10 Awesome Fan Versions Of Pokémon As Robots

As much as everyone loves the classics, we love to see our favorite Pokémon remixed into a Pokébot!

Pokémon is a global sensation, having won the hearts and imaginations of millions of players. Be it with cosplays, plushies, analyses, or fan art, there’s no shortage of creativity to be found in the community anchored around the franchise.

As much as everyone loves the classics, however, it’s always fun to imagine how they could be remade — in this case, by blending them with one of the Japanese culture’s other major exports: giant robots.

Though these Pokébots run the gamut from the cuddly and cute to the terrifying and imposing, each is the product of time, dedication, and talent on the part of their creators and speaks to the passion Pokémon inspires in its fans.

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10 Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur

Created by derangedhyena on IMGUR, Bulbasaur and its evolutions keep much of their signature charm here ­— even as they look like they’ve gained an awful lot of defense from that metal plating and thick claws.

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While Bulbasaur is as cute and cuddly as ever, Ivysaur’s leaves look like they’re ready to do some damage and Venusaur seems far more imposing, complete with glowing red eyes, a hulking carapace, and metal teeth that look ready to crush enemy that may come its way into scrap. In this metallic form, Ground, Water, and Rock opponents don’t look like they’ll stand any chance of coming out unscathed.

9 Feraligatr

Created by arpee_j, via Pic Luck, Feraligatr was always sort of ferocious. With a height of more than seven-and-a-half feet and weighing nearly 200 pounds, there was no question that this final evolution of Totodile had really upped the imposing factor — especially when it came to the truly ferocious set of teeth.

But, no matter the height, no matter the jaws, it was hard to escape the features that called so clearly back to Totodile. The talons were terrifying, but those big eyes and toothy grin still kept Feraligatr from having the bite of a fearsome predator. That’s all changed in robot form, however, with the grin looking decidedly less friendly and decidedly more fierce.

8 Mr. Mime

Ryan Van Dongen created this Pokébot and it’s safe to say Mr. Mime is a polarizing Pokémon, treading far too close to the uncanny valley for some fans, and with a history in the show that’s more than a little eyebrow-raising. This giant robotic take on the silent Psychic type isn’t likely to win over any detractors, but it’s hard to deny there’s something almost majestic about him when rendered at such a scale, and a kind of charm in the way those on the street stop to wave.

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Just don’t let your mind linger too long on whether it’s genuine, or a byproduct of Mr.Mime’s abilities.

7 Magikarp

Created by 太斗 on Pic Luck, there’s no shortage of descriptors for Magikarp in its original form. While the evolved Gyarados is pure terror, the humble Magikarp is instead described in the various Pokédex as “horribly weak,” “underpowered,” ”virtually worthless,” and “a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon that is only capable of flopping and splashing.”


This take on a robotic Magikarp, though, seems intentionally designed to inspire a little terror of its own. In addition to a hard, armored body that looks fully capable of maneuvering in even the toughest currents, a close look even reveals a set of razor-sharp chompers absent from the original design.

6 Scizor

Created by green_pirate64 on Reddit, if you were to mash up Pokémon and Transformers, then this ultra-modern take on Scizor might well be the result. Retaining the classic colors and much of the iconic silhouette and stance, this robotic take puts new emphasis on the Steel in the Bug/Steel type.

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With flames from the jets keeping Scizor aloft replacing the traditional wings and with the claws supplanted by lasers, this robo-bug is more than ready for battle.Be sure not to miss any of the finer details on the base at Scizor’s feet, though —talk about a close call for that poor Pokémon Center!

5 Pikachu

Placed on Reddit by derangedhyena — robot or not, it’s hard to deny that this take on the Pokémon franchise’s signature companion is as charming and adorable as ever. There’s certainly a spark between these two playful pals!

Strangely, for a design that’s inherently more mechanical than the Pikachu fans know and love, this robotic take feels more animal-like in nature, thanks to its offset, off-round eyes and captured in mid-frolic.

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One especially fascinating detail is the way the tail seems to serve as a rudder, with the gears to move side-to-side to help robo-Pika maneuver through the wilds and into battle. It’s these small design choices that really help to make the concept feel complete and believable.

4 Vespiquen

Created by 3B3651 on Pixiv, Vespiquen looks as regal as ever, even in mechanized form. There’s no shortage of clever adaptions, including a bottom half that’s morphed from honeycomb into a revolver chamber, reminding all to pay their due respect to the queen.

While Vespiquen retains the signature head shape of her original form, it’s hard to miss the influence from Transformers. Much like Scizor, Vespiquen teases what a blending of the two properties might look like.

Packing the added punch of cold hard steel and a stinger that’s taken a serious level in intimidation, it’s hard to see this version of Vespiquen fainting in battle for anything.

3 Nosepass

Created by tk8 on Pixiv, if someone were to ask you to rank Pokémon ripe for a transition into robot form, it's easy to understand why Nosepass might not make it to the top of your list. Despite its electromagnetic nose, the average Nosepass moves only 3/8ths of an inch every year — which is pretty impressive when you consider how closely it resembles one of the heads found on Easter Island.

Robo-Nosepass pays homage to the classic design, using it as a clever building block. It’s a delightful take on the genre, turning Nosepass’s head into ears, shoulders, knees, arms, and feet while never losing the ‘giant robot’ vibe.

2 Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise

Placed on IMGUR by Khrisamisu, sometimes, it’s not enough to just dream it; sometimes, you have to build it. These incredible figures were built from repurposed Gundam model kits and painted to attain the spot-on color of their classic counterparts. They perfectly capture the Japanese robot aesthetic and do a fantastic job blending the worlds of Pokémon and Gundam while highlighting the passion and creativity of one fan.

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For those interested in trying to recreate these amazing builds at home, creator Khrisamisu documented the process extensively on Imgur and even included helpful information on just which paints to use to really sell the “Gunda-Mon” effect.

1 Zapdos

Created by Deviant Art artist, beholderkin, of course this list could only end on a “Legendary” note.

The Electric/Flying type Zapdos is completely transformed here, made even more regal and imposing through the alteration of its wings into rotors, its feathers into spikes, and the sharpening of its talons into fine metal points. Even without the lightning bolts, this would be one ‘bot to watch out for. Just look at that beak!

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While always a struggle to catch, this particular Zapdos seems ready to run down any trainer foolish enough to try such a thing and would certainly be a challenge befitting a true Pokémon master.

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