Final Borderlands 3 Character Trailer Highlights FL4K And His Three Beasts

The last vault hunter just got showcased in Borderlands 3's latest character trailer.


The last of Borderlands 3’s vault hunters have been introduced in a new character trailer.

Meet FL4K, the Beastmaster class for Borderlands 3. We know very little about FL4K other than they’re a robot and also he wanders around with three loyal pets he calls his “pack.” Other than that, we have nothing on FL4K’s origins or motivations. He seems to be taking over for Zer0 the Assassin in Borderlands 2 as the “mysterious” character.

And that’s not all he takes from Zer0: one of FL4K’s abilities is to turn invisible and gain increased damage, just like Zer0’s Decepti0n action skill from BL2.

We don’t get to see all of FL4K’s abilities in the character trailer, but we do get to see his Rakk Attack! skill, which essentially sends two Rakks out to attack some baddies in a very similar way to Mordecai’s action skill from the original Borderlands. A third action skill called Gamma Burst will cause any of FL4K’s pets to hulk out, becoming giant, green, irradiated creatures that do more damage and can even be teleported to a specific location.

FL4K’s three packmates are a skag, a Spiderant, and something called a Jabber that’s armed with a pistol and gets progressively more heavily armed as you level up. The Jabber increases FL4K’s movement speed, while the Skag buffs damage and the Spiderant buffs health regeneration.

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In the character trailer, you can see each of FL4K’s pets have strange cybernetic enhancements. This could mean that FL4K is controlling them through these mechanical parts, or it might mean these creatures were previously injured and FL4K used their technical know-how to save them.

One thing is for sure: these three critters are biological murder machines that FL4K can use to deadly effect.

As for the rest of FL4K’s skills, you can read all about them on the official Borderlands website which just recently published each vault hunter’s full skill tree. ‘

Borderlands 3 arrives on September 13th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on the Epic Games Store.

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