20 Favorite Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Hogwarts Students

The magical world of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter has long since touched many of us and will continue to do so with future generations. There are even new stories being written to add to the lore of this unique universe. As a child, you can feel yourself growing up with the young Potter boy as life and the books get slightly bleaker; getting closer and closer to the "real world" that looms after your life as a student. Struggle and conflict is a part of everyone's life, even in a magical world, this is shown to be true.

Perhaps that is one of many things that we love about the series of books and movies. That and our wish for something new to discover, a world beyond our own which could give us a power that we do not have. Our childhood cartoons also leave a great impression on our lives and our favorites can tell a lot about who you are. Some being around to teach us lessons in our young lives, others solely to entertain us with simply slapstick. But, many of us watch cartoons still to this day that are targeted towards a more mature audience.

So what if these two were combined? What if our favorite characters were students in Hogwarts alongside the famous trio we have grown to love? Many people have thought of this already and have created tons of fan art of just that. A personal favorite of mine even graces this list, much to my surprise.

Is one of your favorite characters on this list as well?

20 The Princess And The Frogwarts

via deviantart.com (KT-ExReplica)

The Story of the Princess and the Frog is a touching one, but what if it had a magical twist of another kind? Being turned into animals is a normal thing in the world of Harry Potter, so the good Samaritan witch Tiana helping Prince Naveen out against trickster classmates, the rest is history.

Perhaps Prince Naveen was turned into a frog by a rival?   

With a story so full of magic it is not a huge stretch to see these two in the wizarding world of J. K. Rowling's imagination. Even the Houses that the artist decided to put these two in seems very fitting. Prince Naveen is a cunning and well-off prince being put into Slytherin House while the selfless and hardworking Tiana being in Hufflepuff.

Art by KT-ExReplica.

19 Maybe He Should Stick With The Magic Carpet...

via deviantart.com (IsaiahStevens)

From the movies, you would think that he would be an expert at flying, but he is clearly having a lot of trouble. Much to Jasmine's horror, Aladdin is going to need a lot more practice if he is to take her on a trip around Hogwarts Castle. Nothing is less romantic then crashing your loved one into the ground.

Apparently, brooms are just not Aladdin's thing.   

Their story as well, as with many Disney animated films, is full of magic as well. Even though the world of Harry Potter has never shown us a flying carpet there must be one somewhere, or perhaps a way to enchant a carpet to fly much like the Wesley's car. Just as Harry and Ron found out the hard way, he should leave the Whomping Willow Tree a wide berth.

Art By Isaiah Stevens.

18 Should Have Turned Him Into A Bat

via deviantart.com (karin-uz)

The biggest question is, what house would Bruce Wayne be in? We would guess he would also be in Slytherin due to his disregard for the traditional rules to get what he needs to be done. Also, he would probably want to be in Slytherin to be closer to those that might be villainous, helping the Sorting Hat choose that house for him.

Though who knows, maybe he would prefer Gryffindor since he is so driven to prove himself. Regardless proving what was said in the first entry of this list, being turned into an animal is a common occurrence in Hogwarts even if it was not intentional. The perturbed look on Bruce's face is priceless, maybe he would have preferred to be an actual bat.

Art by Karin-Uz.

17 Hopefully, She Never Sees The Spiders...

via youtube.com (Animationclub)

Leni Loud is the average stereotypical blond teenager. Being absent-minded and ditzy, giving her a wand could be as funny as it is dangerous. We could see her forgetting her spells or mixing them up causing chaos amongst her classmates and teachers. Thinking she would be casting a spell to neutralize a spider but accidentally pulling it towards her then screaming out every spell should that she could think of destroying half of the castle in the panic.

At the same time she would be the one to ask about thinking outside the box, just do not ask her for help with your homework or to be your lab partner. Beyond her quirks, she would be an overall likeable person to be around, being that she is considered to be the sweetest member of her family.

16 Belle Would Certainly Be A Ravenclaw

via youtube.com (Funny Kids)

The Ravenclaw house is characterized as having members of high intellect, wisdom, and wit. Belle is well known to be a very smart woman due to her constant reading and studying. It would take quite a bit of smarts to figure out how to fix Beast's curse when he more or less refused to allow her to know what he knew. She is also very kind and loving.

Belle is a perfect fit for Ravenclaw.   

You could see her being compared to Hermione in how she would want to take as many courses as she could and learn as much as she could in this new and magical world. She would know every spell that she was allowed to learn and that would make her a powerful ally. Unlike Leni, she would be more than happy to help a struggling classmate.

15 True Warrior, True Gryffindor?

via youtube.com (VirtualCool)

Mulan's life is the very picture of bravery, honor, and proving herself to be as good as anyone else. The creator of this picture knew that if she was to be in any house, it would be Gryffindor. We wonder if she would be fascinated by dragons and ghosts based on what we see in the films.

