24 Hilarious Far Cry 5 Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Far Cry 5 has been the subject of controversy over the themes it displays. We at TheGamer don’t like to focus on that, we want to show the fun side of Far Cry 5. For example, Fangs for Hire?! I never realized that I wanted to recruit Peach’s the mountain lion or Cheeseburger the bear! The map is vast with so much to do that you don’t know where to start. Personally, I like teaming up with my best friend and running around Hope County stirring up mischief.

Far Cry 5 definitely amps up the fun of the series, and continuing to support the franchise's wonderful co-op mode lets the hijinx shrine though. Far Cry 5 has a lot of laughs to share, and these memes add another element of silly fun to the game. Ubisoft has outdone themselves with Far Cry 5, and the online community has made their own memes to honor the studios' hard work. Nothing could be funnier than looking at memes than joining in on the creative process and making memes based on this wonderful open-world franchise.

If you guys feel the same way, these 24 memes will have you feeling like you need to pick up a projectile shovel and test out your shovel throws per minute! If you have any other memes that fit, please comment them down below!

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24 Accurate Cover Is Accurate

via addtext

I live in America, the people in Hope County live in ‘Merica. Where all the clothes have to have an eagle, or the American Flag, and caps are required. The only people who seem to dress like they’re from the city are the Seed family. They are the poster children for hipster living; Joseph has the glasses and the manbun, Faith looks like Lana Del Rey, Jacob has that hair you see pretty boys have nowadays, and John looks like a classic country singer.

Land of the free — Free roam open-world that is!

Although I wouldn’t call this simulator very realistic since belly rubs do not revive a furry companion as much as I wish they would then most of my pets would still be around. Video games aren’t about being realistic though, they are about mirroring life as much as possible but adding some funny twists to it.

If life were only as simple as just hopping into a vehicle that isn’t yours with no consequence. I’ve even had my deputy loot money from cash registers of places that belong to the resistance with them staring at me. They don’t do anything but stare at you and ask for help to retrieve items that the cultists took from them.

23 We Promise It Isn’t A Cult

via imgur

Hank asking this is pretty bold, he doesn’t mince words. I can’t spot the lie though on whether John would say that they aren’t a cult. John sounds like this in every cutscene and trailer video I’ve seen him in. He thinks he is saving people and that his love for them will save them, but I would beg to differ. Hank calls it like he see’s it: it’s a cult. Where would the Seed family possibly go on a bus: A retreat? A conference? To a bunker to prepare for the end of the world? Who knows, but I would not get on that bus. Even if they offered me food. Playing as the deputy though, those tires look very weak, it’d be a shame if, someone were to tamper with them.

John would likely not be so kind either to those asking about who they’re with, they think that other people are part of a cult and they are the ones who are normal. John has a huge number of people at his disposal and they all hang onto his every word. So maybe there is something to what he’s saying? Players should finish the game to find out.

22 It’s Still Fun Right?

via arcaderage

Where’s the lie though? Each Far Cry game is special in its own way, and the fifth game is no exception. We can be happy that we don’t have to do those tiresome tower missions the previous game had us do. There are still some climbing missions, but it isn’t as bad.

Nothing more American than Far Cry 5

I like the idea that the game takes place in America as opposed to somewhere tropical or war-torn. The map is unlike anything I’ve seen, the only map that can be similar is Grand Theft Auto V, when outside of Los Santos where Trevor Philips lived. I grew up in the country so when I hear the locals talking it feels like I’m back at home.

The only thing missing from my small town is a certain festival that is held in the Holland Valley, which the deputy is tasked with saving. I can’t say I would partake in the foods of the festival, but I would definitely sit back and watch. I do have to say that the mission I’m referencing wasn’t as easy as they were making it out to be, I had help from a friend and even then it was difficult as there were cultists goons in the sky firing at me.

