Disney Love: 20 Fan Pictures Of Disney Couples That Make No Sense

We all grew up inspired by classic Disney couples, but what if we widened our romantic options to the entire Disney world as a whole...

Everyone has that weird pairing that they ship. You’ve seen people shipping Draco and Harry, or, rather more uncomfortably in my estimation, Draco and Hermione. If you have been on Tumblr, you know that Spock and Kirk have inspired an incredible amount of content, both written and visual. You actually may not remember how your personal ship came about (or, maybe, you have a very, very detailed recollection of how you came to this particular ship), but, regardless, you support your pairing, and you will support it with your last breath.

Now, many of us grew up watching Disney. It’s been around since the 30s (which was practically a hundred years ago), and has been making cartoons that millions love. To this day, quality animation and Disney are almost synonymous. If you’re a Disney kid, you probably have your favorite couple. Tiana and Naveen are, obviously, the best—that’s not just my opinion, no, of course not—but what about nontraditional pairings?

Have you ever wondered what sort of shenanigans some of Disney’s more artful fans get up to? If you have been in any fandom long enough, you will encounter, well, some weird stuff, frankly. Disney’s fandom is no different. These pairings make little to no sense. Maybe they crossover various series, movies or shows, or maybe they mesh villain/antagonist with hero/protagonist in a series of events that make little logic. Or, even more often with visual works, the coupling is presented with little to no explanation.

Dive in, dear reader, and explore with me some Disney couples that make no sense.

20 No Strangers To Ships

Via aeolus06.deviantart.com

Okay, can we talk about this picture? Let’s have a conversation about how absolutely adorable it is. Ariel is my second favorite princess, and was my favorite growing up. Tiana is, obviously, my chosen one now, as she is hands-down the best (don’t @ me). But I love Ariel’s feisty spirit, her beautiful voice, and, frankly, how stubborn she is.

She agrees to potential indentured servitude to get what she wants.

And then we have Jim. If you don’t recall, this is Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet, an underrated masterpiece, right up there with Atlantis. The visuals of that movie are stunning, and the character growth that Jim displays, well, truly remarkable for a Disney movie. This is one (of the few pairings on this list) that I can get behind. I bet Ariel’s fun spirit would complement Jim’s own inner fire nicely, and might temper some of his moodiness.

Art by Aeolus06.

19 Ice Chips, Anyone?

Via simmeh.deviantart.com

I would love to say that if you don’t know these characters, then you’re lucky, but I can’t. Frozen, while not my favorite Disney movie, is pretty good. Before I heard “Let It Go” for the nine millionth time, it was a documented and verified bop. Introduction aside, this is a piece with Hans (yes, the secret-not-so-secret antagonist of the movie) and Kristoff, the replacement love interest. Hans doesn’t have much of a personality, as we know.

I mean, does he even actually like sandwiches?

We’ll never know. Kristoff, however, is a sarcastic and cantankerous individual who just wants to harvest himself some ice. While I can’t say that I “get” this pairing, it’s okay. It doesn’t actively confuse me. That puts it at a step well above Jafar and Princess Jasmine.

Art by Simmeh.

18 Red And Black

Via celiarts.deviantart.com

I feel many things when I look at this image. Most of them involve squirming and gagging internally, but hey, at least this is super well-drawn. Jasmine looks a little pale, but I will chalk that up to the fact that she is with Jafar, of all people.

Girl, it’s time to raise your standards.

You deserve better, Jasmine. This is the man who hypnotized your father repeatedly, tried to force you into marriage, and then tried to remove your free will and make you fall in love with him.

Hmmm. Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and go with, “No,” to this pairing. I am putting my foot down and giving a firm, emphatic no. Not ever. Never. Stop it. Just stop it. Please.

Art by Celiarts.

17 No Food In The Library!

Via iesnoth.deviantart.com

Well, while we are discussing the movie Aladdin, how about an Aladdin surprise-pairing that spans the Disneyverse? This is much, much, much more tolerable than the previous one. Here we have Aladdin lounging idly, doing what he (presumably) loves best.

Snacking. Aladdin loves snacking best.

