15 Weird AF 15 Fighting Game Characters You Forgot Existed

Fighting games have some strange characters you might have forgotten. Every series from Soulcalibur to Tekken has a gem.

The world of video games is vast and diverse. There are great games, and games that leave you lost and confused. There are awesome characters, and then there are some that are just...wrong. Fighting games are guilty of both of these scenarios. Fighting games often feature huge rosters. Popular games like Mortal Combat, Marvel Vs Capcom, or even Super Smash Brothers are classic, fun games. Games that feature multiple playable characters and non-stop fighting action have endless replay value and customizable gameplay. Fighting games are the ultimate creative playground. With so many options, why not have the Avengers fight Pac-Man, or an Animal Crossing Villager fight Kirby? Anything is possible.

Unfortunately, with great possibility comes a lack of responsibility. For every awesome fighting game character, there are two that leave us saying WTF? With such huge rosters, fighting games sometimes fill in the ranks with some really strange choices. Whether games are creating and introducing new characters, or just pairing weird characters from other games that should never meet, some fighting game characters are just too weird to want to remember. From trained bears to demon nuns, lawyers, doctors, and even sports stars—here are some of the fighting game characters throughout gaming history that truly deserve the title of "Weird AF."

15 Phoenix Wright Is Such A Bad Fighter It Should Be Illegal

Via Polygon

"I thought this was a list about fighting games, not puzzle games" you say. Well, I have some ridiculous news for you. In Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, the lawyer from the Ace Attorney series of games is pitted against unlikely rivals he would never meet in court. Watch him go up against tough Marvel characters like Doctor Strange, Rocket Raccoon, and Wolverine. It seems like Phoenix Wright shouldn't stand a chance against the likes of The Avengers, especially when his "attacks" have him sneezing and throwing papers at his enemies, and scraping the ground for evidence. Wait until you see his greatest attack though— he shoots fingers...from his fingers. Overall, there are a lot of Capcom characters that may have been better-suited to this role, making Phoenix Wright a strange choice for the game. You can't say he isn't entertaining, though, and he probably gives decent legal advice.

14 Roger Isn't A Rabbit— He's A...Fighting Kangaroo?

Via Tekkenpedia

Let's get this on the table right away— Roger is a Kangaroo. Not a normal Kangaroo, he is genetically enhanced and has some kangaroo boxing gloves, but that really doesn't make it any less weird. One might assume Roger exists on some zoo-themed battle world full of animal-on-animal violence, but that isn't the case with this 'roo. Roger is part of the Tekken Universe. We can't be sure what developers were thinking when the decided Roger was a good idea. Were they facing nightmares from an Australian vacation gone wrong? Were they just obsessed with Kangaroos? At least they picked a cool animal with strong kicks and intelligence. On more turn down this animal fighter path and we could have been looking at a Tekken-Verse Treefrog.

13 Rise Kujikawa Is A Singer, Not A Fighter

Via YouTube (RandomP10x)

Rise Kujikawa appears in Persona 4, where she is also known by her stage name, Risette. You might be wondering why she needs a stage name— is she a famous wrestler? Nope. She is a famous Pop Star. Why developers decided she was a great choice to appear as a playable character in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a mystery, but she's definitely there and ready to fight. If you only recognize her from Persona 4, she doesn't seem too threatening. In the Arena, though, her Pop Star qualities morph into powerful musical attacks. It might not seem threatening when she comes at you with bobbing pigtails, a microphone, and a smile, but she packs quite the punch under that Pop Star persona. Her music notes and rhythm attacks will have you trying not to miss a beat, and there is nothing sweet about her deadly sound waves.

12 Pac-Man Chomps Like A Chump

Via cross-up.blogspot.com

You might be wondering why anyone would out Pac-Man in a fighting game and, well, so is everyone else. Not many people can look at the little yellow dot-chomping gumball and see the potential for battle, but that did not stop the folks behind Street Fighter X Tekken from giving him a spot on the roster.  Pac-Man storms in atop some confusing wooden tree battle armor, but even the addition of these mechanical punches can't make Pac-Man a threatening foe. The most likely reason you will lose to Pac-Man is laughing so hard you drop your controller. Pac-Man showed up recently in the movie Pixels as a giant alien Pac-Man, eating everything in its path. That was a terrible movie, but maybe a new version of fighting Pac-Man is in the future that might actually be a little threatening.

