25 Fanboy Memes That Are Hilariously True

Love them or hate them, they're everywhere, and they're ready to give you an opinion at a moment’s notice. While some people get tired of fanboys and their endless commentary on video games, movies, and comics, at their core they're simply passionate fans. And as it turns out, passionate fans keep things going. They're the reason there's a new Deadpool sequel, they're that reason Fortnite keeps getting updates and they're the reason Mario Kart is headed to smartphones. So rather than spreading hate, why not send out some love to the fanboys fueling the creation of content we all know and enjoy? What better way to do that than reflect on some of the funniest fanboy memes?

It’s healthy to laugh at yourself, isn’t it? You know you’re the one hiding behind that anonymous username in order to leave snarky posts all over that online form. Or maybe you’re the guy decked out head-to-toe in some awesome cosplay at Comic-Con. Perhaps you’re even the dude who just got into an argument over the better Marvel movie while buying a T-shirt at Hot Topic.

Although you may try to deny your over-obsession with the world of nerdy pop culture, don’t be embarrassed — we’re here to laugh alongside you. If we can’t make fun of your supreme opinion on that sci-fi flick you haven’t even watched yet, then whose opinion are we going to make fun of?

Sit back, relax and read on if you’re ready to be immersed in the internet’s finest memes on fanboys. Let them be your guide to the complexities of this one-of-a-kind species.

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25 When You Find Your Crowd

via: twitter.com

YouTube’s pretty fun, isn’t it? Check any of the comment sections on a Marvel video, and sure, there’s probably going to be some hate from all the DC fanboys out there and vice versa. YouTube is a breeding ground for fanboy fights (really, it’s a space for all kinds of fights). A trailer could be objectively perfect and people would still find something about it to argue over.

YouTube is actually the third most visited site on the internet after Google and Facebook, making it the perfect place to find a whole bunch of fanboys who hate the same stuff you do. There are also lots of channels perfect for fanboys invested in anything and everything. With that being said, there's also a whole bunch of channels for fanboys to hate on. That’s where the real party starts.

I’m sure somewhere, there are fanboys who make a sport out of serial-disliking YouTube videos. The hate is no match for the competing fanboys, though. Most fanboy brands are popular enough to stand up on their own, no matter how much shade is thrown their way. For every Call of Duty hater, there are another ten COD fanboys ready to prove how much their love for it never dies.

24 When You Liked It Before It Was Cool

via: thegamer.com

Ah, Pokémon. Remember when you had to buy a Game Boy if you wanted to catch ‘em all? Remember when you actually could catch ‘em all? Today, there are hundreds of Pokémon. And since the introduction of Pokémon GO, everyone’s been able to play. Fanboys know that they’re the real trend-setters. None of these newbies understand the feeling of bliss one got after catching their first Pokémon on a game named after primary colors.

Today, there are 122 known Pokémon games (not all video games, mind you). More than likely, the list will continue to grow for a long while. Nintendo confirmed at E3 2017 that a Pokémon game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point, and rumor has it that more info on this game will be released soon. E3 2018 is only a few weeks away, so perhaps Pokémon fanboys won’t have to wait long to be excited again.

Being real though, with all things, it can be pretty darn frustrating to a fanboy when everyone calls themselves a fan even though they haven’t been there since the beginning. Were you even born when the original Pokémon came out random kid playing with a smartphone on the street? No? Then we've got a problem.

23 When You’re Trying Your Best To Defend Your Fandom

via: imgur.com

Sometimes it’s hard to be a fanboy. Sometimes your fandom falls a little short, but don’t you worry. You’ll come up with some way to make it appear better than it actually is. Maybe your favorite franchise is slacking now, but it’ll make a comeback. Just you wait.

After all, there are many comeback-worthy outlets outside of movies. Superhero franchises can come out with great video games, cool action figures and vibrant comics to make up for the moments they’re falling behind. After all, one franchises’ success doesn’t automatically equal another franchises’ failure (although when a fanboy’s favorite franchise succeeds, he’ll probably argue with that one).

Perhaps this meme is a little extreme. Marvel doesn’t actually have 20 films lined up that we know of, although they’re probably prepared for that many. On the flipside, DC likely has far more in the works than we know of, as well. With so many fans from across the world, it makes sense for them to be uber prepared. More content means more fans, and more fans means more money. You better be ready to buy stacks of movie tickets for the rest of your life because you’re absolutely going to need them.

