29 Of Our Favorite Nerdy Characters Reimagined As Disney Movies

Everyone has a favorite character that feels like they grew up with — these artists have taken them all and Disney-ified them.

You think you’ve seen it before. More Disney-themed fan art. You’ve seen the princesses reimagined as everything under the sun: video game characters, famous film characters, assassins, parents, young people, old people, etc. I should know. I wrote many of those articles. But now for something completely different— beloved TV shows and movies reimagined as Disney films. See what we did there? We flipped it.

Come on. You know you loved it when you happened to see that Game of Thrones-reimagined-as-a-Disney-film picture that one time. Well, guess what? We have a bunch of those pictures. Not only that; we’ve collected Disney-inspired fan art from all manner of franchises. Animation occupies a special place in all our hearts, especially animation from The Mouse House. Disney films are famous for their polish and quality. There isn’t a wasted frame.

But besides quality, Disney has a distinct sensibility. A cartoonishness that we love. From bumbling henchmen to mustache-twirling villains breaking into song to animals, you love it. It’s logical then we’d want to see our other favorite pieces of media given the Disney treatment. Disney films are where most of us cut our teeth as armchair internet critics who like to scream our opinions at strangers, after all. Luckily, talented fan artists have answered the call. Here are 30 popular TV shows and movies reimagined as Disney films.

29 Aladdin’s Creed


Art by: jesskat-art

Gaaaaah. Out of all the fantastic art on this list— and it’s packed with amazing art— I think this may be one of the best. It’s certainly the one I want to see the most. This poster recalls several animated hits from the late 90s/early 2000s like Road to El Dorado (Dreamworks, I know) and the earlier Aladdin. Who wouldn’t love to see a traditionally animated take on Ubisoft Montreal’s most famous franchise?

28 Jon Snow White


Art by: nandomendonssa

Brace yourselves. A Disney version of winter is coming. We couldn’t have a proper Disney-themed reimagining of popular shows and movies without including the groundbreaking work from artist Fernando Mendonça. In fact, Mendonça’s awesome art inspired this entire article! He is well known for his reimagining of Game of Thrones as Disney films. Not only does he copy the aesthetic to a tee, he’s also perfectly captured the distinctive cartoonish sensibility. Jon Snow is a whole lot less broody in this version.

27 Disney Presents: Super Mario Bros.


Art by: deviantart.com/kosperry

This delightful picture is part of a series from artist Kosperry. It’s titled “After them, you fools! They’re escaping!” Honestly, we can’t think of a more appropriate name.

The slight grain of the still also makes it look like a retro tape.

Kosperry’s fantastic take on a Disney-style Mario evokes the exact kind of sensibility classic Disney is known for. If you like what you see here, click over to the artist’s page for more.

26 Never Met A Dwarf Like Me


Art by: nandomendonssa

Oh, don’t worry. There is a lot more Game of Thrones content coming down the pike. Tyrion is one of the fan favorites. The Disney-fied version of him highlights his rakish side. Before the events of the show, Tyrion was a brilliant lothario and pleasure-seeker who sublimated his need for his father’s approval with different dates every night.

What if Robin Williams had voiced Tyrion?

Although he puts his intellectual prowess to practical use later on, he never does outgrow his thirst.

25 Disney’s Pokémon


Art by: the-ez

This delightful piece comes to us courtesy of artist The-EZ. She puts the philosophy behind this image’s creation so well that I’m going to include it verbatim here because it encapsulates why I wrote this article: “Okay, so you always get people making anime-styled fanart of Western shows and movies. You people are old news now. I — yes, I, Ez — have Westernized Pokémon! Not only that, but I have changed Pikachu's design. So far my Pikachu has creeped out everyone I've shown him to.”

24 Disney’s Final Fantasy


Art by: david_lojaya

Ssssh, don’t tell Squall. They’re re-releasing all of the original PlayStation Final Fantasies on the Nintendo Switch except for Final Fantasy 8. It’s easy to see why 7 and 9 are getting the love they deserve (and 12 too— wooooot) but I don’t get the Final Fantasy 8 snub. Final Fantasy 8 is still the only one that hasn’t had a quality remastering yet. Granted, the “remasterings” are little more than polishing up the sprits since the backgrounds are pre-rendered but still.

23 Those no-good Koopalings, I tell ya!


Art by: kosperry

Another pitch-perfect entry from Kosperry’s Mario series. I’m not sure if the artist is explicitly channeling Disney films, but the end result is the same. People in the comments section over at their page seem to agree. Keeping up the tradition, Kosperry has also graced this entry with the perfect name too: “Those no-good Koopalings, I tell ya!” You can practically feel Luigi’s fist-shaking from here. Click over to the artist’s page for more.