And then we have the lovely and aptly-named Belle, doing what she loves best. Reading. Or trying to. Aladdin seems to be peeking over her shoulder to read, but she looks distracted. I really like the details here. The fabric of his vest is nice, as is the texture of Belle’s dress.

While I may not support the pairing, I’m not completely against it, either. It is not disturbing like some of these, and seems, overall, pretty harmless. Maybe they are just pals, chilling in the library.

Art by Iesnoth.

16 Hunting Partners?

Via selenaede.deviantart.com

I am a much, much bigger fan of villains being paired with villains than I am with mixing a villain with a protagonist, unless the content is meticulously explained. Even then, I may or may not support it. Somehow, this pairing still manages to confuse me, even though it is two villains who arguably deserve each other.

We have here Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, and John Clayton from Tarzan.

They both have streaky hair, impeccably chiseled facial features and a desire to attack helpless, innocent animals. Though, if memory serves, Clayton would rather the gorillas stay alive, but he is more than happy to take them anyway. What do you think these two talk about on dates? Do you think she discusses the benefits of fur based on how soft and luxurious it is, and he talks about all his achievements as an explorer?

Art by Selenaede.

15 The Midnight Bells Toll

Via colormymemory.deviantart.com

So, if you have not played Kingdom Hearts (and the subsequent sequels), then you might not know who the man with spiky hair kissing Cinderella’s hand is. He is Terra, from Birth By Sleep. It is the sixth game in the series, and was made for PSP, if you are curious. A big part of Terra’s quest is searching for his master, or trainer, and I can just imagine him stumbling across Cinderella’s world.

He is dressed as the Prince, or Prince Charming, as he is called.

While I find myself ambivalent to the pairing, I love how Cinderella’s dress is partially transformed, and partially the leftover rags from where her step-mother and sisters tore her homemade gown. I feel like Cinderella might not end up happy in this relationship. That woman deserves some stability and unconditional love with all she has been through.

Art by Colormymemory.

14 Once Upon A Dream

Via colormymemory.deviantart.com

I figured that while we are on the Birth by Sleep train (which, yes, is technically Disney, calm down), I would give you this piece. Here we have a barefoot Aurora, or Briar Rose as she was called as a child, when she is not in her princess attire. But that doesn’t look like Prince Phillip! Instead, we have Ventus, or Ven, as he is called, dressed like the prince.

Are they going to dance? Have they just danced?

Ventus travels through various worlds, just like Terra, and who knows? Maybe he stumbles across Briar Rose in one of those realms, and they fall in love. If that is the case—does the rest of the movie happen? Does she still prick her finger, causing her whole kingdom to succumb to sleep?

Art by Colormymemory.

13 Summer Forest Adventures

Via pinterest.com

This is a cute picture, but it inherently goes against all I believe in. So, here we are presented with Alice (yes, from Alice in Wonderland)—whom I have cosplayed as at Comic Con. I’m talking sewing puff sleeves people—on an en-famille adventure date!

Imagine Peter Pan and Alice taking their son on a cute little Sunday frolic through the woods.

You may be asking yourself why I am against this ship, then. Let me tell you. Because we all know Peter belongs with Wendy! Or, if you push me and argue with me, I may concede there is evidence to suggest he falls for her granddaughter, largely based on Hook. But, I suppose, every dream that you dream will come true if you believe enough, and clearly this artist believes in this pairing.

Artist unknown, but please let us know if you know who this lovely piece is by!

12 Luke DisneyWalker

Via dragonheart.deviantart.com

I don’t…I mean, um…Does this even count as a couple? Good old Mickey Mouse here is meant to obviously be Luke Skywalker. Daisy Duck is Princess Leia Organa. This is really well drawn, and I love the light effects on the lightsaber. Not only that, but the drapes in the fabric and the shading of Daisy’s identifying side buns are so well done. That being said, I am just unsure about this pairing. Even if this is not meant to be romantic, Mickey and Daisy sure do not seem like twins to me.

Call me weird, but usually you’re the same species as your sibling.

You know, at least if you’re biologically related. Heck, even if you are adopted, you tend to be the same species, but we’ll suspend our disbelief because, well, Disney.

