work from eglem isn’t helping things. Really, they did far too good of a job in creating a 50s version of the fair princess, especially with how well she’s working that hair and those stockings like a true pin-up girl. Can we also say that those little polka dots going on on the top just adds a chic layer to this? And let’s not even get started on those shoes. If it weren’t for the bow and color scheme, one would be hard pressed to believe that this is the same princess who basically got her prince with the help of an apple.

10 Make Way For This Madame

via: punziella.tumblr.com

It would have been real nice to have seen more of that white gown that she had in her dreams, don’t you think? Oh sure, the outfit she had at the end of the film was lovely and fit with the whole green theme she developed but still, LOOK AT THIS. Pauline a.k.a. punziella basically upgraded the look into something that would basically make you either feel jealous/bad for Naveen. Honestly, with this look and that hairstyle, she looks like she would make for an amazing starlet of sorts.Come on, don’t tell me that you can’t see this reigning on a red carpet and photographers trying to get every angle of her. It’s a great twist of one of her looks.

9 She Looks Like She'd Just Have Fun

via: archibaldart.tumblr.com

Everyone knows the phenomenon that are Secret Angels, and the awe that they bring with their beauty and confidence as they rock multiple runways with their variety of beautiful wings. So why not give the lovely ladies of Disney a chance at being one of these striking ladies? John Archibald certainly thinks so, if his design with Anna has anything to say about it. Well for one thing, butterfly wings are a definite fit for Anna, and that design that resembles her outfit when she first went outside the castle is rather clever. Then there is also that hairstyle, which, while nothing against her cute braids, give her a more mature look. Besides, we all know that any of the princesses could make it on the runway.

8 This Is A Jewel

via: blatterbury.deviantart.com

If it wasn’t for the sword being balanced on her head, there is no way that this image would be believable in any way. Seriously, Merida as a dancer? Swinging her body around as a performer? Yeah, that would never happen if there wasn’t some weapon involved for her to perform with. Well done, Blatterbury, you’ve not only transformed her standard outfit into a truly exotic outfit, especially with all the little details on the outfit. The gold accents, along with the jewels that were placed on her top, make for a lovely touch. Now with that sword, there’s no way for any guy to try anything. And given the origins of this dance, you can just imagine her cheekily stealing a guard's sword for her performance.

7 Do You Hear Flashes?

via: waterring.deviantart.com

Looks like someone’s missing a few layers. At least she looks pretty happy here. WaterRing pretty much made her look like she’s running through a sort of water, expressing a sort of childish joy and freedom here. Then just imagine her accidentally falling into the water. With how… well fitting her outfit is here, Beast would be in more than a little trouble. We’re talking about the first woman he’s encountered in years, he's got to be very awkward around them. That aside, Belle pretty much looks like she’s meant for a photoshoot here. We wonder if it's Beast taking the photos, or someone else.

6 Crawling Down Their Back

via: pinterest.com

Something about this piece, shared by one Trish Bisnar, is both so wrong yet right. And it’s not just because of the way her outfit is working here. That face, right there? Yeah, it’s bringing in some chills. Come on, this is pretty much what coming-of-age looks like. The way that her purple skin and wings pop here is just… what is it about this photo? The way that the purple color is working here is bringing in some less-than-innocent notes here. Really, this is the type of photo that would lead to more than few weird looks if seen on your feed. At the same time, though, this is a solid image of her as a type of humanoid butterfly creature.

5 Swapping With The Prince

via: mirroriel.deviantart.com

Everyone still remembers the whole color argument that the fairies kept on having, but yeah, why choose when you can just wear the prince's outfit instead? This piece done by MirRoriel certainly shows that if done right, you can get a rather stylish piece. If that face and cape are saying anything, it’s that she’s got another side to her that wants to play. Well, having been raised in the wild and apparently having the ability to communicate with animals, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she had something of a wild side to her. Just the idea that she may have stolen the outfit from Phillip to impress him is a wild and fun thought

4 Well Good Morning, Majesty

via: pinterest.com

Frozen has pretty shown one of the most realistic renditions on a girl waking up in the morning with the messy bedhead, as well as the less than ideal image some people have when asleep. We’ve seen Anna’s weird side, but what about Elsa’s? Well, this image shared by one Tyrone Barnes doesn’t necessarily show her having just woken up, but it does show a possible image of her morning routine given what her clothes look like. Does anybody else feel a bit warm under the collar here? Because, wowzers. Who knew that she would look this good in this kind of outfit? Granted, she’s got the looks for it, but still, there is pretty much nothing left to the imagination. And her hair is down, just... whew.

3 It's Always The Quiet Ones Who've Got Wild Sides

via: tarusov.com

We all knew that Beast was one domineering character with a gentler side to him but what about Belle? Well, we know she’s a strong-minded bookworm who sees things differently, but what if she had a more… dominating personality hidden within? Taking away the implications going on with this piece, done by Andrew Tarusov, Belle looks way too happy and familiar with that riding crop. You can’t help but wonder though about how exactly the two of them ended up in this situation, especially with how strong and feral the Beast can be. Unless, of course, he somehow has a liking to this. Then that's a whole different kind of story that we better not touch. And we best not think about whether that riding crop might have sentience… oh, darn it.

2 She's Beyond Bewitching

via: pattycake1992.deviantart.com

There is no short amount of fan art that features Ariel looking like something straight out of a fantasy novel. However, all of them have been of her as a human or mermaid. So how about having her as a sea witch, like PattyCake1992 did here? With the way that her tentacles and make-up is working here, she looks like she would make either an amazing villain, or at the very least, a mysterious character who’s experimenting with human things as stated by the artist. Really, though, she looks like one solid seductress. You can just see her convincing people to taking one or two spells with a coy smile. The question now is on what type of sea witch she is. That’s food for thought, right there.

1 She's Got The Most Solid Secret Identity

via: vynndetta.deviantart.com

This right here is all levels of cleverness, and we have Vynndetta to thank for it. Having Rapunzel’s healing song become her hero transformation song brings so many ideas for this hero idea. Like, did she discover the ability by accident, or is there a bigger story behind this? Heck, what would her abilities be? Sure, healing is a definite, but would her hair control thing still be a factor? For sure though, her hero name will have something related to either the word golden or her hair. Anyone else betting that Eugene would be some sort of Master thief in this story? The two of them could meet with her trying to apprehend him, only for him to escape. Those kind of romance stories have something about them when done right.

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