10 FIFA 20 Rankings That Don't Make Any Sense

Every year eager soccer fans rush to play the latest installment of FIFA, wanting to see the changes that have been made, how the new graphics look and most importantly, what their favorite player will be rated.

Player ratings are often a hot topic when it comes to FIFA, and even the professional soccer players themselves often disagree with the scores they are given, leading to some hilarious videos being released on YouTube.

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FIFA 20 is no different when it comes to having controversial ratings, with some players being far higher or much lower than their abilities demand. Within this article, we will look at 10 FIFA 20 ratings that just make no sense.

10 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Rating: 85)

Sure, he is a big name in the world of soccer and not short in personal confidence, but the fact is that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is coming towards the very end of his career and really should not be getting rated this high.

While Ibrahimovic is still scoring plenty of goals, he is playing in the MLS, which isn't one of the top leagues in the world. This hasn't been reflected with his ranking, as FIFA 20 seems more preoccupied with how much people will want to play as him instead.

Ibrahimovic actually made it into the top 100 rated players in the game this year, which is absolutely ridiculous considering some of the top strikers that were left out of that list.

9 Aymeric Laporte (Rating: 87)

There is no way that Aymeric Laporte should only be rated 87, considering he is one of the best central defenders in world soccer, with very few players coming anywhere close to his ability level.

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Laporte was a crucial part of Manchester City's Premier League success in the 2018/19 campaign, and only being given 87 makes him criminally underrated, regardless of the fact that it is still a top score.

Virgil van Dijk found himself with a rating of 90 in FIFA 20, and there is just no way that Laporte is an entire three points weaker than his Liverpool counterpart.

8 Andrew Robertson (Rating: 85)

Another Premier League defender who was quite unfairly rated within the video game was Andrew Robertson, who was arguably the best full-back in the entire league last season, yet somehow couldn't break into the high 80s.

Robertson provided tons of assists throughout the campaign, while also remaining solid at the back. He helped Liverpool win the Champions League, which you presume would boost his rank.

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However, Robertson ended up being rated exactly the same as Marcelo, a defender who is seriously slowing down in his career. Hopefully, Robertson will be fairly rated in the next iteration.

7 Pablo Sarabia (Rating: 83)

Somehow, Pablo Sarabia's rating did not change at all from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20, which is mindboggling when you look at the stats he was able to produce in real life last season.

From an attacking midfield position, Sarabia ranks up amongst the very best in world soccer right now, scoring 23 goals and picking up 17 assists in the 2018/19 campaign.

Someone with stats that impressive really should be getting a higher rating to match the performances he is putting in on the pitch.

6 Sami Khedira (Rating: 83)

Sami Khedira is a fine central midfield player who has been incredibly consistent throughout his career. But the fact is that the Juventus man is starting to slow down now, with injuries massively catching up with him.

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Khedira did spend chunks of last season injured, and while FIFA reflected that by dropping him down from 85 which he had in the previous game, his current rating still seems a little too high.

Sometimes, playing for a big European club guarantees a solid rating within the FIFA gaming world, and this is a solid example of that. Another troubled season and Khedira's rating is going to have to drop.

5 Florian Thauvin (Rating: 83)

For some reason, FIFA 20 has seen Florian Thauvin's rating drop from 84 to 83, with no real rhyme or reason for it. The Marseille midfielder had a very positive impact during the 2018/19 campaign.

While a rating of 84 or arguably 85 would probably be fair, 83 does seem a little too low for a man of Thauvin's talent, especially when he produced 18 goals and 9 assists during last season.

Those are fairly solid stats that deserve a slightly higher rating or at least to maintain the same rating given in the previous game.

4 Tammy Abraham (Rating: 76)

Considering he has started the 2019/20 campaign on fire in front of goal, Tammy Abraham's lowly rating of 76 is already starting to look a little bit silly in FIFA 20, with this being proof that they don't always look at a player's pure talent.

Sure, Abraham spent last season in the Championship, but it was very clear he was going to be featured heavily for Chelsea this season, and that is something that just wasn't reflected in his rating.

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Even though he played in the Championship, Abraham still managed to score 26 goals for Aston Villa, which is a fantastic tally that deserves a higher ranking than 76.

3 Robert Lewandowski (Rating: 89)

You might be thinking, how can a rating of 89 possibly be too low for a player, but when you consider that Robert Lewandowski was rated as 90 in FIFA 19 then there is certainly a case to be made for this being a poor rating.

Sure, he has only dropped one point, but there was no reason to drop him that point other than the fact he has gotten a little older and lost a yard of pace. His statistics for the 2018/19 season hold up amongst the very best.

Lewandowski scored 40 goals and made 13 assists last season, which is a better return than his previous season, yet FIFA decided to reward him by claiming he has gotten worse as a striker.

2 Jesse Lingard (Rating: 82)

Despite the fact Jesse Lingard is only rated in the low 80s, that is actually too high, and is likely something that he only received simply because he is part of the Manchester United squad.

In 2019, Lingard didn't score a single goal in any competition, something that has continued into the new season. Furthermore, in the Premier League, he only managed four goals in the entire of last season.

Lingard has slipped out of the usual starting 11 for Manchester United this season, due to not performing at the level necessary, and next year he could see his rating slide.

1 Luka Modric (Rating: 90)

Is Luka Modric a fantastic soccer player? Absolutely. But his rating of 90 puts him in the top six players in the entire game, with only one out and out central midfielder ranking higher than him in the entire world.

While the Real Madrid player is a fantastic talent, it does feel like the game is still rating him based upon previous accomplishments, rather than current talent. While Modric does deserve a high ranking, the 90s isn't somewhere he belongs.

A talent like N'Golo Kante only manages to earn an 89 despite currently hitting the prime of his career, which makes it hard to believe Modric deserves to be ranked higher. An 89/88 rating would suit him more.

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