Far Cry 6: 10 Things We Want Ubisoft To Include

Ubisoft’s Far Cry series became a household name after the success of Far Cry 3. Since then, Ubisoft has been pumping out other sequels and spin-offs, with some better than others. Far Cry: Blood Dragon is arguably the best of the bunch. Far Cry 5 ended up being a financial success for Ubisoft, so it’s more than likely we’re in store for a sixth entry.

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We have no idea when they will announce Far Cry 6, but there are some things we have on our wishlist. While the Far Cry games have been received fairly positively, there are some aspects of the series that could be improved (or outright taken out). Here are ten things we hope Ubisoft includes.

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10 Movie Director Mode

The Far Cry games have always been equivalent to action summer blockbusters. The main character is a Rambo-like warrior who dispatches bad guys left and right. Due to its tight combat and gunplay, players have always been able to create their own action set-pieces. It would be great if Ubisoft could introduce a mode where players can record moments, then edit the footage with different shots to make it more cinematic. This would add a ton of replayability and could make for some truly awesome videos on YouTube.

9 A Story That Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously

One thing that always holds the series back from greatness is how it tries to take itself too seriously, while not creating a compelling enough narrative for players to actually care about. Vaas in Far Cry 3 may be one of the best gaming villains ever, but the overall plot of that game is mediocre. The theme of insanity never really go anywhere since Jason isn’t all that interesting. The tone gets pretty jarring at times, especially in Far Cry 5. The series needs to become self-aware and embrace the absurd nature of the gameplay. There’s a reason everyone loves Blood Dragon the most. It was an over the top thrill ride that knows exactly what tone to display.

8 A Likeable (Voiced) Protagonist

The Far Cry series loves to write entertaining villains. They don’t seem to be lacking in that department. What they do need to work on, however, are their protagonists. A villain is only as good as its hero counterpart.

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Jason is just a frustrating whiny character, and Arjay is just... well he has no character. Ubisoft even went as far as making a silent protagonist in Far Cry 5, which completely took us out of the story. If they can nail the tone right for Far Cry 6, they should also have a main character with an actual personality.

7 Deep Faction System

Far Cry 4 played with this idea a little bit, but the factions were specifically part of the plot. You only got to side with one faction or the other at the very end. A faction system that is affected by gameplay would be a welcome addition. You could take down an outpost, then decide which faction gets to control it. It would be a nice change of pace and would open many story possibilities since you’re constantly changing the flow of battle between these factions. To make things interesting, each faction could also have their own perk that solely belongs to them. Meaning you can't use that perk unless you are partnered with them at the time. This would make the choices a lot tougher.

6 A Different Time Period

This one would be something new and refreshing for the series. Yes, they did have Far Cry: Primal, which took place in the Prehistoric ear. This would be different though. They could set you in a specific time period. There are plenty of other time periods they could tackle. Not only that, but the weaponry would also be different for that era. We will still want a place in time that at least had guns. Primal is an underrated game, but Far Cry should always be a shooter.

5 Improved Co-op

Let’s face it, Far Cry 5’s co-op mode was a complete letdown. The visiting player doesn’t get to keep any game progression. There was also a radius that your partner could not ego far from or else the game would you to tell you to get closer. Far Cry 6 really needs to work on its co-op mode that is up with the modern times. You should be able to keep all the progression you did with your friend in their game. There could also be more co-op abilities and progression to make it really feel noteworthy.

4 Weather System That Affects Gameplay

Since its called Far Cry, the weather should have an effect on gameplay. Think about how crazy it would be to deal with weather hazards such as rain, snow, and storms. Assuming Far Cry 6 takes place on an island, Ubisoft could introduce intense tropical storms that cause limited visibility and strong winds. 

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This would add a brand new dynamic to the game that may pose a challenge, but could potentially work in your favor. Another weather system could be snow, which could cause your vehicles to slip (okay maybe that one would be more annoying than fun).

3 Destructible Environments

Far Cry is all about creating mayhem within a giant sandbox. The next evolution of that approach would be implementing destructible environments. Imagine being able to blow up an entire house and expose all the enemies within. Destroying the buildings around you would never stop being fun. How about attaching C4 to your jeep, speeding towards a building, and then jumping out at the last second? Cover could also eventually be chipped away from gunfire, causing you to constantly be on the move. Many modern shooters have destructible cover, so Far Cry would need to get with the times.

2 Survival Or Realistic Difficulty

For some players, Far Cry can be considered easy. As an optional feature, Ubisoft could introduce a 'tough as nails' difficulty. Since you’re stranded somewhere, it could be great to have a difficulty that aims to have realistic combat that makes you the ultimate survivor. You would only be able to take out 2-3 shots before you go down, with rest being the only way to heal. Therefore, stealth would be the best approach to situations. You wouldn’t want to get caught or else you risk getting shot around you.

1 Smart And Adaptable AI

Ubisoft has been criticized in the past for having some pretty dumb AI in both the Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed series. Far Cry 6 needs to have smarter AI that is absolutely relentless in combat and stealth. One thing that takes immersion away is how enemies will only go for the alarm when they catch you, even if they know you’ve killed so many of their friends already. If they spot a dead body, they should immediately go for the alarm. In addition to this, the AI should adapt to the player’s actions and strategies. If they keep swarming the same spot and you’re mowing them down, perhaps they would eventually realize they need a new approach.

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