21 Gone Fishin’

via makeameme

Nothing is more calming then heading out on the boat and casting a line to see what’s biting. The deputy is the master at procrastinating, which matches my personality. My plan for this summer is to take some time to go out by my secret fishing spots and sit back. I haven’t done that in years and this game has inspired me to do so.

Hope County is depending on me to save them, but I’d rather crack open a cold one and sit out on the boat with Boomer. Other entries on the list show that others have the same idea. I’m thinking I will actually do this sometime soon and see how Boomer reacts to being on a boat.

If you check some of the Steam reviews, you will see that a lot of people play this primarily for the fishing part of the game. They call it the “best fishing simulator,” which is probably more accurate than the other entry “‘Murica Simulator.” There are so many different types of rods to purchase that range from low to high in price, but some have to be unlocked. If you’re interested in a guide for where to unlock all the rods and best fishing spot, check it out on Eurogamer.

20 Capture Party Incoming!

via 9gag

So, picture this, you are just finishing up a mission that earned you resistance points. That’s great right? Well…now whoever’s territory you’re in is now sending some peggies to pick you up. This part has been the most annoying for players, because they want to keep exploring Hope County because that’s what we do when playing an open world game. Why Ubisoft? WHY!?

There is nothing is more frustrating than having to avoid a capture party on their way to detain you for the deeds you have done against the Seed Family. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid being captured. The only thing you can do is delay being caught. In my experience, this doesn’t work. I have tried to outrun them by plane, boat, and car to no avail. It is better to just let it happen…I guess…

I am literally Jordan Peele when I see that notification pop up on my screen. My mindset turns into “run and never look back” and “why oh why do I have to be the deputy right now?” I wonder if I can hide in Dutch’s bunker to avoid being captured? Then again, I don’t want them to take him too, he is my savior after all.

19 Weaponry With Interesting Descriptions

via SegmentNext

When I look at all the modifications I can add to my weapons I rarely look at the description. Someone else decided to point out the details of the Long Range Scope. Apparently, it describes more than those who are interested in a long-range shot.

Come on now, it’s funny to see in Far Cry 5

This image takes a swipe at those who believe that the Earth is flat, or maybe they are just trying to remind those who use the scope to remember the curvature of the Earth? Either way, this description stirred all sorts of discussion and did make players laugh. The game is full of letters and comics that make fun of just about anything, so it isn’t anything to take too seriously. Take a look at the vehicles as well, because they have hilarious descriptions as well. For example, the 2008 Kimberlite Darrala “Grab your nuclear family, it's time for the yearly road trip” or the 1969 Kimberlite ZTS, “You don't have to wait for your midlife crisis or retirement to hop into this classic beauty.” There is just something about those Kimberlite’s — the descriptions say it all. So when playing, make sure to look at each description carefully for a laugh.

18 Superdog

via makeameme

Boomer is the first “Fangs For Hire” on Far Cry 5. Everyone has determined that Boomer is a very good boy. He does seem to have a habit of either getting in the way of the deputy or incoming enemies. When I first played the game, after I recruited Boomer, we were traveling to John’s territory and he was struck by a cultist truck and flew up in the air. I screeched when that happened. I ran over to him and was able to give him a belly rub to revive him. I disposed of the person who had struck him, and we continued our way.

Boomer deserves all the pets.

The second time I saw him fly was when he was head-butted by a buffalo and landed in the woods. I ended up being taken care of by the same buffalo and had to start my mission farther back. I learned to be careful when traveling with Boomer.

Now all he needs is a cape and anytime he encounters a wild animal or a fast traveling car, the flight would be much more entertaining. I have a soft spot for animals, so I don’t have him traveling with me because of the listed risks.

17 The Deputy Is Definitely In Danger

via tumblr (thehistoricviking)

This meme has just started making its rounds on social media to describe an event that you don’t want to be a part of. Think of it like being forced by your parents to go to a birthday for a relative you don’t like, or you are playing Fortnite with some friends and they want to drop at Tilted Towers. It is kind of like that, except more brutal and a lot more water involved.

