25 Extra Sweet Fan Pictures Of Unexpected Kids Cartoon Couples

These classic cartoons have taken a whole new meaning thanks to some incredible fan artists.

As many of us have learned in recent weeks, the internet is fond of remixing characters. Word on the street is Nintendo’s offices are closed and their internet connection is down while they hunker under their desks, waiting for the Bowsette phenomenon to stop. It is truly something. Who would concoct such a monstrosity? By the way, if you want to see some Bowsette pictures, click here!

That brings us to today’s segment— it’s time for another round of crossovers. Don’t pretend like you don’t love it. You’ve already skipped right past this introduction to check out all the pictures. I’m currently writing to nobody. I’ve often waxed philosophical on the nature of crossovers and why they tickle our fancy as much as they do, but I think we all get it. We like stuff. Sometimes when you mix stuff you like with other stuff you like, you get new stuff you like. Extraordinarily reductive but true.

I’ve been collecting enough of these images now to know there is a true art to shipping characters. I’m not just talking about the drawing part— though that does take a high degree of skill— but also knowing which characters will play nice together. A good chef wouldn’t add pickles to an ice cream sundae. One such example of a good ship is Jelsa, the ‘ol Jack Frost and Elsa pairing. They’re both ice people. They’re both single. Hence, good ship! There will be no Jelsa today, though. Hopefully, we have a few new pairings you haven’t seen.

25 The Road To Jasmine’s Heart


Art by: disneycrossovercreator.tumblr

Okay I know I’m not supposed to play favorites but here I go— this piece is one of my favorites. There. The quality of this photoshop is too good to deny. I love the dynamic mirror angle and the decent attempt at making reasonable lighting. I’m no photoshopsmith, but so many photoshops are made with completely incongruous shadowing, coloring, and light sources. At a glance, it truly looks like Jasmine and Miguel are in the same room.

24 The Best Ship On The Seven Seas


Art by: femaletitann

Hey look, everyone, it’s more Jelody or Mejim or whatever the heck this ship is called. For reasons that continue to baffle, the internet has decided that Ariel’s daughter Melody from that direct-to-VHS sequel of The Little Mermaid would make a good girlfriend for the guy who is in space. As discussed, author Robert Louis Stevenson, the first ever Jelody shipper one might say, is weeping salty tears in heaven for this beautiful union.

23 Disney’s Hogwarts


Art by: dlapiz

Alright, alright, you caught me. This isn’t exactly a couple crossover because Ron and Hermione are from the same universe. It is, however, a stylistic crossover. Here we see the duo as Disney characters. “But Patrick Belmore,” I hear you protest, “wouldn’t this entry have worked better in your upcoming article about characters redrawn as Disney characters?” Poor, foolish, weirdly prescient reader, I didn’t know about this picture then and it’s too cool not to include. Belmore out.

22 The Legend Of Korra And Naruto


Art by: bloodyriley

Remember when I told you about the nifty Naruto and Korra pairing? Maybe the entries got shuffled in the edit and you have no idea what I’m talking about. In either case, artist bloodyriley has devoted their life to providing us with every Naruto pairing imaginable.

I guess it must be the first time a character’s orientation has been flipped in shipping fan art.

Of course, Korra likes women— that’s canon, haters— but that hasn’t stopped bloodyriley.

21 Seto Kaiba And… Her


Art by: kazhmiran

Oh wow, it’s Seto Kaiba and a classic hero from Winx club, I can’t believe Seto Kaiba has been matched! Moreover, it seems like Flora has found herself in the Enchanted universe, because her dress looks identical to the one at the start of the Disney classic.

All it took was five minutes with Flora and now he doesn’t care about trading card-based world domination anymore.

Oh, Kaiba, it’s good you finally stopped caring about cards and settled down with a Winx classic.

20 All The Colors Of The Water


Art by: birdblinderdraws.tumblr

Love it. Pocahontas and Kida from Atlantis look like they’re having a good time. Unlike some of the other ships out there, this one is feasible. Who knows where Atlantis is really? It could easily be right there off the coast of the New World. Pocahontas and Kida wouldn’t have to hide their relationship from uptight John Smiths either. Pocahontas and Kida hail from places that actually value love over going all Avatar on locals that disagree with you.

