10 Last Bosses In Fighting Games Ranked By How Cheap They Are

When it comes to fighting games, the final boss at the end of an arcade or story mode can often be cheap and incredibly difficult to beat.

Fighting games are something most people can enjoy. There's just something about this genre of games that gets the adrenaline going. It's really satisfying to land a stylistic finishing move on an opponent or show off to friends with well-timed combos. Though, it is annoying to finally reaching the last fight of the game and immediately get annihilated by the game's boss.

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The boss is meant to be the strongest and most difficult opponent, but sometimes the game goes too far and makes them too strong. Here's the list of 10 Last Bosses in Fighting Games Ranked by How Cheap They Are.

10 Galactus - Marvel Vs. Capcom: Fate Of Two Worlds

Galactus has made for a powerful villain in the Marvel universe and makes for an overpowered opponent in Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. He's huge, covering most of the screen, but his size does not make him an easy target as players have to hit him high to deal any damage. His attacks take up most of the screen, and some are powerful enough to K.O. a character. What makes him especially cheap is that he'll send out two metallic puppets to do his dirty work for him first.

9 Seth - Street Fighter IV

This genetically engineered replacement of M.Bison is, amazingly enough, an even cheaper final boss than M.Bison is. Seth is a "copy" characters that have the move sets of other characters in the game and he has some of the best moves like Sonic Boom.

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What makes him a pretty cheap boss is the way he seems to bait players, starting off with normal attacks and then will start spamming some pretty ridiculously strong attacks and combos. He's at his most dangerous when he's just about gone, as he'll start using Teleport and Spinning Piledriver.

8 I-No - Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

I-No is one of the main characters in the Guilty Gear franchise and makes for a pretty touch boss in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus. Not only is she stronger than she normally was, but she was given an unfairly powerful special move. The move starts with her backing up to a corner on-screen, which makes her invincible to all attacks. Then a bunch of warning signs flash on the screen in different patterns, with orbs following the pattern. If even one orb hits, all of them hit and deal out tons of damage.

7 Shao Khan - Mortal Kombat IX

Shao Kahn debuted in Mortal Kombat II as the final boss and took the same role in III. But neither of those compares to how hard fighting him is in Mortal Kombat IX. He's always had really fast special attacks, a high defensive and an A.I. that was as aggressive as his personality.

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His hammer comes into play a lot more in Mortal Kombat IX and with the introduction to X-Rays, EX Breakers and EX Moves, he deals a lot more damage, taking just about half of a players health with a well-placed combo.

6 Night Terror - Soulcalibur III

Night Terror is the kind of final boss that gives most players, well, night terrors. Night Terror is the secret final boss in Soulcalibur III and is only unlocked by playing the story mode in Tales of Souls. What that means is that it's a super tough boss. Its attacks are fast, have a long-range and are constant. It can also shoot really powerful lasers from its head that can take off up to half a player's life. It's impossible to get a "ring out" on Night Terror either, as it'll just fly back to the arena.

5 Marie - Skullgirls

One of the cuter bosses on this list, Marie's maid outfit and young age hide just how brutal of a boss she is. Marie is the in-game universe's current "Skullgirl", a being of power that can control the dead. Marie is the final boss for most of the characters in Skullgirls and she is hard to fight, even on Easy mode. She has three forms, each comes with a collection of attacks and abilities that make fighting her a challenge. Along with those moves, she can't be grappled, so certain characters' moves (Cerebella), are made useless.

4 Geese Howard - King Of Fighters

The SNK franchise is notorious for the difficulty of its bosses, so much so that any fighting game that makes a boss fight ridiculously hard is said to have "SNK Boss Syndrome". There are a lot of "cheap" bosses in SNK that could be on this list, but the cheapest of them is Geese Howard. One of the biggest crime bosses of Southtown, Geese Howard has a number of abilities that make fighting him a real uphill struggle, like super-fast projectiles, and the ability to predict players moved based on their button inputs.

3 Azazel - Tekken 6

Azazel is the cheapest boss the Tekken series has to offer. He's not as big as Galactus but, Azazel has an arsenal of moves that he will use to utterly destroy a player. This crystal dragon has ground stomps that do an ungodly amount of damage. His laser eye beams make Jinpachi's belly beams look fun, and a number of other offensive moves that make his combos particularly deadly. His defense is pretty good as well and he can't be thrown, so that makes certain attacks in a character's arsenal useless.

2 Unlimited Hazama - BlazBlue Continuum Shift

Every character in the BlazBlue franchise is pretty strong, with special moves that make them hard to beat when wielded by the right player. But Unlimited Hazama makes for a tough opponent and a disgustingly hard final boss in Continuum Shift. An 'unlimited' character is one who gets new attacks, new special moves, more health, more attack power and just... more of everything! Unlimited Hazama has an aura that drains a player's health and heals his. He also gains the ability to use his special moves a lot more freely, unleashing devastating combos.

1 Alpha-152 - Dead Or Alive 4

The cheapest boss on the list is Alpha-152 from Dead Or Alive 4. Looking deceptively tame compared to a lot of the other bosses, she makes for an incredibly frustrating and rage quit worthy boss if a player isn't careful. A clone of Katsumi, almost all her moves are identical to her's except for a few differences, most noticeably the fact that she can teleport anywhere. And she will, making it extremely difficult to land a hit on her. Her attacks are also crazy powerful, taking most, if not all a player's health with a combo.

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