22 When You’re Trying To Fund Your Newest Obsession

via: xboxachievements.com

We’ve all been there, trying to hand in our pile of overrated video games only to find out they’re worth a whole lot less than we imagined. Fanboying isn’t always easy. It’s hard enough to deal with all the haters. Now you can’t afford your newest obsession either? No need to fear though, you can formulate your own opinions based on that of the fanboys online. Maybe you can’t afford to play the newest games, but boy, you can argue like you’ve lived through them.

Believe it or not, Game Stop actually gives out more than $1 billion in trade credits each year. Nearly ¾ of that credit is applied to new purchases. So while your trade-in might not seem like much now, it will add up over time as your overplayed game collection grows.

If Game Stop isn’t your style, stores like 2nd & Charles, and websites like secondspin.com might take your items. You’ll have to find out for yourself, though, if the value they put on your games is greater than the value GameStop put on them. If all else fails, don’t forget that there are plenty of fellow fanboys out there ready to trade with you. Make some friends who have similar tastes and your gaming habits will be a little easier to afford.

21 When You’re Team Marvel

via: screenrant.com

Those DC fanboys don’t have anything on you. Their movies don’t contain half the humor or complexities the Marvel ones do, and they weren’t the ones who just watched their movie smash box office records, were they? Of course not! Team Marvel is the way to go. Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow — even Guardians of the Galaxy.

You don’t need Superman when you’ve got a talking tree and raccoon to protect outer space, and you know it.

It’s going to be hard to wait for the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War to come out, and we’re right there with you. Even Captain Marvel, which won’t be released until March 2019, seems so far away. Keep it calm; Avengers: Infinity War will likely be hanging out in theaters for a while longer and all your fellow fans will be there to watch it alongside you for the eighth time. Sure, it’s not like watching the movie more times is going to change the ending, but you ought to give it a try. Plus, you can hold some pride knowing that DC probably won’t get half the attention your favorite superhero franchise did anytime soon. You can flash those box office records at them for a little longer, at least.

20 When You Go Through A Breakup But You Also Love Nintendo

via: funnyjunk.com

Remember that Nintendo fangirl you ended up dating? Turns out, it didn’t last. Breakups are tough. But Mario gets it – just remember all the times he was separated from the princess due to Bowser’s undying ability to kidnap her (yes, the Mushroom Kingdom needs some better security).

They’re not just 60 percent water and 40 percent arguments. Fanboys have emotions, too.

When your fellow fanboy is feeling down, it’s your job to support him. Play a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. Melee. Let him win. Rant on online forms with him. Talk it all out. He’ll get through it, and you will, too.

When you’re a fanboy, of course, you’re going to be quoting your favorite video game, movie or comic whenever you get the opportunity to. Are you ever going to get to quote Mario in this way again? Take advantage of it. And don’t forget to quote him during the good times, too. Say a solid, “let’s-a-go!” when you’re headed out. Say “wa-hoo!” when you successfully win a game. You’re lying if you didn’t just read that in Mario’s voice. Fanboys know it’s always a good time to mimic their favorite characters. It’s far too fun not to.

19 When Your Fandom Gets Victory Over The Competing One

via: cbr.com

Isn’t it the coolest when you walk into the theater and see the line for the newest movie in your favorite film franchise stretching out the door? Meanwhile, that other film is failing. Of course, the fanboys are going to ignore the fact that the competing movie has already been out for several weeks. Their film is obviously the better one. They know that.

Better yet, check out those box office records. Laugh at the rest of the world for a little bit. They all tried to tell you it wasn’t going to outdo the last movie, but look at you now. It’s not like you directed or wrote the movie or anything, but it still feels like your success. Maybe you didn’t spend hours on set or late nights of planning, but you should still be able to celebrate, right?

Go treat yourself to some tacos or French fries, fanboys. Your film succeeded again.

And when you’re on the opposite side, wiping away your tears because your celebration was temporary, it is totally time to stuff your face with giant spoonfuls of ice cream. In fact, when isn’t there a time to react to fandom news with food?

18 When You Succumb To the Fandom

via: snippetmedia.com

It’s a little difficult to enter a fandom that’s already flooded with fanboys. But as a master fanboy yourself, you’re not going to let their judgment stop you. You’re going to join them. It’ll only take you a few days to binge all the Marvel films and get through some comics, right? Then it’s time to jump in.

The fanboy world is a fun one, and it doesn’t take long to surround yourself with it. All it takes is a little research and a lot of dedication. Soon you’re the friend everyone will be calling when they want to understand the ending of the film that just came out or the right way to play a video game. Rather than copying the trendsetter-nerds, you’ll be a trendsetter-nerd. Wear that title with pride. Walk around like the fanboy king you are. Wakanda thanks you.