19 Never Wonder Land


Art by: precia-t

Artist precia-t is the MVP of this article. This image is called “Friendship is magic” but we’re not buying it. Sure, maybe that’s the title that someone from their 1950s era would call it. “Heck, the girls sure are spending a lot of time together. They’re always staring into each other’s eyes and sneaking away for long walks in the forest— friendship is magic, I guess!” Also, can I just say the art and shadowing is perfect?

18 Supergirl Is Super Into Naruto


Art by: therealkyuubi16

The girls like Naruto. At least, they do over at artist’s therealkyuubi16’s page. There is an entire series devoted to women from all walks of media loving Naruto. The image was drawn by Amnoosea on commission. Some of them haven’t been included here, but alongside Kara Danvers aka Supergirl, you can also see Naruto dating Harley Quinn, Korra, catwomen, unicorn woman (for real), Elsa and more. There is no limit to the number of couplings on this artist’s page.

17 The Hunchback Of Agrabah


Art by: syrma-deathwhisper

Now, this is a ship we can get behind. The artist of this stunning piece of work has a series of digital paintings that re-imagine Jasmine as Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It’s not that big of a leap for Jasmine; she’s used to creepy old men. The artist has done a terrific job with the photoshop here. Many of these Disney splices can look fake, but this one works well. Check out the artist’s page for more.

16 Dragon Ball Age


Art by: redviolett

Can you guess who Vegeta is paired up with here? No? Maybe that’s because you can customize a million different iterations of this particular character. Vegeta can be seen here dating one of the main characters from Dragon Age.

Vegeta again looks out of his depth in a relationship with a blue-haired woman. Wait, what?

I don’t think it’s a pairing many of us would have come up with on our own, but we’re glad artist redviolett did. The art here is truly fantastic.

15 They Didn’t Have To Go Anywhere To Find Each Other


Art by: 04jh1911

Milo from Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Jane from Tarzan: The Lost Kid That Isn’t Mogli are a natural ship. They both are bookworms. Okay, the things they have in common end there. But you have to admit, it’s more than Tarzan has in common with Jane, right?

Unfortunately for Milo, Jane is into swinging— meaning she likes it when Tarzan takes her swinging on vines.

It’s okay. Milo has his own exotic partner from a faraway world he has nothing in common with.

14 A Devilish Duo


Art by: ka-ren

Maleficent and Loki make a devilishly good pair. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen them shipped together and with good reason. They both have a lot in common; they occupy the villain role in their respective franchises, they’re jealous of people close to them, and they got raven-black hair. Loki transforms into a snake; Maleficent transforms into a dragon. I say Hiddleston and Jolie should just get together already, do you hear me?

13 Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give A Darn... About Phil Collins


Art by: gating

Now, this is a piece we can confidently say has never been done before. Artist gating has re-imagined Clayton from Tarzan as Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind. The artist says, “I wanted to pick Cinderella as Scarlett but I couldn't find an appropriate picture so I used my second choice instead. Clayton was my only choice for Rhett I guess - since he looks like him?” We have to agree. There’s nobody quite as perfect for Rhett Butler in the whole Disney canon.

12 Jelody Or Mejim


Art by: lawliette-chan

I’ve been reading Treasure Island and the name of the main character, Jim Hawkins, jumped out at me. This is what Robert Louis Stevenson had in mind when he wrote Treasure Island— that his protagonist would one day be shipped with a direct-to-VHS character from the sequel of The Little Mermaid. Of course, Jim Hawkins is the same name of the character in the Disney loose adaptation, Treasure Planet. Godspeed, Stevenson.

11 Varian Knows How Far She’ll Go


Art by: ghosta-r.tumblr

For the uninitiated, Varian is from the Tangled television series. According to the Disney wiki, “Varian is an intelligent scientist, inventor, and alchemist. He does not believe in magic and tends to solve problems through scientific means.” Oh okay. He doesn’t believe in magic despite serving a queen with magical hour that has the power to sustain to life. Well, Varian doesn’t have to peer-review his love for Moana. They’re nowhere near each other geographically but they’re roughly the same age.

10 Let It Wreck


Daaw. This is too cute for words. So I won’t even bother… I’m now being told I still have to write at least 80 words so I will bother. The Elsa and Wreck-It Ralph ship is fairly uncommon as ships go. Both characters are from the Disney renaissance we are currently enjoying, though there are certain logistical impediments to their coupling. For instance, um, Ralph lives in a video game. I know he’s supposed to break the internet in the sequel. I guess that’s where he’s going to be assaulted with incessant loops of Let It Go.

