Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Included In Far Cry 5's Season Pass

Far Cry 5's season pass will come with Far Cry 3 Classic Edition, a remaster of the 2012 game and critical hit.

So here we are. February has just kicked off, and the first of 2018’s big video game releases are starting to trickle in. January saw such big names as Monster Hunter World, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT arriving, but what of the coming months? Many gamers have their sights firmly set on Far Cry 5, coming March 27, but did you know it’s bringing another familiar Far Cry face along for the ride with it?

That’s right. As is the case with any high-profile release, you could be darn sure that season pass shenanigans were going to be afoot. Far Cry 5’s is sure to contain a mix of DLC content, cosmetics and the like, but Ubisoft are throwing something else in too: a remastered version of Far Cry 3 (with a few caveats).

Earlier today, Ubisoft shed some light on the extra content that season pass purchasers can expect. It’s all getting a little nutso around here, with three new mission packs confirmed that take you to the ends of the Earth. And way beyond. The Hours of Darkness pack will see you battling the Viet Cong in Vietnam, while Dead Living Zombies will pit the player against hordes of the festering fiends. Most bizarrely, Lost on Mars will send you to the surface of the red planet, where you’ll do battle against spider-like enemies.

Finally, Ubisoft revealed that they’ll be packaging Far Cry 3: Classic Edition into the bargain too. As VG 24/7 reports, this is a remastered version of 2012’s critically-acclaimed tropical adventure. It’s being released as a standalone product for PS4 and Xbox One in April, but season pass purchasers can get their hands on the remaster a month early.

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What’s the catch? On console, Classic Edition will only contain the single-player component of Far Cry 3. Multiplayer certainly wasn’t the crux of the game, of course, and the mode took its share of criticism on the original release, but there it is. PC players, meanwhile, will receive a full version of the third game, according to the report.

However you may feel about that, and the thorny issue of season passes and their content in general, more Far Cry 3 is surely a good thing. Franchise fans have mixed feelings about the game, as they always will, but Jason Brody’s island adventure was an impressive title nonetheless. Its open world was vast, bright and brash, and it’ll be a welcome sight for many when it returns next month. For those who aren’t too busy with Far Cry 5 itself, of course.

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