Art by Dragonheart.

11 A Magician And A Nightingale

Via your-obt-servt.deviantart.com

A little explanation might be in order with this image. We have Jasmine, again, in a clearly romantic pairing with Jafar. However, because this is a Halloween picture, we can assume that these two are simply dressed as Jasmine and Jafar. You may be asking why a couple would dress as Jafar and Jasmine and not, say, Jasmine and Aladdin?

Because that pairing is Christine Daaé from The Phantom of the Opera, and the Phantom himself. The dynamic would make it completely backwards for the Phantom to dress as Aladdin, since he is clearly the romantic rival of the protagonist. Aladdin would be the weedy Vicomte Raoul de Chagny, clearly.

I want to dislike this pairing because I am set hard against Christine and the Phantom, and yet…I don’t know if it is the style the artist used (which I love), the soft colors, or the expressions, but I am digging this.

Art by your-obt-servt.

10 Pioneers To The New World

Via identity511.deviantart.com

This is clearly a fan edit, rather than fan art itself. This, for me, was just as startling as the Jafar and Jasmine images, but less, well... creepy. Dear reader, do you recognize these characters? That’s right. It’s Thomas from Pocahontas (think John Smith’s young friend whom he takes under his wing and teaches the ways of the new world). That’s also Tarzan and his Mom.

Last I checked, Tarzan's family were shipwrecked in Africa.

But hey, weirder things have happened on this article. It is just such a random pairing. How did the artist think of it? Do they think Thomas’s cheekbones look like Tarzan’s? Is it the luxurious, almost-but-not-quite red hair? The noses? What? The fact that they are both wearing green tops? I want answers, reader.

I want answers.

Art by identity511.

9 Playful Dates

Via benjjedi.deviantart.com

I guess I can see the appeal of this particular (and random) ship. They are both oddballs, and mess things up pretty spectacularly before saving the day. But I am getting ahead of myself. Here, we have Merida from Brave, coupled with Ralph from Wreck It Ralph. Before we dive into this, I have to say that I just adore the coloring. I love how it looks almost like water colors. It’s so pretty. Okay, back on track.

I can totally see these two bonding over stories about their pasts.

Oh, you accidentally turned your mom and three brothers into bears? That’s nothing. I almost demolished three worlds trying to be something I am not. And then Merida would show him how to fire an arrow, and he would miss fabulously.

Art by benjjedi.

8 A Couple With Rhythm

Via dreamyartistroxy3.deviantart.com

Okay, confession, dear reader. I really, really like this pairing. I think it is super cute and sweet. We clearly have Jasmine from Aladdin, but who is she spending so much time with? Why, that is none other than Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It seems a nice quiet day in Agrabah.

The two seem to have definitely hit it off.

Maybe Jasmine has not met Aladdin yet, and is enjoying her life and youth to the fullest. This could also be before Esmeralda has met Phoebus, who somehow manages to win over the dancer on a whimsical trip to the Levant. Or who knows? You can write your own script about this chance encounter. As an aside, I cannot get over their hair. It’s so voluminous.

Art by DreamyArtistRoxy3.

7 What A Spellbinding Couple

Via selenaede.deviantart.com

So, here we have another set of villains making nice and finding love together. Like with most couples here, there is a wee bit of an age difference here. This time, however, it is the woman who is probably an eon older than their male love interest.

If you have not figured it out, we have Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove (one of my favorite Disney movies), and then Voodoo Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog (my absolute favorite Disney movie of all time, forever and ever, the end).

These two make an odd couple, to say the least.

Then again, they are both interested in weird magic, cursing royalty to usurp power, and dressing flamboyantly. So, maybe they have more in common than first meets the eye.

Art by Selenaede.

6 Riding The Waves Together

Via weheartit.com (CamoCountryMermaid)

Ariel is a surprisingly popular princess. I found so many crossovers involving her, but I suppose she has an added element of fantasy, being a mermaid and all, which is what makes her so appealing. So, here we have Ariel in another super popular franchise: The Pirates Of The Caribbean. We don't even need to ask who that is, because it’s pretty obvious.