Not everyone is going to accept that you’re more than a newbie, but you’ll get there. You’ll prove yourself over time. And when you’re there, you’ll be more than ready to judge all the other new people in the same way you used to be judged. It’s a fun position to be in, huh? That is, until you’ve discovered the next greatest fandom you’re just a little late to join.

17 When Something Major Shakes Up A Fandom You’re Not A Part Of

via: superiorofficerscouncil.org

I know it’s hard to not want to get involved in that whole mix-up in the DC universe, but you’re stronger than that. You know Marvel’s better anyway. Or you DC fans out there, I know you really want to share your opinion on how messed up the ending of Avengers: Inifity War was, but you don’t absolutely have to share your opinion. Sometimes it’s better to let some things slide and watch your competing fandom work it out for itself.

Deadpool knew his boundaries, see? Sure, it wouldn’t have hurt to step in and save the world a little more. But he didn’t need to, and he knew that. While some fanboys have trouble holding back an opinion on something they know absolutely nothing about, others have mastered the art of sticking to the things they care about the most.

According to totally fake statistics I’m making up right now, ninety percent of fanboys have difficulty not getting involved in arguments of other fandoms from time to time. It can be pretty hard to resist. There are so many ways to get yourself into an argument, too. Why are there so many options? We might not know, but you better figure it out quick because all of the internet is waiting for you.

16 When You Know Your Video Game Choice Is Way Better

via: memedroid.com

C’mon, let’s be honest. Of course, you know which video game console is better. As a fanboy, you have every game and you’re convinced you’ve mastered each. Or maybe you’re one of those PC gamers. Send the PlayStation hate our way, we can handle it. The competing fanboys may be ready to give you a history of their console and list off all the games that make it better, but they’re no match for you. After all, you’ve been practicing this ever since you got into Minecraft eight years ago.

Fanboys love to defend their consoles. Ask any of them, and they’ll tell you that all consoles were not created equal. That being said, they won’t ever agree on the best one. For the record, the best-selling console of all time was Sony’s PlayStation 2, which was released in 2000 followed closely by the Nintendo DS, which was released in 2004. Over 157 million PlayStation 2’s and 154 million Nintendo DS have been sold since their releases. The numbers are little hard to argue with.

The most popular system released within the last 10 years is the Nintendo 3DS, selling 65.78 million units. While consoles don't sell as much these days as they did several years ago, there are still plenty of people who play them and plenty of people who have strong opinions on them.

15 When You Love A Netflix Show Too Much

via: funnyjunk.com

Ah, Netflix. It didn’t offer its streaming service until 2007, so what did we do before then? With so much to watch including The Flash, Arrow, and Marvel’s Daredevil you can bet your fanboy heart that watching an entire series in a day is a must. Who needs sleep when you can have superheroes? Who needs friends when all of your friends can hang out on the screen in front of you?

People might judge the fanboy for being lazy or for having no life, but why live your own when you can live through thousands of others, right? And let’s admit it – is there anyone cooler than these elaborate, heavily-costumed characters? Probably not.

Fanboys can be binge-watching masters. Aren’t we all sometimes? And with new seasons of your favorite shows coming out soon, there will be even more to get through. Season 2 of Marvel’s Luke Cage is premiering on June 22. Daredevil's third season is expected to come out later this year. Even the Iron Fist will be making a comeback with a 2019 release. If you can’t wait, the original seasons of these shows remain on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. Grab some popcorn and relax. You’ve got a lot of shows to catch up on.

14 When You're Team DC

via: memecenter.com

We all know that DC comics came before Marvel comics – so why try to beat the original, clearly more attractive superhero franchise? For starters, DC has real, serious plots, unlike all that Marvel fluff. Right? The Avengers don’t have anything on the Justice League except for billions of dollars at the box office. So back off haters, we’ve got Aquaman coming at you this year and Shazam coming at you next. Who cares that we barely knew who these superheroes were just a few years ago. DC is coming after you with all the power and poor CGI it can.

Perhaps DC’s most arguably strong movie in recent years is Wonder Woman. Domestically grossing $412,563,408 in 2017, it ranked as the third highest grossing movie of the year of its release. Yes, it beat out Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok. So while DC may have some catching up to do during the 2018 year, it managed to land a movie on top during the 2017 one. That’s something to celebrate.

