Sakurai Is A Coward, So Fight Of The Gods Gives Us The Jesus-Versus-Santa Fighting Game We Wanted

There was a time when Nintendo expressly forbade any religious elements from appearing in their games. The shapes of crosses were altered and names with religious overtones were changed, such as the Holy spell in Final Fantasy VI being called Pearl outside of Japan.

The days of Nintendo's heavy-handed censorship are long gone, as they have allowed a game called Fight of Gods to appear on the Nintendo Switch. Fight Of The Gods is a crossover fighting game where Jesus can fight other gods while wielding pieces of the cross that he was crucified on as weapons.

Fight of Gods is the religious version of Super Smash Bros. that you never knew you needed, as the character roster is composed of the gods of mythology, real-world religious figures, and Santa.

The character roster of Fight of Gods includes the likes of Jesus Christ, Buddha, Santa, Amaterasu, Zeus, GuanGong, Freyja, Athena, Sif, and Anubis.

The majority of US citizens might struggle when choosing a main, as Jesus can just keep reviving himself, while Santa has amazing frame data on all of his attacks.

Fight of Gods has only been out for a few days, so there aren't any official tier lists available for the characters yet, which means that we won't be seeing a deluge of S-tier characters clogging up the online mode, unlike that of the clearly inferior Super Smash Bros. Ultimatewhich was filled with players choosing Inkling, King K. Rool, and Chrom so that they could raise their GSP.

There has yet to be any official announcements about DLC characters coming to Fight of Gods, but the most likely candidates are probably Hercules (from Greek mythology), Loki (from Norse mythology), Set (from Egyptian mythology), Corrin (from Fire Emblem Fates), and the Virgin Mary.

Nintendo has even dedicated a page on their official website to this incredibly sacrilegious game, for those who can't quite believe that the game is real.

Fight of Gods is currently available for the Nintendo Switch and on Steam, though playing it may condemn your soul to the fires of Hell for all eternity.

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