One problem though, if she lived in China she would most likely go to the Mahoutokoro School of Wizarding in Japan which would be much closer then traveling all the way to the United Kingdom year after year. Regardless whatever the houses they may have there, if any, she would be in the one most similar to Gryffindor.

But, who knows... maybe Hogwarts is just better than the two other schools? We think so .

14 Fan Fiction Always Goes To My Little Pony

via youtube.com (Jacob Kitts)

For every story that could be retold with characters from another universe, there is the version of that story that where all the characters are magical ponies from the land of Equestria. What are we referring to? Well, My Little Pony of course. Personally, I have never watched the show but my nieces do so I know the bare minimum. It is pretty easy to recognize the rainbow hair and blue hair of Rainbow Dash once you have seen her once.

At least this fanfiction would be somewhat tame... hopefully.

The My Little Pony universe is full of magic as it is so to reinvent Hogwarts with only ponies isn't too much of a stretch. Until you think about the fact that everyone is a magical pony, that is.

13 Wizard Guy

via youtube.com (Patrick McCarthy)

Now Stewie Griffin is a smart guy, we have no doubt that if he managed to be muggle-born wizard, he would be a good one. But is he a good choice to be Harry Potter himself? He really shouldn't be in Gryffindor. He would more than likely be one of the rare Slytherin students that are of "pure blood."

He really wouldn't be in Gryffindor.   

Stewie would most likely become an ally of Voldemort or even become a new threat to the wizarding world. His temper would certainly get him into trouble as any word about his parents being dirty would cause him to use some sinister spell to do as much harm as possible. Maybe making some spells of his own to torment others.

But, one thing is known, he would cause a stir in this universe.

12 A Frozen Hogwarts

via deviantart.com (ClaudCloud)

Now, it is a shame to think that these sisters would be put in separate houses, but it is pretty fitting. They are both good people, but very different people. An assumption can be made that most villains of the Harry Potter universe come from Slytherin house but not all of them are bad people. They are normally described as being resourceful, among other things, and Elsa is certainly that. Anna, on the other hand, is always willing to lend a hand as much as she can and her love for her sister transcended the danger of finding her.

Anna's placement in Gryffindor is well suited for her.   

Elsa is obviously a natural for her magical gifts, so much so that she could use he abilities to create a castle, conquer a living snowman, and shoot ice sickles all without the use of a wand.

Art by ClaudCloud.

11 From Shooting Arrows To Casting Spells

via deviantart.com (Willemijn1991)

Merida is no stranger to magic having seen her mother and brothers turned into bears. The artist was very smart to include her Patronus Charm as being a bear. The Patronus is meant to be a spirit animal of sorts that shows the hidden personality of an individual through its casting. She is a very driven young woman that will not let anything stand in her way.

For better or worse being stubborn is her greatest strength.   

Knowing how she is, it is obvious that she would be a strong student. Having a hunger for learning more and more while wanting to prove that she is the best she can be. This drive would be easy to allow the Sorting Hat to place her in Gryffindor.

Art by Willemijn1991.

10 The Best Dragon Trainers Around

via deviantart.com (KT-ExReplica)

Dragons are a common creature of our magical world and training them is not an easy task. Some being easier to train than others but all being dangerous. So having this amount of talent in this art would land them a job doing so. But, before you can have a job like this you must first go through the schooling required to live in this universe.

Having light color hair seems to be a Slytherin thing.   

It is nice to see that some characters are not in just Slytherin or Gryffindor however. Hiccup, being smart and thinking outside the box in his dragon training, makes him a great candidate for Ravenclaw. Tuffnut, with his mischevious ways, being placed perfectly as well. They would make a great addition to Hogwarts.

Art by KT-ExReplica.

9 A Strange Group Indeed

Via Tumblr.com (dabigragu9971)

Bob's Burgers is a very interesting and funny show that owes a lot to the children of Bob as its comic relief. Seeing Tina, Louise, and Gene in this world would be like having another set of Wesleys running around. They are a crazy set of misfits that would cause a stir in this world. One thing is for sure, they would be getting in trouble quite a bit. They are a group that means well but, knowing them they would be frequent customers of the Wesley brothers and would be seeing a disciplinary authority monthly. With the contrast of their muggle life and the adventure of learning magic who could blame them? Some will do anything to escape their boring life, so if you had the chance wouldn't you make the best of it?

Art by dabigragu9971/BentoBoxEntertainment.

8 Magical Ed-Ucation

via deviantart.com (MmeRoronoa)

Ed, Edd n Eddy is my favorite childhood television show, to see them turned into witches and wizards in this crossover makes me smile. The show itself has a wide variety of character types that would fit in very well at Hogwarts. The eccentric bunch includes show-offs, simpletons, would be scholars and a farmer.

Knowing the hijinks that this bunch gets into in the Muggle world would only spark one's imagination of what would happen if they could also cast magic. Eddy scamming others with potions and botched enchanted items, Ralph trying to pass off his pig as another student, Kevin being a Quidditch ace and much more. Love them or hate them they would, without a doubt, turn the Hogwarts school on its head.