Furthermore, DC has freaking Batman. Did you hear me? Batman. And while there is even more debate from fanboys within the superhero franchise as to who was the better batman, at least they can all be happy to have him on their side.

13 When A Mario Game Gets Too Real With You

via: reddit.com

It’s been over 10 years since Super Paper Mario released, but this scene isn’t even close to being outdated.

We know that fanboys are stereotypically known as passionate defenders of games they shouldn’t have a say in.

I think we were all laughing out loud when this scene came up. Even Princess Peach had to decide whether identifying as a fanboy would help her get through the giant door looming behind her.

The Paper Mario series has always had some snark to it. The Black Chest Demon in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was particularly memorable by cursing Mario with some skill that was actually a benefit to the player. Toad also memorably, in Paper Mario: Color Splash, waved his hands and said, “Mario! Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser! No one could have predicted this!,” echoing the excitement of every Nintendo fanboy in the universe.

Paper Mario is the game for Nintendo fanboys, bringing together the feel of classic Mario with the newness of modern video game technology. Although now that I’ve said it, I should probably take it back. I’m sure a fanboy out there is ready to fight me on that, even though there isn’t another series out there in which Mario can fold himself up into a paper airplane.

12 When You Get Through A Year Of Great Releases

via: reddit.com

2016 was a doozy, but the Marvel films released that year made it a whole lot better. Captain America: Civil War gave us the opportunity to freak out as our favorites squabbled amongst themselves. Doctor Strange introduced us to one of the more important characters in Avengers: Infinity War. And of course, Deadpool was there to thrill us with some ridiculously edgy humor.

Every year, fanboys have a whole bunch to deal with. There’s always something new coming out in the sci-fi and superhero worlds, and there’s barely a moment to breathe in-between. While sometimes it feels like it’s taking forever for the next film to come out, it’ll be here before you know it. By the time you get to the end of the year, you’ll be wondering how you made it through and totally ready for the next. Marvel already has movies scheduled out through 2022, so there’s a lot to look forward to. You Marvel fanboys know there will be a whole bunch more after that.

Also, don’t neglect the comics. If you’re antsy for the movies, why not check out the new Hulk, Doctor Strange or Ant-Man comics releasing in June? Marvel’s on a role, and you better be there to see it.

11 When They’re All “The Best”

via: memecenter.com

Video games can be awesome, right? Ask any fanboy, and he’ll be sure to agree. While fanboys are sometimes criticized for being nerds, really, they’re just over-excited. Who can blame them? With Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo always coming up with the raddest games and consoles, there’s so much to look forward to.

Don’t you love the wall of video games stacked up behind him? Maybe they’re expensive, but if they all deserve a 12-out-of-10 score, they’ve got to be worth it. More than 150 million Americans play video games, so you’re not alone. People who own video game consoles in TV households spend about a half-hour each day playing them. While some fanboys might feel singled out, there’s a whole bunch of other fanboys scattered across the world (and more specifically, on online forms).

While China has the leading gaming market, the United States follows behind in spot No. 2 and Japan claims third.

The video game world is vast. There are all types of games for all types of people, but fanboys know that they control which ones are best. Give them a round of applause for informing the rest of us — we could have never figured it out on our own, now, could we?

10 When Your Fellow Fanboys Skip Class

via reddit.com

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re the only one who gets the obscure pop culture reference you just made? TV shows give us a lot of good material, so wouldn’t it be nice if everyone burst out into sporadic laughter when they heard a solid reference? Where are the people who can finish a quote when you need them to be there?

Fanboys have to deal with a lot of un-pop-cultured people.

It sucks, doesn’t it? Rick and Morty specifically is jam-packed with quotable moments just like SpongeBob SquarePants, Gravity Falls or the newer Final Space. Although not everyone is going to be the cartoon nerd you are, the internet is flooded with people ready to talk it out. It’s your job to find them.

It’s also your job to make your fellow fanboys actually show up to class for once. Sure, the learning’s okay and all, but it’s far more fun to have someone understand your reference in person than it is online. The hallway of learning, the fountain of learning, the lockers of learning and the stairs of learning seem to beg for their presence, right?

There’s always the option to create some fanboys. Introduce your classmates, your coworkers, your neighbors and your friends to the things you’re obsessed with. Maybe they’ll annoyingly rub it in everyone’s face alongside you.

9 When You Know Which Characters Are The Best

via: smashingstar64.deviantart.com

There’s nothing like the original, and the fanboys are ready to tell you about it. While Tails, Knuckles, and Amy can be pretty fun, be ready for some Sonic fans to disagree with you.

