FIFA 19 Will Feature A Battle Royale Style Survival Mode

FIFA 19 will feature a brand new survival mode but EA is insisting that it hasn't been inspired by the popularity of battle royale style games.

If you play any sports games then you know the burden that is having to buy a new, updated version every single year. Madden, NHL, NBA 2K, they all release a new game every season so that the rosters are updated, among other things of course. In the present day, that feels like something an update could take care of, but where's the money to be made in that scenario?

Simply supplying players with updated squads isn't enough when they are forking out around $60 a time. There has to be other new stuff too, evidence that the developers haven't simply been sitting around all year. The guys and girls at EA have seemingly been working extra hard this season as FIFA 19 is going to feature a lot of new modes and options, as reported by Polygon.


The most exciting announcement made by EA is that FIFA 19 will include a survival mode. Every time a team scores a goal, it loses a player. The game comes to an end once a team has scored five goals/lost five players, the same point at which a match is called off in actual soccer if a team has five players sent off. Sounds a little like soccer battle royale, right? Well, FIFA's creative director insists that it isn't.

"I’m sure people won’t believe me when I say this, but it genuinely had nothing to do with that!" Matt Prior exclaimed to Eurogamer. Instead, he insists that the new survival mode was actually inspired by a similar idea that was used on FIFA Street. The skill-based FIFA spinoff had smaller teams and featured its own survival mode. Plus, that game came along way before the recent battle royale boom.

Survival mode isn't the only exciting new addition coming to FIFA this year. Players will also be able to tweak the rules a lot more, and even do away with them altogether if they so wish. There will also be a mode where only headed goals and volleys count, akin to the playground game most of us played as kids. Lots to be excited about when FIFA 19 arrives across all major platforms on September 28, 2018.


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FIFA 19 Will Feature A Battle Royale Style Survival Mode