22 Cersei Would Have A Show-Stopping Song


Art by: andersonmahanski and nandomendonssa

Ah, but how could we forget the most twisted of the Lannisters, Cersei? Once again, this image is part of the collaboration between artists Anderson Mahanski and Fernando Mendonça. I believe they both worked on this particular image since both their names are watermarked. It’s a testament to their talents that they’ve masterfully depicted Cersei’s sinister side here. There are few straight villains in Game of Thrones’ morally grey universe, but Cersei often gets villainous on occasion. Do I hear church bells?

21 The Legend Of The Sword In The Stone


Link meets Arthur. There is obviously a huge parallel between The Legend of Zelda and The Sword in the Stone. Specifically, the sword in the stone part. In The Once and Future King, Arthur is the only one who can withdraw Excalibur from its stony berth. Link is much the same. He’s the only one that can withdraw the Master Sword to defeat Ganon. He’s also a kid like Arthur in most of the games. Give me The Legend of the Sword in the Stone. I deserve it. I’m a good person.

20 Hedwig Doesn’t Give A Hoot


Art by: afo2006

Artist afo2006 has done a splendid job mixing Harry Potter and Disney’s The Sword in the Stone. There are several parallels between the two properties. The Sword in the Stone was inspired by the beginning of T.H. White’s The Once and Future King, the definitive retelling of the Arthurian Legend from the 20th century.

Did you know Steven Spielberg wanted Harry Potter to be traditionally animated?

J.K. Rowling has called The Once and Future King, “Harry’s spiritual ancestor” so y’all should really check it out if you haven’t.

19 Where Are My Disney Dragons?


Art by: andersonmahanski

This image is part of the collection brought to you from the partnership between artists Anderson Mahanski and Fernando Mendonça. I’m not super sure who did what in this partnership, but I’m confident enough to state this is Anderson Mahanski’s work alone since he’s signed it alone. Apologies if this is incorrect. I highly recommend clicking through to both artists’ pages to see more of their Disney-inspired Game of Thrones fan art we couldn’t include here. All of it is masterful.

18 Chell Shocked


Art by: alexzemke

Alright, this isn’t so much Disney as much as it is Pixar. Since the mouse owns the lamp, however, I thought it was fair to include. A collaboration between Valve and Pixar would make many a fan scream for days on end. I’m going to go ahead and say it would win all the Oscars. Not just in that year, but all the other Oscars retroactively too. We’ve already sorta seen GLaDOS’ descendants in Wall-E anyway.

17 Everybody’s Favorite Odd Couple


Art by: deviantart.com/andersonmahanski and deviantart.com/nandomendonssa

Game of Thrones season four spoilers!

More Disney-inspired Game of Thrones fan art from the MVPs of this article. This image appears to be a collaboration between artists Anderson Mahanski and Fernando Mendonça. Arya and The Hound work perfectly as Disney characters. They undergo a classic odd couple arc, beginning by hating each other and learning to appreciate each other. If it wasn’t for the whole Arya-Leaving-The-Hound-Bleeding-Out thing (or like 90% of their plot), this could work as a Disney film!

16 King Of Cosmo Canyon


Art by: kajm15496green

Aaaaah, adorable! Excuse the Kanyean hyperbole, but mixing this is one of the best Final Fantasy and Disney crossovers of all time.

Red XIII meets Simba and I just can’t wait to be King of Cosmo Canyon.

Red XIII and Simba are a natural fit. You know, because they both walk on four legs. Okay, I guess the similarities end there but don’t take this away from me, internet. I want to see Red XIII singing Hakuna Matata.

15 Super Mario Sound Cartoon


What, did you think this was going to be all references from your childhood?

Don’t worry. I got you, octogenarian TheGamer fans.

Here Mario is reimagined as vintage Mickey Mouse. I don’t know about y’all, but I badly want to see this short. How would it go? Mario would likely be blowing up baddies as he cruises by on Steamboat Willie. The bomb-omb in our beloved plumber’s hand already fits the Disney ‘verse exceedingly well.

14 The Summoner Is The Hit Of The Summer


Art by: david_lojaya

Artist David Lojaya has a fantastic series of Final Fantasy characters reimagined in a Disney style. Full disclosure: the artist may not explicitly be recalling Disney films, but I think it’s fair to include these entries because the style happens to be so close to traditionally animated Disney fare. I absolutely love what he’s done with Yuna. She is such a pure-hearted, selfless character. It makes her a perfect fit for this style.

13 The Disney Movie Is Just A New Skyrim Edition


Art by: maloneyberry

Too. Cool. If I could, I would just spam the words “too” and “cool” and call it a day. Unfortunately, I need to find expression for this wonderful take on a cartoonish Skyrim. If Bethesda ever tries to go the Blizzard route and make film adaptations of their games, they will certainly start with Skyrim. The movie version will practically be another edition. Sadly, we’ll never get to see a traditionally animated adaptation unless there’s a 2D renaissance (which I’m not banking on).

12 BioShock: Tomorrowland


Art by: felitomkinson

BioShock Infinite was certainly one of the more creative game settings in past years. This is how I imagined the pitch went down at 2K Games:

2K Games employee #1: “Bro… what if we made BioShock again but, like, in the sky?”2K Games employee #2: “Bro.”2K Games employee #1: “Bro.”