This preference phenomenon stretches far past SEGA. Fanboys have opinions on every one of the characters in their fandom and can defend their favorites like it’s nobody’s business. We all know favorites don’t stop at the characters – there are favorite movies, favorite scenes, favorite instrumentals in said movie, favorite costumes, favorite lines, favorite interactions, etc. Movie makers can’t pack so much solid content into one film and not expect it to all be overanalyzed, can they? The same goes for video game creators. Do they really believe that ever last fine detail is going to be ignored by the fanbase? You better believe the fanboys will catch it.

You can support your local fanboy by supporting his very personal opinion. Maybe you don’t give a care about his ranking of something, but he gives a care. Dealing with fanboys is pretty simple. Smile and say yes. Support his obsession. And never, ever, ever correct him. He’ll just have to learn from his own mistakes.

8 When You’re Ready To Bash A Competing Fandom

via: memecenter.com

As a fanboy, finding the dark parts of a competing franchise is your specialty. And what better way to prove it then by holding some actual dirt on Minecraft?

Minecraft fanboys are a special breed of people, having strong preferences for specific servers and mods in a world made up of blocks and Creepers. But really, what type of fanboy isn’t a special breed?

Fanboys don’t like to admit it, but oftentimes they’ll go sneak on another fandom just to know the deets. Don’t you dare for one second think they’re actually into the competing fandom though, or you better be prepared for another lengthy speech on how bad that new film was.

The educated fanboy is the slightly less annoying fanboy.

So don’t judge him for sneaking into the Marvel premiere in a trench coat and sunglasses. As much as he denies it, you know he can’t totally hate the film if he’s taking some time to figure it out.

Regardless, there’s plenty of competing fandom dirt that can be dug up on the internet. Simply listen to all the other fanboys who have already stated their complaints, and go off of those. They won’t be hard to find.

7 When Your Fandom Can Stand Up For Itself

via: memecenter.com

Sometimes you don’t need to argue why your fandom is the best one. Sometimes it’s just awesome on its own. Batman wears black and has a cape for crying out loud. What’s cooler than that?

Fanboys are used to being right. So although they might not have a solid argument to go against another fan’s solid argument, they can make it out by holding to the opinions they’ve come to believe.

The haters won’t faze the fanboys, no.

Because they’re Batmanahem… stuck in their ways, sometimes literally, as this meme demonstrates.

There is never just one fanboy. So when one is falling behind, another one can pick up the slack. Online forums see lots of dudes having each other’s backs when it’s time to battle another fandom. Where there is hate, there’s also a whole bunch of love although they might never admit it.

Sure, the stereotypical fanboy takes a lot of guff. But sometimes the movie really is as good as they think it is. Sometimes everyone is impressed by the storytelling and dialogue. Sometimes we all leave feeling a little better about life. Sometimes we owe the fanboy an apology for judging their fandom too quickly – but you know, only a little apology.

6 When You Hang With The Fangirls

via: pinterest.com

While fangirls and fanboys can have some different interests, they’re both known for having obsessions. And what’s better than finding a fangirl with the same interests as you? If she’s pretty and plays Fortnite, you’re going to want to keep her around for a while.

Maybe hanging with a fangirl will help you understand your obsession on a whole new level. Maybe she’ll teach you about shipping, which is the act of putting two characters from your favorite series into a relationship. Maybe you’ll start shipping characters, too. Why talk solely about bromances when you could also be talking about romances?

Fangirls can also help you get into all sorts of obsessions outside of the video game world. They can help you find good books, musicals, and movies that you thought you were too cool to like. Hint: you’re not too cool to like some fangirl stuff.

Finally, be prepared to write some serious headcanon a.k.a. your original interpretations of the stuff that goes on with characters behind the scenes. Fangirls are notorious for creating a world outside of the one already created, so when they tell you that such-and-such makes sense because of this obscure event that occurred at the beginning of the series, you better believe it.

5 When Someone Insults Your Fandom

via: ign.com

It’s hard, ain’t it? After memorizing every last useless fact about that new sci-film, don’t you just want to attack whoever just trash-talked it? Aren’t you so mad that they think they know better than you?

After all, as a fanboy, you should be pretty darn skilled in counter-trash-talking people.

You should be ready for full-on battle. The internet welcomes you. Every online forum and YouTube comment section is ready for your wrath.

Sometimes it’s good to let it slide. Don’t you think? It’s tough. There is a lot to throw out there, and you’ve been preparing to throw it out there. Honestly, you probably will. It's too good to resist.