In this list, you will find an entry about a capture party, well this image takes place after being detained. The player awakens in the back of a vehicle with another detainee, on their way to see John Seed. Luckily, the deputy is saved when the convoy is ambushed by the resistance. Even though you’re saved, it’s hard not to be nervous about what will happen.

When players first see this meme, they know exactly what is happening if they have made it this far. One should be made for every cutscene like this, because it is so accurate. Every time the player is captured, there is always a sense of danger and you never know what the Seed family will be up to next.

16 Deputy Ricky Bobby

via imgur

This picture is an accurate image of Far Cry 5. Although Peach’s isn’t able to ride in the car, it’s nice to think about having her in the car. It would be so easy to have the animal companions ride in the back of a truck or car like in this scene, all they have to do is jump in! The human companions can do it, why can’t they?!

It’s impressive that she’s a domesticated mountain lion with an adorable collar. The player recruits Peach’s when they acquire the mission “Here Kitty Kitty” in Faith’s territory, the previous owner didn’t feel like keeping up with work it takes to care for a huge cat, so she let our deputy have her.

Who's a pretty kitty? Far Cry 5's Peaches — that's who! 

I digress, I’m not sure how I would react to the news of a cougar in the backseat, Ricky Bobby or the driving instructor. I am a cat owner, so I’d like to say that I would pet the heck out of it but in reality, I would scream and jump out of the car. I would also need to live in an area like Hope County because I could never have a huge cat-like Peach’s in city limits, she would likely cause neighborhood mayhem.

15 Their Faces Though

via reddit

I feel Mrs. Puff on a spiritual level. Every time I get in a vehicle and see a roadblock, I lose control. Spongebob has been a popular meme lately and I would feel like a failure if I didn’t mention at least one on this list. I am going to describe each picture individually and talk about where the scene came from.

I might be able to see why Mr. Puff isn’t around…

Squidward is finally finished with those errands and is acting erratically around Spongebob. One has to wonder who is John and who is the deputy, because he seemed to his cool when we arrived to take him in. Spongebob being lifted into the air by jellyfish has been used in other memes, but I’m not certain what episode this is from, all I know is his face is priceless and the description is fitting. Now, who could forget “Angry Jack?" He isn’t actually angry, he just seems that way for his commercials. It’s annoying to receive side missions by those who look angry like him, it’s like “chill! I’ll get your stuff!” Finally, Mrs. Puff with a look in her eyes that is terrifying, and she’s a driving instructor! It looks like she’s in a race in the image. It is a very fitting image because those roadblocks are very frustrating.

14 I’m Not Here To Fight

via tumblr (vanade)

I love fishing as much as the next person, but I haven’t had the chance to try it out on Far Cry 5, peggies always interrupt when I do. I will be standing there, minding my own business at the end of a dock and then I hear yelling! I just want a moments peace to catch a beast of a fish. Is that too much to ask?! Fishing is more than just a stick with a line on it. It is an art form! There are so many fish to catch; from a golden trout to a largemouth bass!

Shopping for a new pole — Far Cry 5-style.

There are a lot of people who have mostly played the game just for the fishing aspect of the game. So those players can relate to this comic, they’re fishermen, not fighters. Life is already too serious, and we play these games to relax. I suppose if you want to fish in certain areas of the map you will have to play through the game. Just think of it this way, the story is the side quest and the fishing is the main quest! That way you are fighting for the town and the people while also getting what you want. It’s a win-win situation, right?

13 Oh, He Notices You Alright

via gramunion

Just imagine you’re walking down the street after a successful task finished and then you get a radio message that you have been marked. That’s a scary warning, right? It makes you think of a Steven Seagal movie, or at least it makes me think of that when it pops up.

This warning happens just before the capture party comes to pick up the deputy. I honestly thought my character was marked right after the introduction and helicopter crash. Peggies will come out of nowhere sometimes and pursue me. The last place I want to be around is Eden’s Gate territory while I’m unconscious, I’d rather go the of my own volition with Grace Armstrong, ready for anything.