9 Balto’s Partner


Art by: cirruskitfox

What? We can only include humans in this list? This is fan art of Balto being shipped with Tod. Of course, Tod is the lovable scamp from Disney's Fox & The Hound. And you know what? These two heroes match perfectly together — an unexepected (but totally perfect) couple. We miss our 90s handdrawn cartoon animal classics.

8 Maleficent’s Magnificent Marriage


Art by: precia-t

Here we go again. Maleficent is once again shipped with another villain from a Disney series. As we have seen, Loki and Maleficent make a good pair.

Do you think Angelina Jolie and James Woods’ relationship has a chance in this crazy, crazy world?

Artist precia-t has made it their life's goal to draw Maleficent in every scenario imaginable, including this one with Hades. I have to say, Hades would make a good match for the old witch.

7 Jadashi


Art by: kiome-yasha

This is a ship you don’t often see, and we’ve seen every Jack Frost ship under the sun. Tadashi from Big Hero 6 is so consumed with his work, he doesn’t have any time for romance.

The guy who lives forever ends up with the guy who, uh, won’t.

Wait a second. I know how to put a happy spin on this. Maybe Tadashi and Jack Frost met up after the events of Big Hero 6. They’re chilling in heaven. *Cries*

6 Sailor Ball Z


Art by: naivascha

Goku and Sailor Moon pairings are nothing new. They were two of the biggest anime shows on the block in the nineties. As you no doubt heard, kids would often say Sailor Moon was for girls and Dragon Ball Z was for boys.

Unfortunately, Goku is in heaven for, like, 99.9% of their relationship.

Well, Goku and Sailor Moon are finally here to mend the damage. Now boys and girls can unite in their mutual love of skipping school and watching these shows on daytime television.

5 Mrs. Harley Parker


Art by: fredo-chan

Spider-Man and Harley Quinn would make a good match, don’t you think? Harley needs a guy who isn’t a literal psychopath. One of the criticisms of the latest Margo Robbie-led movie, so I’ve heard, is that Harley Quinn’s goal is about getting The Joker back. Hopefully, she’ll have a better story in the upcoming movies. It’s recently been announced that Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jurnee Smollett-Bell are going to play Huntress and Black Canary respectively. Huzzah!

4 I Can Show You France


Art by: precia-t

Once again, the Jasmine and Esmeralda parallel is upon us. This time they’re shipped together. This is a terrific piece of work from this article’s MVP artist, precia-t. If you like the stuff you see here, you are highly encouraged to click through to the link. Obviously, we couldn’t include all their work here but there are many more fine images. I’m glad Esmeralda and Jasmine found each other. I guess Aladdin and the knight guy from Hunchback are getting to know each other too.

3 The Curse On Their Love Is Lifted


Art by: precia-t

Oh my. Another fantastic piece from artist precia-t. This puts a spin on the old Sleeping Beauty formula— what if Maleficent was the one to awaken Aurora? I’m not totally sure how that would make sense, considering Maleficent was the one to put Aurora under the spell in the first place— but we’re not asking questions. Clearly, there is more to Maleficent; maybe she just put Aurora under so she could be the knight in shining armor.

2 He’s Loud Enough To Keep Her Awake


Art by: vanillacoke-disney

Now here’s a ship I’m willing to bet you haven’t seen before. Ironman would make easy work of the dragon guarding Aurora’s castle, let me tell you. According to the artist, this image was meant to inaugurate Disney’s purchase of Marvel. The artist says, “I've always been a fan of Marvel comics, so I'm sad that they aren't independent anymore, but I'm sure they'll still keep up the great tradition!!” From the far-off future of 2018, we can tell you they’re doing just fine.

1 The Frozen Kingdom Is Melting For You


Art by: cooru58

I was scrolling through deviantart, trying to find a final entry for this article. It occurred to me that a Hans x Kristoff ship would make a good end, but all I could find were images of them fighting. Then I looked at the sidebar and here this was. While this is a terrible story, the lesson is that there’s a ship for everything. Maybe Hans was such a big doofus in Frozen because he wasn’t into princesses. Princes seem to be his thing.

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