Artist Felitomkinson has done a masterful job. Elizabeth and all the others look like they’re straight outta Disney. Another adaptation I’d love to see.

11 She Wants To Be Where The Peasants Are


Art by: ardinaryas

There has not been nearly enough The Legend of Zelda in this list.

That ends now.

A couple of years ago, there was a rumor going around the Disney was considering making a traditionally-animated Zelda movie. Excuse me while I go stand in the corner forever. I’m going to spend the rest of my life being jealous of the alternate universe where this is a thing. It doesn’t matter that we lost a war in that alternate timeline, they have Disney Zelda!

10 Every Disney Movie Needs A Cute Animal


Art by: kosperry

Did you really think that was going to be it for Kosperry’s awesome cartoonish Mario series? According to the artist, they were channeling the nineties when they drew this picture. I know this because they tagged it with #90s. My incredible powers of video game article writing deduction told me the rest.

9 A Force To Be Tangled With


Art by: luxris

Bring me Han Solo… reimagined as a Disney cartoon. We have Deviantartist Luxris to thank for this quirky piece of fan art. Here Han Solo and Princess Leia meet Tangled. Does anybody recognize how Han and Flynn Rider share the exact same posture from Tangled’s poster here? Now that I think about it, there are loads of traits that Flynn and Han have in common; they’re both charming rogues who end up stealing the heart of a princess.

8 Daenarys Goes To Atlantis


Art by: aplapi

This is as close as this article comes to flat-out crossover. Here Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons meets um, Kida. For those who do not recall, Kida is from Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire. I’m not sure what two have in common besides having white hair but it works!

7 Pixar’s Mother of Dragons


Adorable! Yes, yes, I know there is a lot of Game of Thrones content here. But Game of Thrones makes for such great Disneyfication because the show is so adult and morally grey. It’s jarring to see Khaleesi Pixar-ized but I think I speak for all of us when I say it works.

The only problem with this version are the Khal Drogo scenes from the pilot.

Hooboy, it would be less adorable to see a Pixar version of that.

6 Bran’s Story Is Lighter In This Version


Art by: nandomendonssa

Game of Thrones spoilers for season 6!

Hodor, Hodor! Hodor Hodor? This wonderful reimagining of Game of Thrones is once again the work of Deviantartist Fernando Mendonça. I gotta say, this take is much lighter than the version we’re used to. The Bran storyline on Thrones is one of the bleakest. Forget what happened to Hodor when we left him last. These Disney versions would be way less cute if we kept the show’s content exactly the same.

5 Oh, WoW


Art by: Blizzard

You caught me. Hearthstone fans will recognize this still from an official animated trailer called Hearth and Home. It may not be fan art, but the trailer was made to resemble modern Disney animated films.

Kids, we’re going to Disney World… Of Warcraft, noobs.

Disney has been knocking it out of the park in the recent past with CG hits such as Frozen, Big Hero 6, and Moana. It’s nothing but delightful to see World of Warcraft characters reimagined in the Mouse House’s trademark cuteness.

4 Game Of Thrones: Rated G


Art by: artcrawl

At the risk of overdoing it with Disney Game of Thrones cartoons, I had to include one more. The fact that I need to pad out 30 entries in this thing isn’t even on my mind! I can’t say for sure why artists love to reimagine Game of Thrones as a Disney joint, but I suspect it’s the contrast between wholesome and too much. Thrones is famously, uh, for mature audiences while Disney movies are often sanitized for all viewers. The juxtaposition makes for striking art.

3 Bowser’s Never Been Badder


Art by: kosperry

More Kosperry! We couldn’t have a decent Disney Mario series without Bowser now, could we? As ever, Kosperry’s characterization is spot-on. You could never mistake Bowser for a good guy at the best of times, but I would be hard-pressed to identify of an iteration of the character that was more menacing. Kosperry also uses that subtle grain filter to lend this the perfect retro look and feel. My Mario cap is off to you, madam/sir.

2 This Time With A Happy Ending!


Art by: felitomkinson

Rejoice, The Last of Us fans. If you thought the article was only going to be Nintendo and Game of Thrones… well, you were mostly right. But behold! Another franchise! The Last of Us was hugely critically acclaimed. With the second game coming out eventually, we’re going to whet your appetite with some super sweet fan art. Wouldn’t it be fun to see the same scenes with man-eating aliens but in Disney animation? Or is that me being too messed up?

1 Merlin Dumbledore


Art by: afo2006

In the words of Magneto, perfection. Albus Dumbledore has always been the prototypical wizard, meaning he most resembles what people thought of wizards before Harry Potter arrived on the scene and took the muggle world by storm. With a bushy white wizard’s beard, it’s not a big jump to Merlin. You can swap ‘em out and barely detect a superficial difference. Like the artist says, “Yeah, Merlin (The Sword in the Stone) was perfect as a reference for Dumbledore.”

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