23 Fan Redesigns Of 90s Characters That Are Too Ridiculous For Words

The 90s had a lot going on in terms of pop culture, and that was reflected in its characters. Animation films changed forever when Toy Story came out as the first full CGI movie. The tragic movie Titanic was a hit. The Disney Renaissance happened through The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. Sitcoms like Friends, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and The King of Queens, to name only a few, had concurred TV channels.

The popularity of anime further expanded. Kids' animated shows went through a renaissance of their own as well, becoming more critically acclaimed for their deeper characters. In other words, cartoons were no longer just cats chasing mice, as entertaining as that was.

From pop culture alone, it's no wonder why people miss the 90s. People loved 90s pop culture to the point where today, remakes are the new thing. Beauty and the Beast got a remake and Aladdin is coming. This could be why fans are also remaking their favorite 90s characters in their own style. We can see these classic characters in different clothes, ages, and make them more realistic or cartoony. If you were a lover of the 90s shows like Rugrats, Sailor Moon, and/or Buffy, then check out this list because we have what you like.

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23 Dexter Grown Up

via: entfx.com

From 1996 to 2003, Dexter’s Lab showed its fans the amusing life of a secret genius kid, Dexter, with his annoying sister, Deedee. Mandark was also there, acting as Dexter’s rival in being the greatest genius.

What if after they got older, their laboratories were no longer secret and they worked for the government?

Maybe they are still rivals and work for different parties with opposing values. How would an adult Deedee be involved though? Maybe she and Dexter would only meet on family gatherings.

Art was made by Isaiah Stephens.

22 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

via: jaredkrichevsky.blogspot.com/

This Krumm looks like nightmare fuel with how good the artist did at making him look realistic. The show Aaahh!!! Real Monsters focused on three monsters, including Krumm, who go to a monster school under a city dump.

The episodes focused on them attempting to scare others for class assignments.

One of Krumm’s most notable scare tactics was his stinky armpits and the fact that he holds his eyes in his hands. Before you ask, yes, losing his eyes was common in the show.

Art was made by Jared Krichevsky.

21 The Simpsons

via: deviantart.com/drmistytang

“Haven't actually watched The Simpsons in a number of years now, but I cannot tell you how many fond memories I have of the show,” wrote the artist. “I've been wanting to draw something Simpsons related for a long time now. But they're so stylized that I just couldn't figure out how to do it. But now that I've been doing this for so long now I felt pretty good about drawing them (especially after drawing Cubert). I'm pretty happy with how this one came out, especially since it was just a quick sketch.”

Art was made by drmistytang.

20 Rocket Power Reggie

via: buzzfeed.com

Rocket Power as faded from pop culture knowledge as years have passed, but this art goes to show that not everyone has forgotten the cartoon. Reggie was a 12-year-old sassy tomboy in the group of characters. She was sort of the token girl character of the group.

She was an aspiring publisher and loved sports.

The tattoo on this adult version of Reggie is a nice touch and her long purple hair is gorgeous. It seems as she grew up, she embraced a more feminine look.

Art was made by Isaiah Stephens.

19 A Darker Team Rocket

via: zacharyiswackary.tumblr.com/

With the popularity of Pokémon and Team Rocket in general, there are tons of redesigns out there. Jessie and James are some of the most lovable villains to come out of the 90s from James’ cross-dressing to Jessie’s crazy temper. The villains are never much taken seriously, but they probably would be if they got this makeover done. They look like they are out of a Goth and punk comic book. It’s hard to picture them blasting off again like this.

Art was made by zacharyiswackary.

18 Futurama’s Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

via: 3dtotal.com

“This is my new work, inspired by Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth Futurama series,” wrote the artist. “Start with a sphere for the sketch, then with retopologia, sculpture and maps in ZBrush, correction of the mesh, uvs, and render in 3ds max and composition in photoshop.” If you didn’t understand half of that quote, you are not alone. A lot of artistry and technological knowledge was used to create this piece. The professor looks so real that it’s kind of creepy.

Art was made by Carols Lopez.

17 Spinelli From Recess

via: boredpanda.com

Tomboy girls were a popular 90s trend which created a lot of girls who zealously hated all things girly in elementary school through middle school.

