Fight Crab Is Now In Early Access, In Case You Like Games With Fighting Crabs

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There is a distinct lack of crabs in the competitive fighting game scene, and Masahiro Sakurai seems unlikely to add Kingler to the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate any time soon. The crustacean fans of the world are in luck, as the PC version of the crab-themed fighting game called Fight Crab is now available in Early Access.

Fight Crab is set in a world where crabs battle each other to the death while wielding weapons forged by human hands. The mighty crabs can wield the likes of swords, hammers, drills, bottles, axes, chains, rockets, naginata, chainsaws, fish, sickles, nunchucks, flails, and fans. It's also possible for the crabs to dual-wield weapons in each claw. The purpose of each battle is to flip the opponent onto their back, leaving their exposed underbelly ripe for a finishing blow. The battles in Fight Crab can take place anywhere from packed dinner tables, beaches, supermarkets, abandoned cities, dungeon arenas, and ancient Japanese villages.

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Fight Crab still doesn't have a release date, but it's now possible for players to test out the game in early access. A new trailer for the game has been released which shows off some of the exciting crab battles that can take place in Fight Crab, as well as announcing the early access release for the PC version of the game.

The early access version of Fight Crab comes with nineteen different variations of crab and has forty-one different weapons to choose from. The retail version of the game will include more types of crab and more weapons, but the final number of additions has yet to be revealed. The early access version of Fight Crab will be updated to the retail version for free once it launches.

Fight Crab will be available for Nintendo Switch and PC in 2019. The early access version of Fight Crab for PC is available to purchase now for $14.80 and can be found here.

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