• 8 Features in The Sims 4 That Most Players Are Unaware Of

    It has been nearly five years since the base game for the fourth installment in the Sims series has been released. Since then, numerous game/stuff/ and expansion packs have been released which expand the actions available to players while engaging with the games. In the past five years, the range of activities which players can engage with during gameplay has expanded exponentially and has taken the game from mildly disappointing and limited to one of the best installments in the series.


    In addition to the additional content which is available for purchase, the game developers also consistently release new patches and free content that expand the range of activities achievable in game. Thanks to all of these constant additions, there are some functions hidden within the game that even the most dedicated players might be entirely unaware of.

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    Pick The Gender of Your Future Child

    Though it is not an exact science, players do have the ability to influence the gender of their pregnant Sims future children via the food they allow (or force) said Sim to ingest after conception as well as the music they listen to. Note: these methods will not guarantee a specific gender but may simply influence the results one way or another.

    A diet of carrots and listening to alternative music for the duration of a Sims pregnancy can lead to a sim having a boy at the end of their term. Whereas a diet of strawberries and listening to primarily pop music can lead Sims to birthing a girl at the end of their pregnancies.

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    Check Under Penny Pizzaz's Rug

    There is a secret lying beneath the rug Penny Pizzaz’s rug. Venture to 1313 21 Chic Street for a little (and grim) surprise. Underneath said rug is evidence of foul play that any Sim is free to view. It is curious that Miss Pizzaz has allowed such a thing to remain in such an accessible place.


    Any Sim and player could view such things and know what happened in front of her home. There is no additional information on this grim scene. No one knows whether or not the evidence was new or present before Penny moved into the space. Maybe there is a reason why Penny wants everyone to know what she is capable of.

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    Sims Can Share Wall Resting Beds

    The most annoying thing about creating rooms in the Sims 4 is trying to make sure that each and every item has enough empty space around it for the bumbling and common sense free Sims to find their way through the home and be able to use each object properly without glitching or screaming at the watcher.

    And the biggest annoyance has always been Queen beds for couples/adult Sims. Bedrooms have to be so incredibly spacious in order for the beds to have the necessary room needed. However, the Sims 4 introduced a function that stopped this annoyance in its tracks. This function allows two Sims to share a Queen bed that has been placed against a wall.

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    Adjust Their Posture

    There are so many ways to adjust and customize sims in the new mouldable Create a Sim. Much better than sliders and base faces. Now players can actually create unique and fully customized Sims without having to rely on two or three acceptable bases. Each and every single part of the body is now customizable, including posture.


    There is a little-known slider that exists on the back of Sims which changes and adjusts their in-game posture! This writer has over 1000 played hours in the Sims 4 and she did not even know about this.

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    Cowplants Now Dance

    If you have a high enough gardening skill, try planting a cowplant amongst the rest of the plants in a garden, for you may be in for a treat. Place a radio or speaker next to the plant, turn up the tunes, and wait for the show.

    It turns out that the lovely little creatures (ignoring their homicidal tendencies) dance Baby-Groot style to the music playing in the air and it is something that one should not miss. Truly a sight to behold.

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    Unique and Death Specific Ghosts

    Keep note of the way that a Sim has lost their lives because it will influence their ghosts. Two notable examples of specialized ghosts belong to Vampires who have fallen victim to the consequences of extended exposure to the sun as well as those Sims who were unfortunate enough to have passed away thanks to making the mistake of ingesting poorly made or tainted Puffer Fish Nigiri.


    The ghost of fallen Vampires who died via sun exposure will have a small sun-like object glowing within their chest while the Puffer Fish Nigri victims will have a small pufferfish swimming around their ghostly form.

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    The Power of Voodoo

    Any Sim possessing a Mischief skill higher than level 5 will be able to use the power of Voodoo (through the Voodoo doll) to revive fallen Sims. No Death flower, no need to beg/gravel/interact with the Grim Reaper whatsoever. No need to write a biography of the lost sim and make their ghost read it.

    No need for pets to attack the grim reaper or beg for your life back either. Though these are all other possible ways to revive lost sims, relatives or friends with high Mischief skills will able to do so with a simple trick via the Voodoo doll.

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    View Missing Gallery Items In One Click

    The new gallery feature is one of the best additions to the Sims series; however, since the homes are created by users, it can be frustrating to find nothing but fully decked out homes filled with objects from packs that one does not own/can not afford.

    Sure, one could download the home and have unowned items be replaced but if one wants to know exactly which items they do not own/will need to be replaced, all that they need to do is click on the icon of the missing pack and the items that will be replaced will be shown.


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