You may be wondering if fanboys from competing fandoms can get along. And the answer is: We’re wondering that, too. All the odds point against it, but who knows. I’m sure somewhere in the world there are DC and Marvel friends who can exist without insulting each other every other minute, probably. Then again, we might never know.

Maybe it is hard for fanboys to chill, but at least they care. If they don’t care, who will? It’s not like there are tons of fans who aren’t stereotypical fanboys or anything, right?

4 When The Fanboy Priorities Reign Supreme

via: snap361.com

School’s important. But do you know what’s also important? What you call the world’s greatest film franchise, obviously. Tests are temporary. Movies last forever. So why would you want to live the type of life that doesn’t include geeking out over one every second of the day?

There are just so many movies. According to this report, it would take nine days to get through all the TV shows and movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And don’t forget that there’s also the entire DC Extended Universe jam-packed with material as well. It can be overwhelming. Alas, all the material in the world is no match for a super fanboy.

Fanboys are practically superheroes themselves.

Sure, they don’t wear flowing capes and have unmatched strength or anything, but they have the stamina to binge their favorite shows like no one else. Give them a round of applause. It takes dedication.

That being said, today’s fanboys need to remember that they’re tomorrow’s content creators. Getting through school actually is kind of necessary in order to keep producing the same level of movies and TV shows you’ve fallen in love with. Sure, there are plenty of people who can create some solid content. But sometimes a fanboy’s touch makes things just a little better.

3 When You Know Your Stuff But Everyone Else Doesn’t

via: pinterest.com

Doesn’t it suck when the whole fandom understood the movie wrong? Because you’re the awesome type of person you are, of course, you’re going to share your opinion on it. Come, enlighten us with your superior knowledge. We’re ready for it.

Fanboys are used to the hate, but they’re stronger than it. They wear shield’s far larger than the ones their favorite heroes do.

The internet is a scary place.

So put on your war paint and have at it. As a fanboy, it won’t be hard.

You already know that not everyone is going to appreciate your thoughts, but if it makes you happy to put it all out into the world, that’s what matters.

As much as some of us hate to admit it, sometimes you’re right. Sometimes the fanboys actually have come up with some supreme theory that makes our favorite TV show that much better. You can fend off the hate now – you’ll be laughing at all of us a few years down the road when our favorite hero becomes a villain and you knew it was happening all along. Everyone’s going to know who to go to next time before the newest sequel comes out.

2 When You Get The Opportunity To Talk About Your Fandoms

via: memegenerator.net

You’re walking through the mall, searching for a GameStop when all of the sudden you see someone wearing an Overwatch T-shirt. You’re usually too shy to talk about your love for it outside of the internet, but your fellow fanboy starts talking to you first. So, of course, you’re going to prove your knowledge to him even though he already knows everything there is to know about it.

Fanboys take up every opportunity they have to talk about how much they love whatever it is they love. Are you really a fan if you can’t list off all the conspiracy theories behind your favorite movie at the drop of a hat? Are you really a fan if you don’t correct everyone’s misleading comments on online forums at least twenty-three times a day? Ask your local fanboy, and he’ll put you in your place.

Fandoms aren’t just for fun — they’re a way of life. They make the simplest things exciting and help one join in a community that’s ready to stand for all the awesomeness they’ve created. Fandoms are in some ways personal. Your crew is there: the people who have your back (except for when you clearly have a wrong understanding of the newest comic strip). "Obsession” just touches on how important something can be to a fanboy.

1 When You Know You’re Cooler Than The World Makes You Out To Be

via: aminoapps.com

Put on some sunglasses and smile, kid. You’re actually not all that bad. Passionate people create the world, so although not everyone’s going to welcome your obsession with warm hugs and smiles, there are certainly people who will welcome you with fist bumps and high-fives. These people are your kind – your fellow fanboys.

Although we’re all still waiting for the world to universally accepts fanboys and their obsessions, continue to play games, watch movies, and read comics. Give your opinion on all of it from the comfort of your parent’s basement. Whether you’re new to a fandom or an internet celebrity, your thoughts are important to some section of the internet out there.

So back off haters, the fanboys are here to stay.

There are always new things being created. A time won’t ever come when there aren’t a million things to geek-out about. And while maybe you can’t stand the way your friend is fanboying about that new movie today, give it some time, and he’ll soon find his new favorite thing.

The world would be a very different place without fanboys’ opinions on –well– everything. But this is the one we’re in, so it’s time to get used to it.

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