Anybody else remember the little girls who hated pink and dolls?

These tomboy girl characters included Spinelli, who solved most of her issues with her fists and was known to be the most aggressive character in the gang of Recess kids. Naturally, wrestling was among her favorite activities.

Art was made by TatiMoons.

16 Grown-Up Chuckie

via: theguardian.com

He was 2-years-old during Rugrats but as of this year, Chuckie would be 29-years-old. Feel old yet? Chuckie was the worrying pessimist of the Rugrats group and was known for his tragic backstory with his mother's passing when he was a few months old. Personality-wise, he was the opposite of his adventurous friend Tommy. As he grows up though, he doesn't seem so much like a scared baby. His adult-self redesign looks awesome and can be easily imagined as someone from 2018.

Art was made by Celeste Pille.

15 South Park

via: deviantart.com/tamaytka

The first episode of South Park came out in 1997. Despite its childish look, it was definitely not meant for children. Nothing was sacred to the show, not religion, not politics, or anything else.

The crude humor makes it either well-loved or despised depending on the individual.

You could laugh one episode and be offended in the another, because they make fun of everyone and everything. This redesign definitely gives the characters a more gentle and innocent appearance.

Art was made by tamaytka.

14 Human Animaniacs

via: pinterest.com

Animaniacs was watched by many children but a ton of the jokes were intended for adults. Since the Animaniacs were meant to bring chaos and humor to serious situations, it was easy to create serious situations already known to some viewers. Examples of this included episodes where with characters based on adult pop culture such as The Godfather and Goodfellas. This redesign of Wakko, Yakko, and Dot is cute. Don’t let the innocent faces fool you though. They are troublemakers.

Artist is unknown.

13 Cartoon Buffy

via: deviantart.com/despop

Since it began in 1997, Buffy the Vampire Slayer made a huge impact on pop culture. The show led to the publications of books, endless fan-fiction, and even anthropological academic essays.

It certainly was a breath of life into the supernatural TV series genre and has influenced future popular shows like Teen Wolf and Supernatural.

The alumni who made the show went on to do other huge projects like LOST, Once Upon a Time, and Smallville. This redesign of a cartoon Buffy looks like a screenshot from a real show!

Art was made by DESPOP.

12 Animated X-Files

via: deviantart.com/gabitozati

The X-Files legacy is vast. It directly inspired other supernatural series like Gravity Falls, Fringe, and Dark Skies. Scully was a heavy influence on female investigative characters, making them stronger, wiser, and perceived with greater respect. The fandom, some call them “X-Philes,” is small but devoted. The show also caught many fans who did not consider themselves sci-fi enthusiasts because the show’s interesting characters and investigative aspects were so strong.

This animated redesign of Moulder and Scully is adorable. What could they be looking at?

Art was made by gabitozati.

11 Tokyo Fashion Sailor Moon

via: pinterest.com

This redesign is awesome just for Sailor Moon’s clothes. That pizza dress is perfect for her, since she loves to eat to an annoying degree.

The bunny socks are perfect too since her name, Usagi, is rabbit in Japanese.

Also because rabbits are associated with the moon in Japanese culture. From the uneven length of her pigtails, to her heavy make-up, and fishnet tights, she sports a punk style. I wonder, does her hoodie have holes for her hair buns?

Artist is unknown.

10 Scar From The Lion King

via: pinterest.com

Scar was one of Disney’s more serious villains, acting subtle while among his family. He is a character who is known to remain calm while others are over the top. Truly though, his song “Be Prepared” could not be more over the top.

This humanized version of the sinister lion got his eyes down perfectly. Lions don’t really have beards, but they translated the different color around Scar’s snout as a beard, which is creative and it works.

Artist is unknown.

9 The Brain

via: pinterest.com

Realistic renditions of certain characters often come out unsettling, this Brain fan-art included. With exaggerated head proportions to show he’s smart, Brain is a pretty odd-looking character. Then again, he was never meant to be cute or pretty anyway. He’s a sinister genius rat.

Pinky and the Brain was a purely 90s show, running from 1995 to 1998.