I feel like the person who makes these memes are avid anime watchers; I hope Joseph-Senpai notices me. Oh Deputy-Chan, I always notice you. I’m trying to imagine Far Cry 5 as a high school rom-com anime, and I already have the theme music thought up. The Seed family would have cutesy poses in the introduction.

There is a lot that can be done to get the person in whichever territory to mark you and that is building up resistance points. Anytime you liberate an area, that will increase resistance. The only thing that’s unfortunate is that even if you finish a territory’s boss, no more resistance points will be added.

12 Do You Even Game Bro?

via onsizzle

Have the time to game but no money? Or have the money but no time to game? That is a constant struggle I have faced when working a 60-hour job, when can I game?! Now that I work for TheGamer, I don’t have this issue. I play games all the time and write about them! That’s the dream.

I got Far Cry 5 as a gift and have been pacing myself through the game. I know there are other games people are preoccupied with but this one has me wanting to complete absolutely everything! There are so many side quests to do that I can’t wait to complete the game at 100%. I’m only getting started in Faith’s territory after finishing John’s, so I have a lot to do.

As a gamer, I get asked questions about the newest games coming out and whether I am going to play them or not. Just because I am a gamer, doesn’t mean I will like all games. I like this one because I have the option to play a female character, which many fellow female gamers will understand the struggle. The previous Far Cry games didn’t have this option so that opened this one to an untapped demographic.

11 Both Do Fly

via gramunion

Nick Rye is one of many specialists that can be hired by the deputy to complete air missions. He was especially helpful when chasing John Seed through half of Hope County. Faith Seed, on the other hand, she levitates with the help of, um, enhancements.

When you read the tumblr text on Nick’s picture, it does look like something he would say. He is a very sarcastic character but that’s why we love him. We are just lucky he isn’t an actual pilot in real life, otherwise we would all be in danger.

Faith Seed is obviously beautiful. When I first saw her in the loading screen I thought it was Lana Del Rey, because she does wear dresses like that as well. For those who have played the game, they know that she has a pretty tragic backstory so it’s hard to not feel bad for Faith, you almost don’t want to clear her area of the map. When her cutscenes pop up, she is shown to levitate and take you up with her. She also talks in the same way that is like the tumblr text on her picture, she makes you question everything you know. You wonder if you’re really on the right side of this debacle.

10 Far Cry 5 Takes The Cake

via tumblr (wolfmoonthewolf)

This image goes out to all those who are attracted to the Seed family in any way. If you check tumblr’s search for Far Cry 5 you will find many who have an unhealthy obsession with the Seed family. Even when I looked through 9gag’s images I came across many that were, 'off' to say the least.

Those who are like me — don’t fall for anything like that. Their actions are unforgivable to those in Hope County and I have people depending on me. Don’t get me wrong, I have been into to video game characters, but only ones I can attain. Don’t dream about a romance you can’t have. That advice works in real life too, don’t stress it for a person you can’t have. There’s more to the game than the Seed family even if they’re on the cover.

I’m all for the full Far Cry 5 experience: going hunting, mudding, and fishing. There are more hours going into exploring than talking to the Seed family. Their cutscenes only equal about 4 hours where you can be playing over 30 hours on the map. I have to disagree with the cake. Far Cry 5 Experience > Not falling for all the Seeds.

9 Is it Ripe For The Taking

via tumblr (thehistoricviking)

It’s no secret that The Father takes it upon himself to obtain property he had no business taking. He doesn’t even take care of the land like he should. I was playing, and all the livestock was gone, and they were just using it as a weapons depot. If the apocalypse is coming, wouldn’t they need cows, chickens, water? It seems that Joseph needs to look over the Ten Commandments a bit more closely. If Joseph plans to “save” everyone, maybe he should build an ark for all the livestock.