11 Blanka Is An Electric Green Mess

Via YouTube (Master Myne Gaming)

Blanka is pretty unforgettable. He is at least a little threatening in his appearance, but mostly because he looks so weird it's scary. Blanka fights in the world of Street Fighter, which is famous for having some pretty questionable choices on its fighting rosters. Many of the characters are based on their land of origin. That resulted in some confusing and even offensive decisions, but none of them will leave you saying WTF like Blanka. Blanka is from Brazil, so he easily could have been a powerful Capoeira fighter or something, but no— somehow he ended up being a deformed green monster with a strange power over electricity. If you crossed He-Man with a giant frog, this would be the result. Blanka is not just a weird choice, he really makes no sense as a fighting game character at all. At least his stats are OK.

10 Kid Cobra Isn't A King Snake

Via Polygon

OK, so Kid Cobra is from Arms, Nintendo's recent fighting game release for the Nintendo Switch, so it isn't much of a surprise that he is an extremely weird character. Almost all the characters from Arms fit the bill, from flying pigtails to robot punches, but Kid Cobra might be the weirdest of them all. He has some kind of confusing Jason Voorhees hockey mask getup, which does not make much sense alongside his punching arms. His arms are different colored snakes, ready for punching action. They're coiled up like that classic "snakes in a can" prank, and the don't pack the same threat as actual snakes. Overall, Kid Cobra just doesn't make a lot of sense and doesn't have a cohesive character design like the other character options in the game. At least in a game about fancy arms and punching each other, it doesn't matter how you look.

9 Amingo The Cactus Amigo

Via YouTube (Blaster MUGER)

Have you ever wanted to be a rotund, vaguely racist fighting cactus? Pick up Marvel Vs Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes, select Among as your fighter, and all your dreams will come true in the worst possible way. Amingo is a Gian cactus, complete with weird cactus toes, creepy cactus hands, and, of course, a sombrero. He is a ridiculous choice and has a very disturbing design, but that doesn't mean he is a weak fighter; he isn't. His fan cactus powers include rolling himself into a giant cactus ball of doom and shooting plant spikes at his enemies. The only thing more disturbing than Amingo are his little cactus buddies. He summons small cactus minions to attack his enemies. Whoever came up with that must have some traumatizing cactus experiences.

8 Mega Man Isn't The Blue Bomber You Know

Via icrontic.com

Mega Man seems like a great addition to any fighting game. This beloved blue character is widely loved and would be a fun addition to the roster. However, Street Fighter X Tekken took it to a level no fan wants to see— old, chubby, human mega man. This version of the little blue bomber is a joke on the US box art for the original NES version of the game, but even there he wasn't represented as being gross. To make it even worse, this version of Mega Man is weak and not at all fun to play. Capcom decided to make a joke when they should have shown more love for regular Mega Man, and this version of Mega Man is one we would all like to forget.

7 Every Character From Ballz 3D

Via YouTube (Video Gaming Hard Corps)

This entire game was a mistake. Every character in this game is a mistake. If you don't remember "Balls With A Z," consider yourself lucky. It's a fighting game because it says so on the box...but that's the only qualification. Unless you consider weird stacks of balled-up play dough to be legit fighting characters, this game is just a confusing mess. They probably have individual names, but who cares. Little red ball guy and little blue ball guy are virtually the same in every way, and they all suck. A first grader could make a better-looking fighting scene out of claymation. As promised on the opening screen, you can only win if you have the "ballz." This is a game to stay away from, and hopefully, you never have to remember how confusing and awful every character was.

6 Voldo Is An 'Adult' Nightmare

Via criticsight.com

If you have ever been interested in a limber elderly knight attacking you, you might want to play Soulcalibur. Voldo is all of these things, packed neatly into a horror-inducing BDSM outfit. Fighting him isn't only difficult because he is a tough opponent, but also because his appearance is so unnerving and disturbing. His attacks include curling into a little ball of terror and rolling into his opponents — and also slithering around their feet like a gross old guy snake monster. Voldo truly is the full horror movie package, complete with rasping breaths and (probably) the stench of death. He appears in almost every version of the Soul games, and always seems to be trying out new disturbing outfits. Whether he is in a tight thong, a leather harness, or covered in spikes, Volvo is definitely someone you don't want to go up against in a fight.