Brain was not solely a sinister character who wanted world domination. He actually had some depth in thinking he wanted to make the world a better place and thought only he could accomplish it.

Artist is unknown.

8 Daria

via: deviantart.com/mioree-art

“One of my favorite cartoons of all time,” wrote the artist. “I needed to unwind so I made this.”

Daria the sitcom ran from 1997 to 2002. This redesign is of the characters, Daria and Jane. The original show has more of a King of the Hill sort of animation, so this redesign has made the characters far artsier looking. The sitcom used Daria’s monotone nature and overall distrust and hate of society as a platform for comedy.

Art was made by mioree-art.

7 The Powerpuff Girls

Released from 1998 to 2005, the original Powerpuff Girls were a huge hit. They inspired anime, comic books, tons of merchandise, films, music, and video games. The little girl superheroes were just so charming and fun to watch.

Their personalities really set them apart with Bubbles being girly, Blossom being academic, and Buttercup being more of a tomboy.

Their father, simply called “the Professor,” was also one of the best family figures in cartoon history with how much he cared for his super little girls as a single father.

Art was made by Relseiy.

6 Mulan

via: deviantart.com/agwong

“Hua Mulan. The non-Disney versions of the story don't end well for her, although she is immortalized as a symbol of duty and patriotism,” wrote the artist.

Indeed Mulan is originally not a Disney creation from 1998, but a legend in Chinese history. Like the artist mentioned, Mulan’s legend did not have the Disney ending. She discovers after returning from the war her father perished, her mother remarried, and a Khan has summoned her to be a concubine. Mulan ends her own life in the legend. This redesign really captures that sadness.

Art was made by agwong.

5 SpongeBob And Patrick

via: pinterest.com

The end of the 90s began with SpongeBob Squarepants. This show started in 1999 and is still going. Few people on this planet don’t know about this show. The cartoon’s reach covers theme parks, theater, comic books, endless merchandise, movies, and video games.

The hit that is this show was originally inspired by marine biology.

This redesign turned a starfish and sponge into humans. SpongeBob looks a bit like a small child which is strange since he happily holds his restaurant job.

Artist is unknown.

4 Ed, Edd, And Eddy

via: deviantart.com/bloochikin

Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy came out the same year as SpongeBob Squarepants in 1999. The show featured a cul-de-sac where three boys kept trying to con their way into some money to buy jawbreakers. The three characters had memorable personalities such as Ed’s stupidity, Edd’s hesitance, and Eddy’s greed.

All the characters had some cruel streaks, so it was hard to decide who to side with in the episodes at times. That said, the three Eds typically failed in their cons.

Art was made by bloochikin.

3 Courage The Cowardly Dog

via: deviantart.com/wantsunami

Courage the Cowardly Dog ran from 1999 to 2002. The black comedy science fantasy show was about a scared dog, ironically named Courage, who tries to protect his old owners on their farm in the middle of nowhere.

He protects them from everything including aliens, con artists, and other strange frights.

This redesign shows Courage as more dog-like. Though it begs up the question, what breed is Courage anyway? He’s probably some kind of mutt. Can’t get rid of his pink fur though, or else we wouldn’t recognize him.

Art was made by wantsunami.

2 Ren And Stimpy

via: pinterest.com

The Ren and Stimpy Show can be remembered as unsettling and mildly chilling just for its grown-up jokes and violence. The style of the show in itself was creepy, with the character’s eyes and teeth often as the main artistic focus.

This redesign of the unstable little dog and dumb cat makes them out to be far more innocent. You could even call them cute with this redesign. If you watched the original cartoon though, you know their original forms are actually kind of unsettling.

Artist is unknown.

1 Roxanne From A Goofy Movie

via: deviantart.com/asieybarbie

A Goofy Movie focused on Goofy and his son, Max's estranged relationship. With Max being a distant, angry teenager and Goofy wanting to bond, they go on a road trip together.

Roxanne was Max’s crush from school.

Despite being a weird dog-like person as Max and Goofy are, the creators made her actually quite pretty and very cute. The movie was not too popular at the time but has grown a bit of a cult following.

Art was made by asieybarbie.

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