The World's First-Ever Professional FIFA House Is An Esports Paradise

This house might look normal from the outside, but within it live three professional FIFA players along with their coach and manager.

The ever-growing world of esports is an extremely serious business. While it might seem like nothing more than people who are slightly better at gaming than everyone else, it is actually a lot more than that. There is a lot of money to be made, millions for some, across a litany of games in tournaments taking place all over the world.

With that much money up for grabs, some people take esports pretty seriously, as you can imagine. In fact, some players are now considered professionals. That applies to games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, NBA2K, and more. The incredibly popular soccer series FIFA also falls under the esports umbrella and considering the sheer amount of gamers who play it, you need to be really good to be considered a professional.

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Five young men currently living in North London are good enough to refer to themselves as FIFA professionals. This is why they get to live inside the world's first-ever professional FIFA house, reports CNN. The five pros are between the ages of 19 and 24 and the group consists of three players, a coach, and a manager, just to give it even more of a soccer feel.

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While the three-story house has its own pool table and hot tub, its the shed in the garden that we are most impressed with. That is effectively the quintet's office. The three players each have their own stations, which are equipped with dual screens and multiple consoles.

Nineteen-year-old Simon Nystedt told CNN that the house is the perfect setup for him, as even though he misses his native Sweden, he always has his fellow players to speak to.

The oldest member of the household is team manager Colin Johnson. Even though he is only a few years older, he admits that he sees himself as the parent of the household. His job also requires a lot more than just playing FIFA, as it is up to him to take care of finances, make sure the house is stocked up on food and drink, and also to organize non-FIFA related activities for his team.

Now, most importantly, how do we get in on this? We're okay at FIFA, why not give us a shot?

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