5 Zack Is A DJ Clown

Via Kotaku

Zack is a character in the Dead or Alive games, but it's not clear exactly why he should be in any game, ever. Zack is a greedy character who originally joined the fight to gain fame and money. Maybe his completely wacky outfits are another cry for attention. On paper, Zack seems almost normal. He's a Muy Thai style fighter, who enjoys a DJ career and a Billiards hobby outside of the fight. When he shows up, though, it is very obvious that he is anything but normal. He sometimes has green hair, but apart from that, he is always in some weird outfit. If you are interested in playing as a Daft Punk Teletubby or a Disco Clown, Zack is the guy for you. Otherwise, you are better off forgetting he ever existed.

4 Kuma Has A Right To Bear Arms

Via Tekkenpedia

Kuma is a playable character in the Tekken universe. He first appeared as a little bear cub, abandoned in the forest. That seems innocent enough, but Kuma wasn't that cute baby bear for long. Heihachi Mishima took the bear into his cabin, and taught him basic commands and communication. Have you ever heard a bear speak Japanese? It's unnerving, to say the least. The bear is trained in hand-to-hand combat and is not a foe you want to face. He is big, strong, and ruthless.  Kuma is a strange character, obviously, because he is a giant, sentient bear. Oh yeah, and he loves the taste of human flesh. Adorable. In Tekken 3, Kuma meets Panda, the female counterpart, and even that cute bamboo-eater is just as disturbing in combat. Just avoid bears in fighting games in general and you should be fine.

3 Double Is Double The WTF

Via YouTube (Secret Shadow Society)

Most of the characters in Skullgirls are strange, but Double will leave you with nightmares. If all the leftover bits from fallen fighting characters were glued together by a blind monster, you would have Double. She is a shapeshifting mess of writhing arms and legs. Just seeing her across the screen from you is almost enough for her to win, because you won't want to play the game anymore after seeing how creepy and disgusting she is. She is constantly shifting and disguising herself as other characters, including her go-to nun outfit. Her sadistic red eyes and bursts of rage make her a formidable fighter, but one you definitely won't want to face in a fight. Whoever though Double was a cool idea for a character has some serious issues, and it's better that we all forget this disgusting shape-shifter.

2 Faust Is The Last Doctor You'll Want To See

Via YouTube (Life and Death)

Faust is from Guilty Gear X,  and is one of the weirdest fighting game characters ever. He is a doctor, which explains the giant scalpel/spear weapon he carries. He isn't much of a doctor, considering he does a lot more hurting and killing than diagnosing and healing. He is a lanky giant, and wears a paper bag over his head. He only has one eye hole, too — does he only have one eye under there? That doesn't seem safe for a surgeon. Outside of combat, he seems fairly normal, and forgettable. He is polite and well-mannered, though his weapons and hidden identity reveal a darker, more violent, and mysterious side of his personality. He originally appeared as Dr. Baldhead in Guilty Gear, and the change to Faustus shows just how crazy he really is.

1 Shaq Should Stick To Basketball — Not Kung Fu

Via YouTube (DnoNerd)

If you're lucky, you don't remember Shaq Fu, or you never knew this travesty existed. From an era where "Put Shaq In It" was a viable marketing plan, this Mortal Kombat-inspired game was unfortunately born. Shaquille O'Neal, on his way to a charity basketball game in Japan, suddenly finds himself in an alternate dimension with evil mummies with apparent martial arts weaknesses. Shaq fights his way through with Kung Fu and flaming basketballs, swinging his unusually large libs at his inter-dimensional opponents. This is the worst thing to ever happen to Shaq, and yes, including Shazam. This game should never have existed, and Shaq is the strangest fighting game character in this universe (and the alternate universe of Shaq Fu). In a confusing and disturbing twist, fans are calling for a sequel, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, which is expected on the Nintendo Switch.

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