It’s Jack Sparrow, pirate, adventurer and overall shenanigan-seeker.

He looks pretty captivated by the elusive princess, who may or may not drag him down to the depths. She’s looking rather intrigued by him. I know it isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I love the sketchy look to this piece. What I am unsure of is how long this romance would last. Jack is wayward at best, and, well, Ariel might get tired of being flitted about.

Art by CamoCountryMermaid.

5 Beauty Means Danger

Via selenaede.deviantart.com

Now this is an interesting pairing of Disney villains! There is, of course, Gaston with his hideous and surprisingly large yellow gloves. But who is that, you may or may not ask? Why, that is Vanessa from The Little Mermaid. If it has been a while since you watched, you may have forgotten Vanessa—or that she was called Vanessa. Let me enlighten you, my dear reader.

That lovely dark-haired lady is, in fact, Ursula in disguise.

She has her necklace of power on (that seashell), and seems enamored with the cleft-chinned hunk. What drew these two together? Did Ursula lose her memories after being defeated by Prince Eric? They are both fascinating as villains, and I cannot help but think that they make just as fascinating a couple. I only wish we got to see what his reaction is when she reveals her true form.

Art by Selenaede.

4 Lottie Finally Gets Her Wish

Via rephead.deviantart.com

This is another fan manipulation rather than an original art piece, but I am here for it, in every single way. That muscular back is attached to none other than Shang from Mulan. And the young woman in too many shades of pink, grinning like a kid in a candy shop? Why, that’s Lottie from The Princess and the Frog, or Charlotte La Bouff. These two characters exist in vastly, vastly different times and locations. But I love this picture.

Lottie’s grin is positively infectious, and we don't blame her one bit.

Shang seems oblivious to her interest, which somehow makes it all the funnier. I do not need to know the background for this. I don’t care how Lottie ended up in Ancient China. I am entertained, and that’s what counts, right?

Art by Rephead.

3 Flying To China?

Via hirokochu18.deviantart.com

Since we were talking about Mulan photo manipulations…Have some actual Mulan! Here we can enjoy Aladdin and Mulan, clearly having used the Magic carpet, enjoying a day in Agrabah. We love how relaxed the setting looks, and how completely calm Mulan, Aladdin and Abu seem to be together.

And now I’ll stop talking and just enjoy this image.

I love how Mulan left her fancy outfits and wild makeup at home for this outing. It makes it all look so much more intimate. I also can’t say that I am too big a fan of this particular couple, but dang if I don’t adore this image. The colors work so well together, and the characters probably have a lot to discuss.

Art by Hirokochu18.

2 Red Looks Good On Everyone

Via imperviousbriarpatch.deviantart.com

Marvel. Is. Disney. Do not come at me and argue that this does not count as Disney! Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about this picture. We, again, have Ariel because, apparently, people cannot get enough of that Little Mermaid. Frankly, I think it is the red hair.

Have you ever noticed how Marvel and redheads overlap so frequently?

Anyway, she is wrapped around what seems to be a sulking Tony Stark. More specifically, Iron Man. Is this pre-Pepper? Maybe she is still married to Happy at this point. While I may not understand the pairing, like, at all, I absolutely love this picture. Look at Iron Man’s cheeks. Look at them. They are all puffed out as if he is holding is breath. I think I laughed for twenty minutes when I saw this picture.

Art by Imperviousbriarpatch.

1 The Unlikeliest Pairing

Via gigglemeister.deviantart.com

So we're gonna take our leave with this particularly weird pairing, just so we make sure you remember us well, today. We're gonna come right out and say it: only Snow White is Disney here, that's true. But how could we pass this gem up?

Through extensive research and deep rabbit-hole exploration, this is definitely the weirdest Disney-related pairing we have come across.

How could we possibly consider keeping this from our dear readers? We don't even know where to start. Did Snow White And The Seven Dwarves actually take place in Eastern Europe? Did Voldemort come across the lovely runaway princess while hiding out in the forests of Albania? This is a real pairing. Don't believe us? The internet is waiting.

Tread carefully, readers.

Art by Gigglemeister.

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