Fans React To Super Mario Maker 2's Small Level Limit

Super Mario Maker 2 is finally out, and Switch owners are now enabled to show off their creativity to the world. However, Nintendo has put up a potential roadblock when it comes to how much of it they can share.

As per Nintendo EnthusiastSuper Mario Maker 2 limits the number of levels a player can upload to 32 courses. By comparison, the original's level limit was a whopping 100. Naturally, fans of the series took to Reddit to voice their displeasure.

User ThineAntidote pointed out the significant downgrade from the original. "The original's star system was flawed, but at least it tried to reward good creators and limit the amount of garbage. What's even the point of limiting everyone to 32 stages? Are they too cheap to store more?" they critiqued.

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This is in reference to Super Mario Maker's unlockable approach to level limits. Essentially, players were given a small upload cap of 10 to start with. However, as a player's levels got accolades from the community, that limit would gradually increase by increments of 10. Eventually, if a player's levels were of a routine quality, they would hit the overall limit of 100. That system was meant to encourage creators to upload levels of a certain caliber, and encourage players to foster the best levels out there.

In the same Reddit thread, user Villager103 called for action. "Let's make some noise," they wrote. "They listened to us when we complained about randoms-only online multiplayer, they'll probably listen to us now."

When Super Mario Maker 2 was revealed, Nintendo stated that players would only be able to queue with randoms online. This meant that in order to play with friends, one would have to be in the same room. After fan outcry, however, the Big N backed down from that stance, promising the ability to play online with friends in a future patch.

Addressing that complaint does set a precedent for Super Mario Maker 2. Nintendo has shown a willingness to work with the community when it comes to making their latest game as good as it can possibly be. There's a possibility for them to address this limit in a future patch - much like the incremental level cap increases in Splatoon 2, for instance.

Of course, the community may never truly know why Nintendo chose this seemingly arbitrary upload limit, and they may have had very good reasons for doing so - reasons that could range from server space to focus testing 32 to be the ideal number. However, it's clear that for many players, 32 just isn't enough. Let's hope that Nintendo addresses their complaints in the near future.

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