FaZe Ewok Leaves Twitch To Join Mixer

FaZe Ewok has announced that she'll be making the move to Microsoft's Mixer platform to continue streaming.

Twitch may still be the king of the streaming platforms, but more and more high-profile streamers are abandoning ship. Many are making the transition to either Microsoft's up-and-coming streaming platform Mixer or for YouTube's long-lived (but not-as-popular) streaming service. The latest gamer to flee from the streaming giant is FaZe Ewok, who announced today via a rather artistic Twitter post that she'll be heading to Mixer.

Ewok, who mostly plays Fortnite, is the first member of the popular group FaZe to abandon Twitch for Microsoft's competing platform. She had just under 285,000 Twitch followers before the switch and she's notable for being the first female member of FaZe. Also, she's deaf, so her success comes less from being able to chat with the audience, and more from being really good at Fortnite.

Like most of these exits from Twitch, it's pretty much unknown what Mixer offered that made the 13-year-old decide to make the leap. It's entirely possible that the deal included a sweet new hat that matches her long-running avatar.

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via: Mixer.com

Ewok made the switch on Thursday morning and hasn't live-streamed on the new account as of yet. Later in the day -roughly Thursday afternoon-, about 7,000 fans followed her to her new Mixer profile page.

Success in the streaming world is not Ewok's only goal. As a member of FaZe, she has her sights on being the first girl ever to win the Fortnite World Cup. There's a good chance she'll achieve that goal one day -- after all, FaZe is not the type of clan that's big on letting people join for any reason other than their gaming skills. And Ewok is good. Ewok is really good.

What FaZe's move means for her, for Mixer, or for Twitch remains to be seen, as the streaming wars have only started to heat up. Twitch has supposedly been firing back by offering deals to keep its most-popular streamers on-board. Perhaps one-day Twitch will no longer be the dominant platform, and we'll be there to let you know when that happens.

Source: Twitter

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