E3 2019: FFVII Remake Finally Shows Us Tifa In All Her HD Glory

Tifa - FF7 remake

A new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer finally shows off the remade Tifa in all her violent glory.

We finally have a date. After being in development for 5 years, the Final Fantasy VII remake will drop on March 3, 2020, for PlayStation 4. It will be episodic in nature, with the first part dealing with the game’s Midgard story and spanning two Blu-ray discs. That’s a lot bigger than the original compact disc that the first game came with.

Besides giving us a long-awaited release date, Square Enix also dropped a new trailer that finally shows us Tifa, a character that had been absent from previous trailers.

The start of the video (which can be viewed below) is also the start of Final Fantasy VII, showing us the classic intro scene of Aeris looking at a flower in the middle of Midgard before the camera pulls back to show us the entirety of the Materia-powered city. Then it’s all robot combat as AVALANCHE and Cloud start taking apart Midgar’s robot security force piece by piece.

But then we’re taken to the scene that happens just after the train where Cloud and Tifa meet for the first time, which is also the first time the audience gets to see the new Tifa.

As with everything else in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tifa is a pretty faithful recreation of the original polygonal character and not a copy of her Advent Children appearance. That means a crew-cut tank top showing off her midriff and an ultra-short skirt that somehow manages to never get blown up.

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In addition to the new Tifa, we also get a good look at how Final Fantasy VII’s gameplay will change from the original. Instead of the standard turn-based combat we remember, FFVII will adopt a real-time combat system where characters perform regular attacks all on their own. As they do, an Active Time Battle (ATB) meter fills up that once full allows the player to select spells or other special moves.

via Square Enix

Since this first episode is just for the Midgar story, don’t expect characters like Yufi and Cait Sith to start showing up till much later.

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