Art by MmeRonoa.

7 You Thought Gravity Falls Was Weird?

Via tumblr.com (KicsterAsh)

Dipper Pines is always up for a supernatural adventure, so to add him to Harry Potter would be seamless. He is mischevious and would never let anything spooky get in his way. He would surely come off as strange to some of the other students since he would want to learn everything he could about anything strange he could. With Hogwarts castle being an epicenter of strange things to any average muggle he would be in areas he shouldn't constantly.

He is an adventurer on the greatest adventure of his life.   

So how could such a curious individual not sneak into the Forbidden Forest or into the library's off-limits areas to learn more about something he saw. If there was a rumor about something forbidden, he would be the first one to learn the truth.

Art by KicsterAsh.

6 A Mermaid In Hogwarts

via deviantart.com (chelleface90)

Though mermaids are portrayed very differently in the Harry Potter universe, Ariel did become human due to a witch's magic. Her father being able to shoot bolts of energy out of his trident shows that at least he is magical so chances are that she would be as well. Her curious attitude would certainly make her one of the better students at the school.

Anything new and different would spark Ariel's curiosity.    

She would be welcomed into the ranks of Gryffindor as a kind and driven individual wanting to learn as much as she could. Hopefully, if she ever ends up in a situation where she would need to swim deep underwater, much like Harry had to in The Goblet of Fire, she could still breathe under the waves.

Art by Chelleface90.

5 They Would Be Naturals In Hogwarts

via deviantart.com (viria13)

If you haven't seen the show Avatar, it is full of individuals that can control fire, water, earth, and one that can bend the wind. To be able to do this before being taught how to would catch the eye of Dumbledore and have them brought to the castle. If they are that good before being taught, they would most likely become some of the most powerful wizards and witches in the entire wizarding world.

Aang's carefree demeanor would be a welcome sight in Hogwarts, no doubt being very popular. His natural skill would cause some amount of jealousy but Aang would never let something like this go to his head. Surrounded by his friends, his story in Hogwarts could be just as interesting as Harry's.

Art by Viria13.

4 If Only She Knew Curses Of Her Own

via deviantart.com (Willemijn1991)

It is only fitting that a nature-loving woman like Snow White would have a Patronus Charm of a cute bunny. Her stepmother had a magical mirror, drank a potion to change her appearance, and created a poison that curses the victim. So learning how to do things similar to this would not be foreign to her. Assuming her father would have married someone as magically inclined as himself she could turn out to be a powerful good witch herself.

 As with most Disney princesses, she is no stranger to witchcraft.   

She might not have fallen for that poisoned apple if she would have known about the ways someone could have cursed it. Depending on how good of a witch her stepmother was maybe it would not have mattered. But, to say that she is familiar with the idea of magic would be putting it lightly.

Art by Willemijn1991.

3 Another Ghost In Hogwarts

via youtube.com (Butch Hartman)

Do you think that Danny Fenton would freak out at the sight of all the ghosts in Hogwarts? Or use his powers to hang out with them? Being a teenager who is able to turn ghostly, move through walls, and be invisible, who knows what trouble he would get into. On the other hand, Danny has always used his powers for good and the use of them has caused him to become a brave young man. A perfect fit for Gryffindor when you think of it.

This is the first white-haired character not in Slytherin.   

To be fair, why would he need a broom at all when he could just fly whenever he felt like it? Maybe the broom would allow him to fly faster.

2 Hogwarts' Frozen Love Story

Via Deviantart.com (eira1893)

We have seen Elsa and Anna on this list already, but what about Hanz and Kristoff? It looks like young love and love troubles are as prevalent in Hogwarts as in the muggle world. It is an inevitable consequence of being in love, there are good times and bad.

Elsa and Hanz seem to be having some issues.   

While Anna and Kristoff seem to be enjoying their tender moment together, her sister seems to be having an argument with her boyfriend. Hanz seems to be frustrated with Anna as she seems to be about to break off the relationship altogether. Any of us that have had a relationship during our school years will know sometimes a good relationship can come to an end due to inconsolable differences. It takes years to realize that probably it was for the best but at the time, it is heartbreaking.

1 An Out Of This World Student

via deviantart.com (DannyNicholas)

Now, arguments about whether Stitch would be allowed to attend Hogwarts aside, he would arguably be the most outrageous student on this list. We know from the movie and television show that Stitch would be a troublemaker. Lilo, however, would be a great student here.

That one thing in her life that she had been missing was the structure in her life. A private style school like Hogwarts could mold that energy into a creative and smart witch. In turn, this might help Stitch be calmer in his own way making him a better student and member of society. A win-win all the way around really in the most heartwarming way possible.

As long as Stitch does not try to eat his owl, that is.

Art by Danny Nicholas.

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