As the deputy travels through Hope County, you will find many farms, shops, and homes that have been taken over by Eden’s Gate cultists. It’s like they took Columbus Day too far and applied it to their belief system. I totally kid, but the Seed family does like to obtain property through less than ideal means.

I feel like the cultists would have an easier time recruiting these people rather than running them off. It’s like they have never heard the saying “you catch more flies with honey.” There isn’t anything sweet about what the Seed’s do though, so maybe their way works better for them. This meme is very accurate though, Joseph would say something like this.

8 Shovels! Who Knew?!

via 9gag

Incorrect grammar aside, this meme tells it like it is. Shovels are the best way to plow through a herd of Peggies! You can either wield them or use them like spears! I have a great DLC idea for the game! Hope County Olympics! Using shovels like javelins, marathon-running, and skydiving skills! There are racing side quests for cars but that gets old, we need some middle-American Olympics.

The smiling shovel is the most popular of melee weapons to use, and with some perks, the deputy can hold at least nine shovels! You can also retrieve them, so you don’t have to restock at the nearest shop. It makes you wonder where they would store all those shovels. Wait…maybe we don’t want to know, but it’s likely that it is probably a backpack.

If it’s cultists vs shovels, I’m pretty sure the cultists would win. In this game though, shovels will always win because video games like to err on the side of ridiculous. For goodness sake, there’s a man claiming to be the prophet of God! I want to be the deputy that takes down said prophet of God by using a smiley boi shovel and by the logic of this game, it will happen!

7 Is There A Rural Route 9?

via ifunny

The maker of this meme likely has watched The Simpsons and is making an assumption about the people of Hope County. Cletus Spuckler is a side character on the hit TV show The Simpsons and is known for being a redneck who may or may not be married to a relative. He is a very quotable character and likely has some dialogue in common with the folks of Hope County.

Now I’m not sure if it’s making fun of the resistance or the cultists because they are all kind of redneck and seem very proud of that. More than likely, they are making fun of both. At first glance, this game does seem like a yokel simulation game, but it is so much more than that. There is a story worth playing.

It is likely that someone who doesn’t care for the game made this meme. That’s okay, haters gonna hate. Cletus is still someone’s favorite character and will be inclined to play the game by seeing this meme. I’m not much for playing games that take place in areas like this, but I am loving the game so far. My takeaway is to never judge a book by its cover, even if it is quite hilarious.

6 10/10 Would Recommend

via reddit

My favorite part of this review is the saying “shoveling your way to the end.” In another entry on the list, we go over whether or not using shovels would win against cultists. I think we have our answer in this review. The only useless part of the shovels is that you can’t actually shovel them, that’s like only using guns as hammers.

Shovels are the perfect weapon in Far Cry 5.

There is now a measurement of how many shovels can be thrown per minute. Now that is very impressive! Want to prove your hunting abilities? Use only shovels! I saw a video where they took down a buffalo with three shovels! That has to be a record! I would climb to a high part of an area like a tree stand, and project shovels at animals like a bow hunter!

An entire outpost can be taken over by just the use of shovels. What a time to be alive! Once I beat the game, I am going to try and do another playthrough where I only use shovels. My experience points would be off the charts. Shovel enthusiasts would jump at the chance to play this game. You know there is a market out there for people who are a specific enthusiast!

5 Why Aren’t They Called This?

via ifunny

I am just curious as to why the original creator of “jet skis” didn’t just name them boatercycles? They are doing the same thing in the water that they would do on land! You can even add a sidecar onto it! I think we should write to the makers of them and demand a change in name! It is the right thing to do, but maybe leave out the 6900 part, we all know what they were trying to do there.

Ubisoft was thinking of their consumers when they made this brand of jet skis. On a side note, I do like a nice pun like this one. Whoever decided to do the branding in the game is now my new favorite person. If you spot any other funny vehicle names within Far Cry 5, please let us know in the comments below!

People have taken to Reddit to talk about the name of this boatercycle. There were arguments on whether Grand Theft Auto V had funnier names for their vehicles which spiraled into an argument about whether one was deeper than the other. It’s hard to say but players of the game did enjoy this joke. Please keep it up Ubisoft, you have my approval.

4 They All Float Down Here Deputy

via randomoverload

For those who love open-world games like Far Cry 5, discovering references to current pop culture hidden in the world is a real treat. I would bet that most wanted to avoid going into that storm drain once they saw that infamous red balloon floating there. The red balloon references Stephen King’s novel and movie IT, which just released a remake back September of 2017, so gamers would have it fresh in their minds. Players may have expected him to pop out and say “Can you smell the circus, Deputy? There's peanuts... cotton candy... hot dogs... and...popcorn!” Luckily for the players, they aren’t just standing there in a raincoat. They also have weapons at their disposal.

I personally haven’t come across it yet, but I do want to explore down there. I’m either going to find a Prepper Stash or a very creepy clown — I’m hoping for both. Anything I get from the stash can help against Pennywise the dancing clown. My fellow gamers that have a fear of clowns should definitely avoid this area of the map. Just don’t go there. If anything, the whole thing is probably just an illusion caused by Bliss, or The Father may have recruited an alien to do his bidding. Who knows?

3 John Is Misunderstood

via gramunion

John is one of the more difficult Seed siblings to face in my experience. He has so much control of the air, I couldn’t go anywhere without being targeted by his “Chosen.” He seems to think that the deputy would really understand where he is coming from on atonement, but John has a very warped mind. His tagline is “Yes” and I find that very creepy, and if you read why that is his tagline, you will likely cry. As you progress through the game, you start to learn more and more about their backstories. However evil they may be, someone has shaped them into who they are.

John Seed has a very interesting backstory as a very successful lawyer before he turns to the life he is a part of now. John is the only one who seems to think that the deputy is beyond salvation and seems to butt heads with his brother Joseph often, who has said that he was a kind and loving person. That may be true, but who can believe what Joseph has to say? John wants the deputy to confess their sins, and once they do, those sins can be read on the skin. He is known for giving impromptu tattoos to people and taking “souvenirs” for himself.

2 What Have I Walked Into?

via 9gag

We have all been there. We are fast traveling to an area not realizing a firefight is happening. The loading screen can take a moment, so I look at my phone or talk to my cats, the next thing I know my character is lying on the ground! Then, I must scramble to grab my controller to try and duck for cover. It usually doesn’t work though, the damage is already done. I will then be spawned to my last save point.

Sometimes the reason I fast traveled to a new spot is to get away from a different firefight. It’s never-ending in Hope County! Which makes me wonder if it is beyond salvation.

The music is so calming that you can get lost in it and not realize where you are at. I think that is what the developers at Ubisoft were intending to do when they put this loading screen in. There are some moments when you fast travel to a place that seems calm and you want to get up to get a snack or fix a kink in your controller that you forget that wild animals may come out of nowhere, which happened when I played with my best friend recently.

1 We Need Backup!


It would not be a good time to be a cultist NPC at this time. The deputy has become quite proficient and using shovels. The eyes in this meme say it all, they scream “HELP!” Even though they have no choice but to go on the defense, they aren’t going to beat a shovel.

To sum up this list, the game is known for its popularity with shovels. I have seen more memes made about the shovels than any other, I actually had to tone down my memes of shovels for this game because there were too many! As if there is such a thing! Preposterous!

I think Eden’s Gate cultists would be better if they had shovels they used as javelins against the deputy. They could even dual with the shovels like an epic sword fight! That is something I would pay to see, DLC idea anyone? To add to that, maybe fight with fishing poles like the scene from Grumpier Old Men, although I doubt many people would understand that reference.

All I’m saying is it would make sense to give the cultists the same advantage the deputy has, otherwise, it wouldn’t be as much of a challenge. I prefer a challenge in video games, that way I know I deserve to win!

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